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Yo-SD/Yo-Tenshi Ordering?

Sep 3, 2007

    1. After a doll meet, I fell in love with Xi-feng's little Yo-Tenshi sweetheart, Iku. ^_^

      I would love to one day own a Yo-DS or Yo-Tenshi, but not very little about them. I tried searching the forum, but I don't think 'yo-sd' is long enough to search. =/

      So far I know that:
      1. They are adorable.
      2. Yo-Tenshi dolls have wings, Yo-SDs don't.

      I tried searching for them on the Volks site. I found this page and one about limited Yo-SDs.

      I really can't figure out how to order from Volks or even find them all on the site!

      Do Volks have a Japan-only policy like Unoa? Or am I just not looking hard enough?

      Are Yo-Tenshi dolls always limited?

      Why can't I find them on the site? xwx;;;

      I would really appriciate some advice if someone wouldn't mind ^^;
    2. Hi,
      The Yo's, or at least the Yo-SDs (I have three of those but no Yo-Tenshi yet so maybe someone else can fill you in better on them) are generally offered as Dolpa lottery limiteds. For example, the latest two, Tanpopo and Ayumu, were just offered by lottery. You send in your entry by a certain date saying you'd like to purchase one or both, and then you get notified if you've been selected as a winner for one or both. If you're a winner you get to buy the dolls. Their outfits that they're pictured in usually cost extra and you might need a separate lottery for that.

      The good news is there's a boatload of Yo's, both SD and Tenshi, on Y!J auctions at all times, so that's a nice place to shop for them, especially if you don't mind one that's a couple years old and possibly used. (The brand new ones and really old ones tend to go for high prices on there.) Check out the guide to Y!J in the Buying section. If you're new to Y!J I recommend Rinkya search, just search on "volks dolls" and then go to the categories at the end of the list specifically for Yo's. There are better searches out there once you get used to Y!J. Of course if you already use Y!J a lot just ignore everything I said and go search yourself out some Yo's :)
    3. All Yo-SDs are limited :sweat The only way to get one is to buy one at one of the Doll Parties where new ones are released, or buy them from someone who has them.

      There is a thread here where people were asking basic Yo-SD questions - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159526

      Maybe that will help you out :)
    4. Thak you for your responses ^_^

      It's sad to know I can't just order from the site, but at least if I can work out Y!Japan, I can get a hold of one of these little sweethearts X3 <3

      Thank you so much for letting me know how getting them works ^_^

      Is there anything else I should know?

      How much do various types generally cost for example? How many different Yo-SDs or Yo-Tenshis are there? ^o^;

      Thank you ^^
    5. You can find all current types of Yo-SDs and Yo-Tenshis here - http://www.angelden.net/volks/yosd/index.php

      I think Tenshis run around $700+, but Yo-SDs are becoming rather common so you could pick one up as low as $450-$550 depending on the type.
    6. I own a Yo-SD too and I love her. If you're looking for non-limited dolls in the same size (but not from volks) do you already know Bambicrony? http://bambicrony.net/ I am not very familiar with them but if I remembered right, some of them can use wings like Yo-Tenshis.

      about yo-sds just wait until the next dolpa and check the marketplace. there are a few people who won yo-sds in the lottery but can not bond with them or do need money. I would recommend to check it now because the last dolpa were just 2 weeks (?) ago.
    7. Oh dear, Ikikuna's spreading the Yo-bug even further? *laughs* I'll bring my Yo-SD Ayumu to the next meet if I have him by then, and you can poke around and get a look at the (very minimal!) differences between Yo-Tenshi and Yo-SD for yourself then :3nodding:

      Everyone else seems to have answered your questions already, but the trick to searching for stuff about them on DoA is to put YoSD in the search field rather than Yo-SD, and that'll give you tons of threads~ ;)

      There are always quite a few Yos in the Tiny section in the marketplace here, if you don't feel up to navigating Y!J, too ^^
    8. what? that's the trick?? Thank you! that's very usefull! ^^
    9. *grins* No problem! It took me ages to figure out when I started poking around for Yo-stuff, so I might as well pass the tip on! ;)
    10. Thank you SO much for the link, Celesse! X3 Hehe! So cute!

      I think Kasumi is my favourite, but Yo-Tenshis are a fair bit more pricy! O.O;

      I think I love Chinatsu most of the Yo-SDs though X3 So sweet!

      I know Bambicrony and love their dolls ^_^ <3 My problem there, is the concern over recent complaints of their quality control. I'm going to leave them to sort themselves out before I even consider purchasing a doll from them x__x;

      I have been looking in the marketplace for Yos though X3 I've seen a beautiful one - but the owner wanted rather a lot for her that I just can't afford ><; They're selling rather quick though x.x;

      I'm going to be checking mroe from now on <3

      God, yes she is XD *heart* I love her so much! I couldn't stop holding her tiny little body and taking pictures! X3 Hehe! XD Thank you so much for ot screaming when I knocked her wing and wig off! xwx;;; *whoops*

      And I'd love it if you did XD <3 I'd love so much to see!

      I will from now on always but 'YoSD', thank you for that! XDD;;; *hug* Thereeeeeeeee's the secret!

      Y!J is so crazy o.O it took to long to find just one thing! =( did you get your little sweetheart fromt here if you don't mind my asking? ^^

      And there are differences aside fromt he wings? O.O! Do tell!

      ...lol, I was planning on getting one of these in the next couple of months, but the new Senior Delf Girl, Annette is just *faint* XD OMG... they're about the same price too, really! XD

      Thank you all so much for answering my questions! ^_^
    11. Heh, these things happen, it's perfectly all right! :3nodding: Glad that search-tip helps you too - personally even though I speak Japanese I'm terrified of Y!J for some strange reason, so I ended up buying Iku right here in the marketplace instead ^^ I PMed the seller with a couple of questions and ended up getting her for a very reasonable price that was actually significantly lower than the original asking price, which was a really nice surprise!

      (Apart from the wings, Yo-Tenshi have the whole 'Action Man'-style asexual body too, so they can be either girls or boys depending on owner-choice ;) It's only a little detail, but it's certainly a difference from the regular Yo-SDs. You can compare them next time I see you, if you like ^______^)
    12. The BC ones that wear wings are limited and they are not compatible with yo-tenshi wings.

      You might be able to get yo-sd hee in the marketplace right after volks starts mailing out the ones from the last dolpa. There are always impulse buyers who realize they can't keep the doll after all and you may be able to get them reasonably.

      Other dolls in this size range are Leeke and Latidoll. Leeke has a one piece torso though I'm not sure about Lati
    13. I want a Yo-Sd... there is one that is really expensive here, but like half the price on Y!J... Isnt there anyone who can help for free?
    14. I've tried the lottery of Sato Event only one time though, I can tell you how we can get them from Volks.

      1) Only VIP or VS members can receive the invitation card (DM). We need to take it and an identification card to the event.
      2) Several hundred people visit Sato from all over Japan to try the event.
      3) The lottery is held in early morning. So people need to reach Sato early morning. (and wait/queue in the line at the out of Kachu-Ann=Sato).
      4) You pick the lottery ticket from the box and re-queue in the line. Volks staff never tell you what number they have Tenshis. So if you got a very bad number, you have to consider "give up? or continue to queue with a hope?" carefully.
      5) Sato allows people to enter the building. People pick the tickets of Tenshi, wings at the entrance of the gate. (You can't know whether you can get what you want or not till you hear "Sold out" call from Sato staffs.)
      6) If you could get the tickets, you need to pay money. The registers for the payment are usually settled on 3F(4F?). People queue on the stairs for hours again.
      7) You may receive your Tenshi there. If not, you need to go to 1F to receive them.
      8 ) If you want to have points for Volks Point Card, you need to go to B1F. At this line, you need to queue for hours or long minutes again. Because there are only two register and always 500~700 or more people queue.

      I have children and live far from Sato, so I tried it once, but basically give up to try the lottery at Sato events. When I was a biginner I took my children though, waiting in the line about 6~7 hours was too hard and I learned I should not do it. (So I don't accept any commission for Yo-Tenshi.)

      All people get these limited Tenshis with a lot of hard work :sweat and most of them need to pay high traffic cost, cost for hotel etc. Sadly some of them can't get limited Angels after doing such hard works. So the Y!J prices are expensive.

      I could luckily get my Mamus when I went to Sato to buy Seirei Yugiri for DoA member at evening. I called Sato and asked "Are there Yugiri now?" and they said Yes, but they said no Mamu. But when I reached Sato, there were several Mamus whom someone cancelled :o I could get Mamus whom I really wanted but had given up and love them as wonderful gifts from my God. (Accidentaly one friend of mine was at Sato and helped me to use the ticket for my husband. I went to Sato alone and left children to very close neighbor's home...after I got Yugiri and Mamus I came home in hurry and picked up children immediately. It was a hard day. About other Yugiri, I actually paid fees for queue for other people who don't need Yugiri at that event.)

      I wish you can imagine how the events go on :) :sweat