Yo-SD vs. Leeke Sweet/honey vs. Cutie Delf

Aug 25, 2005

    1. Are they all the 'same' size? Can they share clothes & shoes? I don't see much for the Yo-SD, but Leeke and Lutz have lots of nice shoes and wigs!

      I looked, but could not find any comparison pictures

      *** wanting a Yo-SD Suzana! ***
    2. YO-SD are slimmer.

      I bought outfits for petite from cheerydoll, but I had to sew the waist.

      Ajumapama and leeke shoes are ok, cutie delf ones sems to be floofier ( works better with socks)

      Ann Estelle 10" shoes and dress will work, but the waist is a bit large, too ( need to reposition the snaps)
    3. I think those 3 can all share clothes , the Cutie has a slighly chunkier body than Leeke ,and SDYO is ever so slighty taller (hardley anything )
      Cutie feet are wider , I just put socks on Kilis feet when I want her to wear the Delf boots , I dont know about the SD feet
      Leeke have some beautiful new shoes on their site
      I think if I had the money LOL I would have all 3 , but to be honest the only thing from stopping me buying the SDYO , is Im not willing to pay the inflated prices especially as I love my Leeke :grin:
      I must admit when I make clothes for my site , I make them to fit both Leeke and Cutie so they should fit SDYO too
      I am waiting paitently for Anu`s Ru , she is also that size
      tapping fiingers and ripping out hair ...it should have been today the release
    4. You SD can wear Luts tiny shoes-- they look a /little/ big, but barely noticable. Shoshou was able to wear some of their boots just fine.
    5. The boots look OK on Liam, but the "regular" shoes you can't tell at all that they are huge.
    6. Can someone tell me if the Dollheart shoes for SDYo will fit on Leeke Honey?

    7. they should , their feet are very close in size
      I will be able to say for definate soon , I have some comming

      I have all 3 now although the AI and Cutie have slightly larger feet , all of mine share shoes :daisy
      I Cant wait untill the Dollheart ones arrive ...I love Dollheart shoes