Event YouplaDolls at Paris Dolls Rendz-vous

Dec 2, 2017

    1. Hello !

      I'm happy to show you the dolls I'll have at the event :)
      Many new sculpts, I hope you'll like them and see you Sunday !
      Booth 38

      Vlad / MSD boy / tan skin

      Vaèron / MSD boy / purple grey skin

      Olive / MSD girl / pale green skin

      Vàna / MSD girl / purple grey skin

      Tamara / SD girl
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    2. Could we have pictures of the blank heads?

      EDIT: are the MSD boys and the SD girl full dolls or are they heads only?
    3. I think you will be able to see the blank heads when Youpla do the pre-order for those models. And they are all full dolls.