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Yo-SDs and Eyelashes

Jan 22, 2011

    1. I've noticed recently that Yo-SDs don't really have eyelashes. Why is that? Is it a personal choice? Do they look bad with eyelashes?

      My Garden of PpoPpo ( Who's a little smaller than a Yo ) doesn't have eyelashes but I don't think that takes away from her. However, I'm getting a Fanasty Doll Charolette and I wanted her to have a really dramatic face up for a tiny, meaning: dramatic lashes.

      Do you think it's a bad idea to put lashes on a Yo or tiny? Discuss. :D
    2. The biggest reason my 27cm dolls don't have lashes...is that they are HARD to put in my MSDs, let alone my smaller dolls! eventually I might get brave enough to give lashes to my smaller dolls, but for now the MSDs are hard enough to get lashes to sit properly on that I'm not interested in trying to apply them to even SMALLER dolls.
    3. I'd been having a really hard time finding nice, natural looking short lashes for that size, until I found something at my local Japanese homegoods store: false lashes meant only for the bottom lashes. They're perfect!

      ETA picture:

      I got them at the FIT in Houston, TX. I bet MAC or Sephora might have something similar.
    4. I have a custom house uri and puki fee shiwoo and they both have eyelashes. They came with there factory face-ups. I really like how they look. I want to put eyelashes on my little fee, but I want to try and re-do her face up before I attempt eyelashes.
    5. Mr Bitterness: Oh those Eyelashes look perfect for yo. I'm going to have to look for some like that.

      All my YOSDs have eyelashes, but none of the ones smaller than them do. It's just to big of a pain, and you don't even notice.
    6. Really? I think everything down to a puki should have eyelashes, though admittedly, pukis would probably pose a challenge with both the installation and finding lashes that are small and thin enough. There's a tutorial somewhere in the customizing subforum that teaches you how to create eyelashes out of paint brushes - I think I'd like to try it one day when I need non-standard eyelashes.

      My UID (exactly the size of a Yo) has a face-up by Poppy and she put eyelashes in him, I think it would just look wrong without. Here's a picture she sent me of the completed face-up (because I haven't had a chance to take good photos of him yet). I think they look fantastic with eyelashes!
    7. Both of my YoSDs have eyelashes. When I put them in myself I make them short enough by gluing them in on the inside of the eyewell, so only about half the length of the lashes is sticking out. Most of the "doll" eyelashes I have are actually human false lashes, so they'd be way too long otherwise. I don't like trimming them because it makes the ends look too blunt.
    8. My group is about 50/50 as far as eyelashes go. Some manufacturers don't seem to use them, but many other companies do.

      Dollmore sells some nice, small eyelashes in a strip. The lashes are 4mm long. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=3357
    9. My yo-sized boy (Leeke D Bebe/LTF hybrid) is actually one of my few that has eyelashes. I apply the same way chibaraki does and don't have any issues. I don't care for eyelashes in most of my dolls but on him they're just adorable <3
    10. My Volks YoSDs have always come with eyelashes and I think they look great with them. I've found some of the doll eyelashes Volks sells on their site are thin enough that they can be trimmed for YoSDs without getting the icky thick-looking ends. They also sell ones with a top and bottom lash set, which just the bottom ones can be used for YoSDs as main lashes, I would imagine. I am curious to try and find out now.