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Your Dolls and Security Officers-ever a problem?

Aug 15, 2008

    1. I was thinking of taking my doll to the mall with me one of these friday nights. But I'm worried that security will have a problem with him. Since a majority of the mall is teenagers on friday nights security messes with us really bad about every little thing. We're not even allowed to wear "baggy' clothes,hats and even the tiniest spikes on our clothes. So what I am asking is has anyone ever had a problem with security officers when taking your doll into public places?
    2. I've not had my dolls out in public, but considering that mall security just had arrested and banned an old man for walking around the parking lot trying to find his car I would not take anything I cared about anywhere near a mall that has security that hassles people.
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    3. YIKES! I've never had an issue. Normally, when I take my dolls to the mall they are in an over the sholder bag and the sit and have arms out peeking out and enjoying the ride. I always have the bag hanging inward so the don't get snatched.. so they might not have been that noticed.
    4. At A-Kon, we had the Friday and Saturday meet-ups at the Westin Hotel/Business center's mall. We had had the meet-ups there last year; nice spot for all the dolls and their people to gather. Security didn't have an issue. This year, everyone had gotten all nice and set up, about 30 minutes into the meet, when a security lady told us that we couldn't have our dolls on the tables and that we would have to leave. When we asked why we couldn't, the lady just repeated that we had to get out now, and radioed for backup. All three rent-a-cops stood there while everyone packed up their dolls and we scrambled to find a new meet-up place. We figured out later that they had an issue with us taking pictures of the dolls because it was "a violation of the privacy of the actual customers that could be in the pictures also." Teseya and I found a room for the Saturday meet, and I don't think I've ever seen a message travel through a convention so fast.
      Next year, I think we're just getting a room from A-kon and avoiding that mess.
    5. I took both of my dolls to the mall around my house (at different times though) and I've never had a problem. I carried them around and even walked by the security station place. ((Most of the people that go to the mall here are teens as well))
    6. Thay could have just said to put away your cameras,that's madness!
      I only plan to take my msd to the mall and it's not like he's a distraction. But since I dress in 'dark clothing' security will probably stop me and complain...but it's okay for little girly girls to stand in the middle of the mall and talk real loud. Security confuses me. @.@U

      Another thing I've been thinking about,would stores have a problem with me carrying him around,I don't want to get chased down having people think I stole some doll or something. Is it safe to take him in a toy store...should I tell the cashier when I walk in?
    7. Before I had my doll I went to the mall with my friend, who brought her msd. We didn't have any problems with security, so I think you'll be fine :)

      And about bringing a doll into stores, I think the workers should be familiar enough with their own store's stock to realize that you didn't steal him.
    8. Lol,at a bjd workshop at Tekkoshocon the slogan was "You can't buy it at Wal-Mart!"
      Maybe I'm paranoid because when I was little my favorite stuffie had to stay in the car when I had to go into stores. My mom would always say "He has to stay here or they'll think you stole him!" Leaving my doll in the car isn't even an option!
    9. A few weeks ago, I was at the mall with my mom, but she was at another store (I was going to meet her). Anyway, so I'm wearing the same hat that I wear just about every day of my life (an army green, Taking Back Sunday cadet), and I get stalked the entire way across the mall by a cop. Until, of course, I meet up with my mom and the creeper left me alone.
      But, y'know, it's understandable, because I'm a teenager, and ALL teenagers want to do something illegal. Duh. </blatant sarcasm>

      So I really wouldn't risk taking my boy to the local mall ^^; Not worth it.
    10. Woo hoo look at me,I has a blood sucking weapon toting hat and a doll to match at home!!

      Security is INSANE!
      Sometimes I think they're just looking for an excuse to mess with people.
      Although I may consider taking my boy to the large malls. They have state cops there but they never bother anyone and are always quite friendly. It must just be a small town thing I guess. Well I've decided to go for it and if they have a problem I'll just ask to talk to the mall's manager or just put him in his tote and take him out to show people.
      I mean I'm 18yrs old,it's not like I'm some 12 years old who's slapping people with a doll. O.o'

      Could you imagine if they made my stip him down to check to see if I stole something?! @_@
    11. Wow, I've never even seen security at malls I don't think, lol maybe I'm too much of a non-trouble maker to encounter any. Or I'm just really oblivious.
    12. Haha. I never take my kids outside to the mall. Maybe to meet-ups, but that's generally about it. So I've never had that problem. But it really amuses me that that occurs. Because carrying a doll = Suspicious! XD
    13. That's horrible! *_*
    14. I would have stopped and started yelling at him for stalking me. That would have gotten people's attention. ;)

      Anyway, when I get my boys, I wouldn't take them to a public place (like a mall) without someone with me. Not 'cause I'd find it embaressing, but because I'd have backup if anything went wrong. *Thinks about friends* Okay, maybe not so much backup as a distraction...

      Edit: Maybe security thinks that the dolls are for storing drugs or something lol
    15. Not really. I mean, they definitely handled her WAY rougher than I wanted them to, but she came out fine.
    16. Oooh,please do tell!!
    17. Well, to begin, I suppose I should say this happened at my overly-securitized school, and not a mall. But our guards are painfully annoying and we have to go through metal detectors and have our bags searched.
      (Sounds bad, but it's not. I go to an Arts Magnet, so there's every reason to speculate we may be hiding something!! XD)

      Anyways, first day I decided to bring her since school hadn't let out, I put her in my purse so she could lay comfortably on the ride to school on the bus. When I got the the metal detectors, the guard opened my purse and yanked her out a bit rougher than I'd like. (But it was obvious she could tell my Emma was delicate, as it was just as obvious she's not good with dealing with delicate things). Anyways, she got the other guards and ATTACKOFTHEGRABBYHANDS they passed her around. Luckily the others were better at holding something delicate. Then they finally handed her back to me and I got to class on time.

      Anyways, it wasn't horrible, but it scared me~being Emma's first time outside of the house and only in my possession for, what...two days? XD

      I'm wayy too adventurous for most people's tastes~ But I want to show her off, so I have to take risks!
    18. ^^ YES!!!
      It is a small-town thing!! Argh!
      Stupid malls around where I live ><
    19. Oh my gosh!
      I would have started to cry! D:
      Are you able to bring her to school now without any problems?
      You know if they were to have actually damaged her do you think you could have sued the school?

      I have been wondering for a while if anyone has ever had a cop damage their doll in some way...
    20. Well I haven't got my doll yet but i've never seen security guards or anything of the sort, so perhaps it is small town local malls and stuff xD (I live in a big city). I don't even know if our malls have security guards O_O Now I think of it i'm sure they do xD I've just never seen them. But i'm scared if i take my boy out people will like want to take pictures or something =.=" people here love taking photos of 'unusual' things (and people) bleh.