YOSD 1/6 Toddler Boy Clothes

Apr 15, 2020

    1. Does anyone know where I can find some YOSD boy clothes? I just bought a 28cm toddler and I'm having a hard time finding boy clothes in his size. I've checked Alice's Collections and Etsy. I don't have any problems finding girl clothes.
    2. YoSD is size specific to Volks - it's not a general one size fits all. You would need to share the actual measurements of your boy to get any real help. Better still, go into the discussion for the dollmaker and size, and ask for suggestions from the people who know him best. :thumbup
    3. Okay! Thank you!
    4. @mikeg Alice's Collections has mostly girls clothes, but Dollmore has some stuff that looks interesting that could work for my boy! Thank you!
    5. You can also use some 1/6 scale action figure or playscale (e.g. Ken doll) clothes for YOSDs. But since they are meant for dolls with adult proportions you're limited to shorts and looser fitting short-sleeve shirts. Or you can alter long sleeve/legged clothes. I mention it because sometimes they can be found cheap on eBay and they can be very nicely made.
    6. @mikeg Thanks! I'll keep that in mind! This is my first YoSD
      I just found out my dolls measurements according to their site
      Shoulder Length 7cm
      Circumference of Waist 12cm
      Leg Lenth 10.5cm