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Your doll looks like you!

Oct 7, 2010

    1. I didn't see any thread like this, if there is, feel free to move/delete/ect...

      One of the first times I brought Hyde to a other family (step mom's side) get together, I had brought Hyde and Naoto out to watch the fireworks. Lighting was really bad as it was by the fireworks and bon fire (away from the fire yes!) but my Aunt made a comment on how Hyde looked like me. And I was really confused cause I never thought so.

      But then when I brought him to show my friend's mom she flat out said "He looks like you." And again I was confused cause I still dont think he looks like me... that would mean that I look like the singer i'm so infatuated with and that would mean I would love myself even more and that would just be awkward *_*

      But anyways! Has anyone ever said to you that your doll looks like you? Or similar to you in any way? I like stories :D
    2. I have been told once or twice that I look like my Jen01 mod. I guess we both have tall foreheads, thin lips, and tall/big noses? XD but really I dont think I look much like him. ^^:

      Its not uncommon to like things with subtle similarities to yourself. Even if you don't recognize it firsthand. I read in an article once that people tend to share a lot of physical traits with friends they've made because naturally they're most comfortable with themselves and therefore would be subconsciously most comfortable with others that looked similar to them. LOL the concept is a little OT but I think it could easily be applied to us in the bjd hobby?

      But then again, I dont think I look much like my friends either. haha
    3. Nope! My doll is blonde and i'm a brunette.
      BUUUT! My mom reeeeeeally wants me to get a doll that looks like me. I dunno, I think its an old person thing, my grandma wants me to get one too. :/
    4. Sometimes it can come down to really subtle things. Like, I know that I tend to choose doll clothes that are similar to what I would choose for myself. So that could be it. Or even if it was a totally different style that I would never wear, I still use the same techniques of matching items, of color coordination, that I would use on myself. It's these little things that define personal style...and since I unconsciously use them on my doll, even if we subjectively look nothing alike, there's still something that "looks like me".
    5. At a meet up recently, I was told more than once that I look like my Soom Laon. We both have short brown hair (mine dark, his light) and brown eyes, but someone specifically pointed out our cheeks and our smiles as being similar. It was interesting being told that by BJD people, because I feel like that's an association most frequently made by non doll owners.
    6. I wouldn't say I actually look like one of my dolls, and so far no one else has said so either, however, one of my IRL dolly friends recently pointed out how almost all of my boys are black-haired (so am I) and always tend to have very full lips, especially for boys (I has them too), so we at least share these traits.

      I didn't really notice that before, even if it's actually a quite obvious thing.. But most of them weren't supposed to get black wigs though for example, it just happened.
    7. A women at the last Dollmeet said to me, that I look similar to my Momo (MD Eliv). I feel honored, because I really like her- but I am not as cute as she is.
    8. I've been told my family that I looked like my doll and at first I couldn't believe it! But I began to notice that I would pick out clothes for her that I like and well I guess that connection could make sense now. However, I think the thing that sealed the deal was her hair and face up. Her face up is subtle makeup that I might do except the colors choice and her hair. Funny enough though her hair was red and medium length before I did mine red and it grew out to look like her.

      SO maybe I've been subconsciously copying her.
    9. I hope no one minds, but I'm going to take this moment to rant.

      oh my god I get this all the time. ALL THE TIME. and it drives me insane because to me, it's just proof of how unobservant people actually are. Because the doll whom people seem to think is me (not just looks like me, but actually is me) is my Kara Klum. Who is so obviously a guy. True in the face area he's pretty, and he has long hair, but I go out of my way to make him dress like a guy, and the DM body is in no way feminine.

      That's not the biggest issue, neither is the fact that in the face, we look nothing alike, the biggest problem I have is the hair.
      Alex: Straight as a board and White Blond.
      Mine: really curly and BROWN.

      the first person to ask if Alex was me was pretty apologetic after my horribly shocked "why would I own a doll of myself??!"

      "Well it's dressed like you"


      Alex: jeans and a tshirt
      Me: jeans and a tshirt

      Apparently I'm the only one who's ever worn that combo of clothes.

      The very worst worst worst example of this ever has to be last christmas...I had taken photos of Alex in a "santa speedo" and had one up on my compy at work (yeah i know, but it was over the holidays and no one was there. So i thought) because I was editing. Someone came up behind me and said, totally serious "Is that you?"

      Me: *picks self up off floor* "WHAT?! It's a doll! A boy doll!! With no shirt!!!"
      Srsly? SERIOUSLY??? you could totally see the lack of boobage on him. Not to mention why on earth would I have topless photos of my oddly blond self on my computer? It made me want to beat my head against the wall. Still kinda does.

      I whined about this on LJ to doll peoples and got a lot comments like "maybe you really do look like him and just don't think so" so I linked to a photo of myself. Everyone agreed that I look nothing like my doll. Durr.

      Also kinda sad is that before Alex was ever a doll, when all he was was a billion drawings in various sketchbooks, people would always look over my shoulder and ask if I was drawing myself. I'm not sure whats worse, that they are not paying any attention to what I look like, or that they seem to think I'm narcissistic enough to draw myself over and over. I never draw me, I don't even like photos of me.

      Ok, sorry for the rant, but this is one of those subjects that makes me want to kick shins.
    10. I have been told that my doll Menni (in my ava pic) looks like she could be my daughter, but I guess it´s mostly the hair colour that does the impression. She has blue eyes and I have green, and I for sure don´t wear little dresses etc children´s clothing. ;)

      But that may be true in that way since childhood I do have liked best the dolls, people, art pictures, anything that has dark brown hair and maybe blue eyes combined to it. For sure I have made my first doll to look like what I find the most beautiful combination, and also I must admit that I use on doll clothing mostly the colours that are my favourite. It may look familiar to people who know me and my likings.
    11. I've been told by alot of people say that I look like one of my dolls, it just happens to be my Souldoll boy.
      Its the matching extremely long black hair with a fringe that does it, plus my non-lolita wardrobe is quite similar to the way he is dressed as well.
      I do get asked if it was intentional, which it wasn't at all.
    12. I think Shinta takes a lot after me. In comparison, his hair is about the same length as mine and nearly the same colour.
    13. If you squint, you can convince yourself that my Ashanti looks like me. Otherwise I couldn't claim any of them to be my sons/daughters :lol:
    14. Yep! I was really surprised to find that my Kyouko, my very first BJD, bore such a remarkable resemblance to me. While I did purposely look for a doll who looked like me, I thought it would be something I'd have to custom order. Go figure. I've since bought a doll who looks like my husband, for who else would make a suitable mate for my girl?
    15. I don't look like my dolls, or dress like them... BUT, I can see that some people would get comments like that--

      Because it's your doll and you chose them, and you chose them because of things that you like... maybe not what you would wear or look like, exactly, but still, something that appeals to you the same way you would choose to style your hair or choose what clothes to wear... So the whole aesthetic is YOURS... at least, something out there that appeals to your style and aesthetic and passions and such. So even if they don't look like an owner, physically, they are still a manifestation of the owner's taste and likes.

      I think it's something like why there's that owner-pet look-alike thing. They don't really look like their pets and visa-versa, but there's something there that matches--that appeals to them, which is why they have that pet particular pet, at least sometimes. (Sometimes, it's an opposites-attract thing going on.)

      VampireAngel13-- LOL! Yeah, people can be strangely unobservant! :D
    16. I would like to point out the Volk's stories of "Another Yourself". Clearly (to me as well) the doll has to represent at least something in your subconscious, if not conscious mind.
      VampireAngel13, although in general I would agree with you about people's lack of simple powers of observance, an example being my adopted sister and I have been told "oh, yeah, your sister! She looks like you!" meanwhile she's a Sephardic Jew (very dark skin, hair, eyes) and I am pale (almost WS lol), freckled and red headed, it could be your anime, or your feeling that is like your boys. I don't know I'd have to meet both of you :)
      I have one girl, Ignatia, my Unidoll F 14, who my husband claims is me. Well OK, I think she's darn cute.
    17. My Pukifee Bonnie and I have a similar hairstyle and color. But she is far cuter than I am! :)
    18. I don't know about picking a doll that "looks like me" but I have noticed that I am drawn to dolls with slightly down turned oval eyes like mine. I think Revilis is right and it's a matter of being drawn to features you relate to. Although about the only thing the sculpts I like have in common is the eyes.

      In a slightly OT tandem, people also say I look alot like my sister which neither of us see. So maybe its something that you have trouble seeing but people who stare at your face every day pick up on.
    19. I wouldn't resemble Chae-ri unless I lost a LOT of weight and shrank down to 28ish cm, but we do have the same color eyes, as in the EXACT SAME color, and this has been remarked upon. Although I'm not Asian, I have very dark eyes with very thin eyelids and I've been told they look Asian (and therefore don't match the rest of my face at ALL).
    20. Nope! I'm a girl and my doll is a boy. He has blue eyes and white hair. I have brown eyes and black hair. Complete opposites! But I noticed I only like dolls with fuller lips and rounder noses, which is kinda what I have. But no one has ever said that to me... If they did I would be flattered, haha.