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YO-SD size vs Tinies (Pukifees, Lati Yellows, Tiny Delfs, BeBe Chous etc) for Re-ment props

Jun 19, 2018

    1. This is a question for those who have owned both sizes as well as collect Re-ment props. Are Tiny dolls really the only BJD size fit to scale with Re-ment? I mean if they are they are, I'll get them but I don't know they still seem a little insubstantial for me size wise, the YO-SDs are seriously tempting me but I only want dolls that I'll be able to use with my Re-ment sets.

      Can Yo-SD size dolls like Little Fees and the like really not fit into chairs like these? https://www.amazon.com/Re-Ment-Rilakkuma-Table-Dolls-Miniature/dp/B0065Z1E2C Only Pukifees and the like can?

      I sorta wish there was a size in-between Yo-SD and tiny (1/7th maybe?) I feel like that would be the perfect one scale wise...
    2. I own both a littlefee and that chair and table set (although not that specific Rilakkuma set) and I think they do look on scale with each other. Want me to take a pic?
    3. AHH, yes please if you can!^^ *eyes that Littlefee Ante on the Fairyland website hungrily*
    4. An Ante you say?? That's exactly what I've got!! Re-ment X Littlefee size reference
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    5. I have that rillakuma set - and it is scaled well for use with Tinies. Currently I only have one BJD (off topic </3) but she's about 18cm tall and fits just right with all my rements! I'm happy to DM you photos if you're interested?

      The food, containers, and "display furniture" (rilakumma cafe, fridge, dining table set, and cafe displays) are all the right scale for tinies. Unfortunately the furniture that comes in Rement sets (like the desk from the modern girl set, or any chairs etc) are about 50/50 for scale - some work and some really don't.
    6. I;ve never handled their furniture, but most Rement and other miniatures fit Fairyland puki (10cm) to pukifee (16cm) sized dolls. That means about 1/12 scale. Dollhouse size.
      There are a few mature adult aged bjd that are dollhouse size, and Rosengarden dolls (19cm) are some of them. Anything about 16-19 cm ought to work best with rement.
    7. Elfdoll Tinys work well with Rement, as do Dollmore Banji..those are both great scale dollhouse/1/12 dolls. Elfdoll Tinys aren't available at retail any longer, but Banji is.

      I've found that Rement can be a bit inconsistent in scale...the larger furniture pieces (grocer case, fridge, cabinets, etc) seem more 1/8 or Playscale, which would fit the Pukifee range, but other furniture included in the blind boxes is much smaller.
    8. Your pic convinced me so much I immediately put in an order for a LTF Ante at DDE after seeing it lol, you've just about sold me on the Yo-SD size in general too.

      Unless... are Littlefees just particularly smaller Yo-SDs than usual and that's why they could fit with sets like that? (Similar to how MNFs are smaller MSDs) Would that not apply to all Yo-SDs?
    9. I also own a Custom House Yo-SD and they're very close in size and proportions, although CH face looks slyghtly more mature, like comparing a ten-year-old to a five-year-old kid.