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Aug 19, 2007

    1. Well... I really would like to get a Yo-SD, because they're soooo cute. I want a tiny and they seem to be the best. But you can only get them limited. So, where can I get one? I don't have access to the marketplace yet, but I reeeaaallly would like to get one (or at least have an idea of where to get one). Looking at pictures of all the Yo-SD, I would say I'd probably want Ayumu.

      So, where can I get one, and how much will it cost me? :)
    2. I have done a search, have not found an answer. I live near LA, can I go to the store there and buy a yo sd, how much do they cost? I saw one on ebay for near 700 dollars. I would like to get one, but have been unable to find one, I am not yet able to enter the DOA marketplace, not enough comments etc. Appreciate any help anyone can give me. Are they really worth the price? THanks in advance. Conwell
    3. You can't buy them from the Volks store since all Yo-SDs are currently limited edition, meaning you either buy them at one of the doll parties if you can or you buy them from someone who has one. You can find more information on them here - http://www.angelden.net/volks/yosd/index.php

      As for buying them, I wouldn't use eBay since they're all generally way overpriced there. You can get them for around $500 or so from the DOA marketplace depending on which mold you want. Just build up your comments and shop there ;)

      I think they're worth $500-$600, but I wouldn't pay more than that unless I REALLY liked the mold. That's personal opinion though. Good luck!
    4. The After Event on the volks international site is the best way right now to get an Ayumu at retail. They go fast though. You have to have a log in and be logged in before the sale starts as they sell within minutes.
      7:00 pm on August 25, 2007 [+0900(JST)]

      Other than that the marketplace is the only place I see them at flat rates from time to time.

      They go high on Ebay and Y!J

      You can also try We love Dolls and Kerbey Lane but their pre order lottery is over for Dolpa Osaka 4 but you never know. Try emailing or calling them

      Good luck
    5. Awesome, so I can get one at retail? How many do they sell? I really hope I can get one. :)

      But, if I do, I guess that means putting on hold the other doll I wanted. But that's fine. :)

      EDIT: Uhh... Just curious, how do I go about buying them and from which website? The Japanese? 'Cuz it's also listed on the American. And, does it come with a face-up? And, looking on the USA website, you can order stuff like sanded edges or coating, on self-standing, what does all that mean?
    6. The listing on the American site was for the lottery. The After Event will be on the Japanese website. Volks doesn't let us know how many will be available, but the number isn't large, so you need to be speedy.

      Yo-SD's all come with default faceups which are actually really great, sweet little faceups. As for the 'sanded edges,' that's to take the seams off. Coating is...just what it says, coating with MSC to protect the doll, and 'self standing' is sueding the doll so that it holds its poses better. :)
    7. With Volks you need to sort of know the drill to get them at retail from their online sites.

      After an actual Japanese Dolpa people have do eiher one of four things:

      You can contact We love dolls or Kerbey Lane asking about their preorder they are volks resellers. Volks lets them know before hand if they can fill the orders.

      If you are unable to get a doll through those two online stores then Volks usually has an online lottery process which unfortunately for Dolpa osaka 4 is passed and results are coming out today

      Here are the details for how the lottery works.

      Either option usually means a month wait on your doll if you are lucky enough to get one.

      The last option which has a lot of competition because it's open world wide not just to North America is to go to the international site and hope to purchase one it's a fast no hesitation process. They take paypal and credit card payments on international site so expect to be spending in yen and paying for EMS shipping. If you luck out you get the doll within a week instead of a monh.

      Sato Gaeri services as Junkets mentioned are optional extra services to add to the finish of your doll. It usually add a month extra to add that to your order. So it's a two monh not one month wait.

      Yo SD comes with Faceups, hot glued in acrylic eyes, and their default wig all packed in a box with two blanket pillows.

      The other option for getting a yo is through Y!Japan which involves a Japanese buying service but usually the pricing would end up the same as ebay after fees and shipping and such.

      We have General discussion thread for these dolls I usually keep up news and such for events
    8. So, if I win it in on the Japanese site, can you buy those services? Are they worth it? And what does MSC do, anyway?

      I take it it's too late to order from We Love Dolls or Kerbey Lane?

      Now I have to decide if I want to order this dolls or not. *_*

      EDIT: One last thing, you can't change their eyes? Why do they hot glue them in?
    9. You could try emailing We Love Dolls and Kerbey Lane someone was able to get an Ayumu from them a day after the cutoff date.

      I'm not sure if they offer sato gaeri service on the international site honestly goes to fast to check :sweat

      All yos now come with a kips disc on the neck so that aids with posing. I haven't yet gotten sanding, coating, or self standing parts (sueding).

      The faceups are coated so I wouldn't worry on that. Coating sometimes makes it worse if you change clothes often. Sanding on normal skin you can do yourself but Yos have pretty neat seams.

      My yos have always been my best posers right out of the box so the optional services are just that. They would add to posing and aesthetics but it's really up to the owner if it's worth it.

      The link I posted on general discussion really is a great place to exchange info with other yo owners. With the eyes being glued in I think they do that assuming you wouldn't know how to set them and also for shipping. They are really easy to take out and lots of people on the board can help and advise on that.
      All volks dolls standard and limited have glued in eyes. The only ones you can get with non glued in eyes are FCs and that's an optional request.
    10. Just adding, it is not hard to remove hot glued eyes. There are several threads here that give tips on how to do it, and Volks owners do it all the time. So, I wouldn't let such a small worry keep you from buying a doll you really want. ^_^
    11. Okay, just a few last questions.

      1. Where can I get clothes for the dolls? Because the website doesn't have too much.

      2. How much does shipping cost to Canada?

      3. When I go to buy, do I log into the account, then just go to the page, wait until it's time, refresh, then click "buy", and then I'm guaranteed one? Is that how it works?

      4. About the week thing, will it get to my house in a week, or ship in a week?

      Uhh... I think that about covers it. :) Thanks for all your help!!
    12. 1. Where can I get clothes for the dolls? Because the website doesn't have too much.

      2. How much does shipping cost to Canada?

      3. When I go to buy, do I log into the account, then just go to the page, wait until it's time, refresh, then click "buy", and then I'm guaranteed one? Is that how it works?

      4. About the week thing, will it get to my house in a week, or ship in a week?

      Uhh... I think that about covers it. :) Thanks for all your help!![/QUOTE]

      I recently made my first VolksUSA purchase and I was shocked at how much I had to pay in extra charges. See this thread: http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=154854

      My package took much longer than a week, but it had nothing to do with Volks, but it had to sit in customs for about an extra week.

      You need to have an account with Volks to order. Make sure you are logged in and ready to go when the buying time begins. There is a thread in the Buying and Shipping Advice forum about how to buy from Volks.

      Volks will not mark down the actual price in their customs declaration, so if you are brave, you can always try to get one here in the marketplace and have the seller declare a lower amount.

      I know for a fact Canada Customs flags Volks boxes, so they never slip through without extra charges.

      Good luck! Maybe someone with more experience will chime in here! They are cute dolls!
    13. Lots of websites sell clothes for tinies, look for items fitting Leeke dolls, Bambicronies and Customhouse Petite Ais. There are company items and many sellers in the marketplace and ebay, search through threads for specific suggestions on what types of item fit better. There are several large threads already for Yo-SD. : ) That size doll is extremely popular right now so you'll probably have to keep checking for when clothes come into stock.
      EMS to Canada will probably be around $35-40, and can take 1-2 weeks depending on whether it's opened and inspected by customs. Don't forget to budget for possible customs fees! These are "leftover" dolls that are already made, so Volks will send them out quickly.
      You are only guaranteed one if you're logged in at the right time and manage to complete your transaction before they sell out. It is possible you could add one to your cart and by the time you finish the checkout to be gone. It's definately a race of time.
    14. Those extra charges are just for VolksUSA, right? Not the Japanese one?

      Anyone know how to calculate customs fees?

      That is quite a lot for shipping, though. :sweat

      That race thing is just crazy! :o Any way for me to do a mock buy without buying so I know what I'm gonna type in ahead of time so I'm ready?

      At least you don't have to wait that long for it. :)

      ...I'm gonna have a fun time Saturday. :roll:
    15. How do you make an account with volks?
    16. 1. I wait for events for volks clothes otherwise I get them from dollheart. Sometimes there are great deals on ebay . Look for clothes that fit bambicrony, leeke, and yosd

      2. I'm not sure how much the EMS comes out to for Canada but if you do ever order from volksusa to Canada opt for the EMS option. The ups is deceptive. It's cheaper when you order but you get tacked fees by UPs when you receive the delivery. Try emailing volks customer service ahead of time they may be able to give you an estimate

      3. Best to log in before hand if you can. I put save password since sometimes with all the volume of traffic it loggs you off by mistake

      4. It would get to your house in less than a week. I've ordered from the international site and had it arrive at my house in 3-4 days.

      There's a create new user account on the volks site. Second option on the left nav
    17. Customs fees are pretty sporadically applied, and also vary on your provincial taxes. You can expect to pay up to 20% of the price in taxes and duty. This site: http://www.thefinalcost.com/shipments/calculate/ seems to be a great way to calculate your potential cost.
    18. Where is the thread someone mentioned in the Buying/Shipping advice? I couldn't find it.

      Also, what is the best way to order, PayPal or Credit Card? Because I heard credit cards could get locked out when you purchase it, but I read that for Pay Pal, you have to send them an email or something, and I think you wouldn't have time to do that before you check out (or is it after?) because you might lose the doll.

      And... Can someone tell what I should expect to have to fill out? What to have ready? And, do I just add it to my cart, then checkout, or what?
    19. i usually use paypal. You send payment via paypal after the confirmed checkout. It counts as other paying option
    20. Does anyone know the websites for We Love Dolls, and Kerbey Lane. Are they in the us. or in Asia? Thanks for the help. conwell