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Your BJD Style Inspiration Board!

Apr 23, 2016

    1. what I mean is what you had in mind for your Bjd fashion, makeup, hair, and other things like that
      Here is mine
      Bjd style inspiration
      It's not quite complete yet so there isn't much there lol
      The sculpt that I have in mind for this is my feeple60 Celine in tan skin
      So please share yours I enjoy looking at other people inspirations/plans for their dolls
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    2. That's a cute photomontage you made!

      I have a Pinterest Board with all sorts of inspirational dolly stuff; here it is.
      Other than that, I make powerpoints with ideas, measurements, faceup inspirations and links for upcoming doll projects. That's where I keep order, shipping, and arrival dates as well!
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    3. Thank hehe! Ooooh I like all the dolls you have on there that's what I was going to do make a pinterest for Bjd stuff.i like the PowerPoint idea too!
    4. I have a pinterest board too :^D Although its not fashiony stuff, its ways other people have customized their dolls.
      I don't even like blythes or anything of the sort, but there are a lot on there. I figure because they're cheap and accessible a lot of people use them for beautiful self expression.
      Custom lovee Here it is :0
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    5. Whoa everything on your board is so cute:loveand I agree with the customizing/faceups
    6. Nice idea! :fangirl: I made one for the SD girl I'm thinking about, a MYouDoll Chknak in coffee or tan. It's the hair, nails, and lips I'd like for her, along with some clothes and general color/theme stuff. The two illustrations are of the character she would be based on.

      neptune moodboard
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    7. I use a program called 'onenote' to keep all my ideas of the dolls I want, and the way I want them to look.
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    8. I have a general doll pinterest-- which I'd completely forgotten about, since I rarely used pinterest, but then I started getting back into it a bit after this thread reminded me.

      I don't have separate boards for each doll. I have one character who has her own board, but hasn't been shelled yet-- it was just to keep things that reminded me of her while I was writing. But of course I never did much with it. I do make a lot of notes on what things I'd like to still get for the dolls I have, and what I would need for dolls I don't have yet, were I to make a decision on my next and actually be able to move forward on it.

      The general doll pinterest is a mix of inspiration, tutorials, shots I just think are pretty even if I don't want something similar... and also includes some Hujoo and MH stuff.
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    9. I made some for dolls I already own, mostly to show others how I want them to look like in the end and to show what inspired me.
      Ryanne (doll)
      Schwarz (doll)
      Arcadia (doll)
      Kazuhira (doll)

      I mostly gather stuff on my Tumblr though, if I see something that fits what I have in mind/reminds me of a character I reblog it and tag it, like this.
      Everything else is stored in my head.

      Also now I'm in the mood to make inspiration graphics for my other dolls too :XD:
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    10. I like everything you picked out she's going to look great! I especially love the hair and makeup I think it will go good with her tan skin tone!
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    11. Hmm that looks interesting im going to download it and check it out! :3nodding:
    12. I love your board for your inspiration hehe Im glad this thread reminded you! That's pretty cool that you found a lot of "how to" stuff for clothes
    13. Omg your inspirations are so amazing and the end results or your dolls are absolutely gorgeous!
      Hehe im glad your in the mood to do that for your other dolls!:XD:
    14. Wow, I was actually working on one when I came across this thread! :XD: I have a doll I'm waiting on that I want to be kind of fairy key/sweet lolita/magical girl-themed, and this is the inspiration board I made for her. I end up spending hours on these sometimes, it's almost as much fun designing them as it is customizing the actual doll!
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    15. I LOVE your inspiration board it's so colorful and magical :whee: she's going to look so freakin cute! :love Yes it's REALLY fun doing and coming up with ideas for how you want your doll to look like Like you I could spend hours doing so lol
      Btw I love Cardcaptor Sakura :XD:
    16. It's very handy, it's a cross indexing program, where you can paste in images, links, text and drawing if you want. I also use it a lot for study, and keeping household information. Basic intro -
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    17. Thank you! Yeah it's really great and useful!
    18. Hope to see some more ideas! <3