your beloved or your dolls?

Nov 12, 2011

    1. my "other" friends kept on arguing with me whether to choose between my family or my doll..
      sometimes I feel like ditching my doll because it actually bores me...
      but sometimes I ditch my family too to get rid off the stress and hang out with my dog...
      let me just confess, i'm a narrow minded girl that has only a few amount of friends around me...:sweat
      and yes,whenever it comes to conversations,I DO NOT ROCK.:)
      don't even get started with my geography results, or my maths..or my history..or my science...or my literature.Bleqh.:doh
      life is not awesome...yet.
    2. I'd choose my family. They are irreplaceable. Nobody else in this world understands me like they do... I'm more thankful for them than I can say!

      My doll, on the other hand... all it does is sit in a box >:I
    3. While it's not really nice that they are telling you to choose between one or the other, I would also say choose family. A doll is just an object. I am actually in the process of selling my dolls because I feel they are not really needed objects for this lifetime. Time with family and loved ones is much more important--plus I don't really play with them much, just look at them.
    4. What exactly is debatable about this? Or am I simply misunderstanding the "topic"?
    5. I to only have a few friends---one good friend is better than a million friends....what really matters in life is the people who truly love you--for they only want to help you through your life. A doll will not do this--no material things can help you in this manner.

      If you need someone to talk to send me a message, i'd be happy to help : )

      Blessings my dear! <3
    6. ball-jointed ~ This is not a "debate" nor is it a General Discussion thread as we prefer the threads to be less personal, more general, and focused on the dolls themselves. This is more a personal blog or livejournal post. Thanks for understanding!