Your dolls after your death...

Jan 26, 2018

    1. Being autistic i can have bond with my dolls like they were alive. So what happen to them after i passed away sometimes keep me awake for a night. Frankly, if i did know this before i started, i would never started the BJD hobby. My first two dolls are a lesbian koppel, i don't want them to be separated. Actually, the whole group is a bush of friends a want them to stay together. The thought they would be split is pure horror for me. It can move me to tears. I am looking for a young BJD lover with military grade honor or Samurai grade honer. Thou shalt not break you promise, even not after death of the person you promised to. That person wil get the whole wild bunch for free, and all their possessions.
    2. I'd want my Mum to sell them to have more money to care for the pets I'd leave behind. It's a good idea to make a document stipulating the value.
    3. I honestly wouldn't want my family to sell them, but rather keep them around as a reminder of me or something, but if any issue with money were to happen then I'd want my family to sell them.
    4. My executor is a brother-in-law who will have to fly across country to settle my estate. He will settle it as fast as he can to get back home. His biggest interest will be the tools in the garage! Whatcha gonna do?:cool:

      P.S. I'd like to put a shrug emoji here, but none of the little guys even have shoulders!)
    5. i'd be okay with my mum selling all accessories, but I'd like her to keep my most beloved dolls (at least two) in one set of clothing and accessories for them. I once asked her if she'd keep my most beloved boy and she said no way, she'd rather keep a girl lol xD
    6. Not too long ago, a Chinese doll owner pass away in a car accident, and passed away. Her best friend which is also in the hobby helped her to sell the rest of the dolls that her family decided not to keep on the Chinese social media Weibo. It made a lot of people thinking about it as well. For me, I hope my favorite doll can be buried with me, and the rest of my dolls to be sold.
    7. well... none of my family members are that enthusiastic about dolls, so rather than having them rotting away collecting dust, i'd rather if they go to people that would appreciate & take care of them. plus, the money could help my family too.
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    8. The topic is grim, but vital. If something bad happens to me, then I would like my Rhein to go to a person who really loves dolls.
      The cost does not matter anymore. Attitude and interest are primary.
    9. My dolls are to go to two of my friends who have always wanted a BJD but could not afford one. Simone to my friend Mike and Zea to my friend Erin. I should probably write that down somewhere my family will find it...
    10. I actually talked about this with my bf since he's the one with me when I started in the hobby. I said he can keep whomever he choose and give the rest of my to a close friend of mine who is into the hobby as well. I'm too attached to them to be sold to someone I don't know ;;
    11. I'm not sure. I'll probably leave something for someone I trusted really well about my dolls.
    12. I've actually thought about this a fair amount. My favorite doll I would want buried with me or my partner, whoever goes last for sure. However, all of my dolls are special, so space permitting I'd like to be buried with them all. We tell stories about them all the time and they are like part of the family. I would hate to have them sold, I want them with us forever, as weird as that sounds. I do have many other types of collectibles, those can be sold for funeral costs, I wouldn't mind. My BJDs are precious.
    13. I think I'll ask a trusted friend in the hoby to sell them, so she knows the value. She would give the money to my family for the funeral costs. I love my dolls but I prefer my family x) so I'd like to help them as much as possible even dead. And I think I would let my friend keep one of them. But as I'm 24, I'm not thinking about death yet ^^' If I ask my friend and my family about it right now, it won't please them I think lol !
    14. I only have a few bjd right now, but I plan to have many more, and I have off topic dolls/toys that are worth quite a bit as well, and I would leave it all to my little sister who shares a passion for the doll hobby but she doesn't have any of her own. She knows the value of them and I know she'd appreciate them as much as I do. And if there was any she didn't want, I would want them to be sold at a discounted price so my family would have some compensation, but whoever purchased the dolls would get a pleasant surprise. I don't mean to devalue my dolls or anything, but when I'm dead I won't need them and I would like to make my last remnants on Earth be generous.
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    15. I really just want my dolls to go to someone who will enjoy them, Whether that's my family or anyone else.
    16. As someone who has interned in a funeral home, I might be able to answer this. Due to the worth of your collection, this is a rather serious matter. Depending on your age, it might be actually worth the money to go and actually have a will created. Not only does this assure that your collection will be properly handled,i.e. your dad can't just throw them away or give them to a thrift store, but you can give detailed instructions for each doll without any legality being questioned. If you don't want to go through all that trouble, find some nice paper,write out the same instructions, sign it, and store in a safe but easily accessible place that your family will know where it is and how to access it in case of emergencies. This is referred to as "holograph" and should be considered a legally binding will (I can not attest to it's legality in all areas.) Also, make sure that your family is well aware of it's content, and quite possibly other close relations so that if someone were to destroy it, the others can attest to it's prior existence. (or give this holograph to an estate executor or a lawyer for safe keeping.)
    17. I don't own any wildly expensive dolls so I guess I never thought about it. I don't think anyone in my family knows how much they're actually worth after all the clothes and wigs are bought and I probably wont tell anyone either. I suspect they will be donated to a second hand store and honestly I prefer that. I like the idea of someone who couldn't afford a bjd coming across one by accident for a super low price. I know teenage me who pinned for 10+ years over bjd would have been beside myself with joy.
    18. I've never thought about this-I've only purchased dolls (too many!) in the last couple of months or so. My daughter is the only one in the family who would even want them, and she would. We are going to sit down this week and decide exactly what she wants, and I am going to order one for her. :) I think she already knows, but it will be fun to discuss it, and finalize her decision. So she would certainly want my dolls, and I can assure you that the rest of the family will gladly hand them over! She would also know the value of the dolls, and be able to decide if she wants to sell all or some of them.

      I have been keeping a record of each doll, what I paid for it, what sizes it wears, and any other information I find important or interesting. I am glad this topic came up, because I am going to give her access to my evernote notebook where it is all stored in the event she needs it. Plus, she will be the only one who knows how much I have actually spent on these dolls. :atremblin
    19. I have actually thought about this before. If I die suddenly, All my dolls will be given to my ex boyfriend, who is also a doll collector. I know he will care for them properly, or at least sell them to someone who will.
    20. It's a hard topic to think about, but my dolls mean a lot to me; I'd definitely give my parent my most special boy and give the other to my friend in the BJD hobby, who I know wouldn't just sell him, but appreciate him.