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You Outta Be in Pictures! (dolls on film)

Nov 26, 2006

    1. Hey I HOPE this is the right place for this dicussion.

      I am a filmstudent. Well...animation student. And we are learning stop-motion animation and how the armatures used for them are posable and the like.

      And I had just gotten back from Yaoicon. There were a TON of BJDs there and I instantly wondered...

      I know people have made small photostrips with thier dolls. What about movies? And they are more posable then a lot of the formal armatures and don't even require tricks to remain standing in numerous positions.

      Faces would be a problem, but I've noticed the dolls expression seems to change a little depending on the angle.

      Anyone done this?

      If your doll was gonna be in a movie, what kind of movie would it be? Would you make a movie of the story you have for your doll? What kind of plot would that be?

      If someone (hypothetically) held a casting call for a movie starring BJDs, would your doll "audition?" For what role?

      Curious here.
    2. There is someone who posts in the galleries who does gorgeous stop motion movies with their dolls, off the top of my head I can't remember their username, but if you do a search, you should find them :) There's a really lovely one with little fidgety wings ;)

      I think if Trys was gonna be in a movie, it'd need to be something deeply 70's and involve lots of dancing and music of the rock persuasion :lol: He'd probably do well playing a wannabe rockstar...something like Almost Famous hehe He'd so totally audition too!

      Stumble...well, he's a mod, so he'd probably do well in Quadrophenia remake with a pimped up scooter :lol: *goes off to ponder scale vespas on ebay*
    3. Hm, I'll have to look up those movies....hmm.

      Trys sounds like quite the extrovert. Who knew: he looks so serene in your lil' photo there!

      I remember hearing about Quadrophenia, never saw it though. Still, vespas = fun!
    4. ive done a few stopmotion videos myself and i have uploaded them onto youtube. The person that lulu was talking about is cloudtrader. but if you type "dollfie" on youtube the videos come up.

    5. I always love seeing the stop-motion videos people put up - it's obvious that a lot of time and effort goes into them, and you can really appreciate all the dedication the owner has had to complete it.
      *laughs* ...Well, Ilú did once try to film and star in his own 'adult' movie for two friends of his (for purely instructional purposes, he hastens to add!) Fortunately his boyfriend quickly put an end to that, but I don't think he'd be above trying it again, sometime... :|

      I think my other guys would be more wary of having their faces caught on film, though. They wouldn't want anything like this.
    6. Narin doll has done a brilliant stop motion film. You can find that here if you haven't seen it already. Just scroll down to 'Love is...'
      I could watch it over and over again, it's so amusing and sweet <3

      If Hayes was in a movie, he'd be the best friend of the main character. The one with advice, but stays kind of off in the background. Or he'd be the weird Australian, with the funny accent. Possibly even comic relief.

      Eiji would be in any movie. If it means having his face on TV, he's there. Double points if he naked and/or dancing on said TV.

      http://www.darkstrider.net/gallery2a.html Here... look at the Briar Rose clips! I typed som ething more eloquent before, but this webpage is killing me. Anyway, this was a stopmotion that got me certain that I wanted a ABJD (I know Briar Rose isn't an ABJD, but she's very close. Once I get some more sewing done, I might get back into the stop-motion. Before I have only done it with little art mannequins, and action figures.
    8. I knew it was the kind of thing people had to have done.

      And that's the second time in four replies that someone's mentioned having thier doll naked on camera. An Adult dollfie film? Is doll porn that uh....popular?
    9. I'm really not sure if we're allowed to plug other places on here, but suffice to say there is a whole forum where the more...um..."delicate" subjects are covered ;) Let's put it that way :lol:
    10. I'm a huge fan of stop animation film :3 I wish I knew how to do it ^_^;

      As for dolls...well, I have none yet, but I do have the characters that will be turned into dolls in my head, and I'd have to say that everyone but Zi would have a wonderful time doing any movie (and he would too, but just wouldn't tell you). Most likely it would be a homemade movie of the Indie type involving pizza, school, Seb and Col "coming out", Bree getting Zi to take her to prom, and grocery cart rides down tall hills in said prom outfits :p
    11. i just did my very first stop animation the other night. More or less just testing to see how difficult it really is. It was suprisingly easy and it goes by a LOT faster than a real photoshoot. ^_^

      Hers's the link to Kochan's video:
    12. XD You must admit, that's a funny question coming from somebody who attends Y-con! Doll porn isn't nearly as popular as say... animated porn, but is there really that much difference? Why were there were so many dolls at Y-Con? Yep, there's a crossover crowd. :)

      (I had a different doll or two with me every day I was there.)
    13. Shin would probably be in some kind of la-la land movie where everything is rainbows and unicorn farts, whereas Sil would be in those dark, scary kinds. xD
    14. Ryu would be in a horrow film and he'd be the one who goes and investgates the funny noises. Aw...He would die.
    15. ^^; I've made a short very bad little stop animation clip.....
      gonna do longer and better ones when I have a better camera, better light
      and a tripod...^^; shot it from a chair....

    16. Hm it's not the lack of tripod that holds this movie back, in fact I like the warm lighting, it's ambient. What program did you use to link the images together? Try speeding up the transistions between the images and using more 'tweens to smooth out the motion...

      Wow you got a lot of dolls!!
    17. I'm also a film student, actually lol. And I'm in stop motion classes as well. I have done this, several times actually. It was one of the original reasons why I told my parents I wanted to collect these dolls ^^; They do work for stop motion, and you can get a wide range of emotion from them. However, the hardest part I find is that, while they can hold a pose very easily, in order to animate smoothly, you need to be able to move them in small increments. I wired, sueded, and built an armature to hold my Soulkid in poses for a piece; it worked, to a degree, but it is still very time consuming. I do intend on using my dolls in more animation pieces; however, I use them more as test objects for lighting or camera movements as I'm scared that they'll fall during filming and break something O.o

      I've seen the Narindoll animation piece and I think it's great. He had to put in armatures in the dolls as well; I think our teacher said the rough figure for one of that size would be somewhere in the three thousand range? For a poor film student like me...that's pretty much not gonna happen. But it is nice to know that, with the right equipment, you can get some great, smooth animation with these dolls.
    18. You can't move them in small increments? I know things like hands without prehensile fingers and lack-of facemolds for things like talking and changes of emotion would hold back a serious animator...also I wouldn't like not being able to move the shoulders. People's shoulders are pretty expressive.
    19. ^^; ...a tripod would be much better....if not for the movie then for
      my mood.......it was really annoying trying to take photo's when the
      camera swished around on the chair...^^;...getting most of the photo's
      blurry.....(and I didn't know most of the photos had gotten blurry until
      I uploaded them on computer...they looked okay on the camera screen >_< )
      I used the regular Windows Movie Maker.....that should be on most new
      computers with Microsoft Windows XP...^^;

      ...^^ I've had a lot more then the ones' I've got now ^^;
    20. Hmm...you got windows? Try downloading Virtual Dub: it's a free program that lets you capture frames one at a time...I haven't used it, I have a mac, so...oh well.