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Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. Hey everyone !

      I hope it's okay that I open a thread for Youpla mini's since she got already one in Tiny for her Zopa.

      So I don't know if there is some people who are waiting some Ziyas but mine should be delivered today, such a shame I won't be able to open her until mid-May !

      Edit ; I'm on my phone so I can't any links, I'll do it later. ^^
    2. Congratulations! I'm waiting for my Ziya to come home still. She probably won't arrive until the end of the week.

      Why do you have to wait, was she a present?:)
    3. @Senko, Congrats too ! Which color dis you take ?
      Actually, I'm living in Netherlands since 1 year but I'm French and all my precious are still there. But luckily, I got to go in France for some final exams next month so I look forward to see my Ziya. ♡
    4. I got her in tan skin. I can't wait to work on her faceup :D

      Hopefully the time will go by fast for you and you can see her quickly!

      Have you seen Youpla's new doll Vàna yet? I'm thinking of going for the pre-order so my Ziya can have a sister or something.
    5. Hi everybody!!!
      Mine is at my post office! I should had her last saturday but it's a Easter present of my postman lol "waiting 3 more day so loooooong"
      She is in tan! And I love the new Vàna.... Maybe in normal skin. I don't know.
    6. I've been seeing a few come in on Instagram and it just makes me that much sadder that I wasn't able to order her! I am very interested in Vana though...
    7. My girl arrived!!! I am so in love with her :love. Took me a moment to get used to her blank face as I'm more familiar with MNF and JID, with their bigger eyes but I knew, soon as she had a faceup she'd shine. I didn't have a character for her when I bought her or when I opened her up but soon as I put this wig on her an idea came to me. (working out the details now) ;)
      [​IMG]outdoor light by Ban, on Flickr
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    8. does she work well with your mnf's or is the scale off?
    9. The scale isn't bad as far as height goes but the aesthetics are too realistic for MNF or even JID
      [​IMG]Comparison Photo by Ban, on Flickr
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    10. She is really lovely. The face up you gave her just makes her glow. I just love how mature she looks for her size, too. Thanks for sharing!
    11. Hey - where are all the new pretties? I know people have gotten their dolls...
      My girl has finally told me her name: Priya
      [​IMG]Priya by Ban, on Flickr
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    12. @Ban Sidhe, Priya is such a beauty. So gorgeous! :love

      Does anyone know about the current presale Vàna if she is limited in anyway? Or will she be available later again, hopefully in these same colours?
    13. Am I the only one spamming?!? Sorry but I can't get enough of this girl!
      [​IMG]My Version ;) by Ban, on Flickr
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    14. @Ban Sidhe Your girl is stunning ! I have to say, since I see some pictures, I'm doubting about keeping mine... But yours make me think I should keep her !
      (I think it's also because I CAN'T do what I want with her wig, I failed the 1st one in alpaga, I'm gonna try again, it's so frustrating).
    15. Oh, I hope you get your wig right! I know how frustrating it can be. Got Priya's alpaca earlier today and had a time getting her hair right - none of my other wigs needed such a precise part before UGH!
      I can't imagine selling my girl - she has easily become my favorite BJD.
      Did you get the tan or natural skin?
    16. Oh Ban please keep spamming her. She's just so beautiful. :aheartbea

      I just ordered a tan Vàna with face-up. Those elf ears are to die for and the freckles . . . . :love

    17. Awww thanks and I'm glad you are getting a Vana - I'm feeling so alone in here!
      So I guess I'll add a photo LOL Here she is with her new wig:
      [​IMG]Revised Lashes by Ban, on Flickr
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    18. Perhaps there's other people who have one but she doesn't have a face-up yet?

      I love her sweater.

    19. Yes, I've seen a few on Instagram and another 2 on Flickr but I guess they're not in here. We should try to spread the word!
      Thanks LOL it's a... was a sock!
    20. @Ban Sidhe Your Ziya is gorgeous <3 I fell in love with Vana, and now I'd want a Ziya too... I've almost ordered Vana so many times but then pulled back in the last minute, I'm a bit scared of the pelvis joint and how it sort of sticks out... Will she be able to wear any jeans etc? I make and sell Minifee cothing and would love her to wear the same kind of stuff, not looking for a doll who can wear skirts and dresses only... Other than that both Vana and Ziya have stolen my heart completely!