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You Can Buy Too & Bee-A's Bodies Separately Now

Sep 22, 2004

    1. I was just checking the Dream Of Doll site, the English page, and they have the Too & Bee-A's bodies for sale separately now. They look to cost about the same as a DD ($165.18 ), awesome.

      You can also buy just their heads ($80.36), the new sleepy looking Too & Bee-A heads only, that is. I love those heads by the way.
      Sleepy Too Head
      Sleepy Bee-A Head
      (They also have a Tender Yen head, too)

      Oh, and there's a new little outfit set of Too & Bee-A which looks almost identical to the original set, but in pink instead of blue. It's so adorable, but what I can't figure out is that in the 'DOD' section they're listed for $356 ('DOD' Section Too & Bee-A), yet in the 'DOD Collection' section they're listed for $1,420 ('DOD Collection' Section Too & Bee-A). Why is this? I noticed that in this new outfit set they both have sleepy eyed heads. Is it an entirely new naked Too & Bee-A set that has their new sleepy heads in the 'DOD' section, and in the 'DOD Collection' section is the set that you get with the clothes? Or am I wrong?

      Hmm, considering the lower price for Bee-A, maybe I'll be getting an SD for Christmas after all...

    2. Open up the page and it tells you what is included. The DOD one is no clothes, no wigs no faceup. The 'DOD collection' is the limited set - with clothes, with wigs and with faceup, therefore, more expensive.
    3. I am sooooo getting a Tender Too lol my friend is gonna get the Bee-A. With the savings of splitting I can get my Shiwoo dream doll sooner than I planned! Hehe (but still not anytime soon!)
    4. the first two links are only for a boy and a girl body, no heads included
    5. and the normal DOD , too and bee-a tender ste is SOLD OUT!

      but i guess anyone can buy them seapertly now.

      but that gives me a mini heartattack because i'm getting closer to getting to DoD 'normal' Yen