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Yo-Tenshi Yuu...optional hands?

Sep 27, 2006

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/volks/tenshinosato/kourin06.html

      Click the pic of the YSD-wing-01 and behold! Outspread Yo-SD hands! Same pic as the one below of Yuu with the pinkish background. In the other pictures of Yuu with the 02 and 03 wings, his hands appear to be normal Yo-SD hands, though. And with my piddling Japanese skills, I can just make out some of the list beneath that last picture of Yuu with the outspread hands--

      SD Yo-Tenshi Yuu
      SD Yo-Tenshi Kasumi
      SD Yo-Tenshi something something option parts <-- but it also has a 3 there, so...it could be referring to the 3 sets of optional wings, alas.

      So in the end, I suppose I'm asking, can somebody who reads Japanese translate, please? :)
    2. That part says "Option parts 'Angel's Wings' 3 types"
      But those do look like different hands....

      ((Squee~ Momiji wings!))
    3. Maybe Yuu comes with new hands but for some of the pictures they put in the standard Yo-SD hands?
    4. I love the momiji wings! They're adorable!

      It does look like Yuu has different hands. I hope they release them as optional parts so that we can all have them, not just the lucky Yuu owners. Although a lot of Volks dolls have hands unique to their mold so I wouldn't put it past Volks to not release them as optional hands.
    5. How could one go about getting these optional wings? They're event only- but anyone know if they are limited per customer or only a certain amount? I wonder if one going to the event could order them..
    6. How inexpensive they are new makes me feel kinda bad......how I wish they would release them in the USA new, the second hand market kills me!!!!
    7. oh god so cute XD and the wings are adorable too! ::dies::
    8. X_x *dies* double k-0 by momiji wings and option hands~~! :aheartbea
      So the wings are event ONLY
      and the hands are sato ONLY...?
    9. Wings are event only ( you can find them on yahoo japan) and hands are sato only but in marketplace you can find someone that will do shopping service in sato for you :)

      I don't like these new hands... at least the third pair :D
    10. The hands arent limited though are they? They're just Sato only right?
    11. *squee* I love the hands! 03 and 04 will definitely find their way to my house someday. I also want a pair of the momiji wings, but they're low on my list of needs. *lol* So cute!