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Your Dolls Room/Area

Nov 22, 2008

    1. If this is in the wrong stop feel free to move, or if it is already a thread, you ay delete
      but heeh if you won't mind pointing me to it XD
      ive looked all over

      Id like to hear/see where your dolls room or Area is in your home
      I love see the really cute bedrooms people together

      and how does your doll room describe your doll?:aheartbea

      i'll get some pix of my Erics Room
    2. My dolls hang out in the living room. I have a large odd shaped shelving unit I got at the thrift store and then one of those single shelf things you screw into the wall. I like to have them where I can sit with them and admire them. Of course my apartment would completely freak out anyone with a serious fear of dolls--all those little eyes looking at you as soon as you walk in, lol.

      When I finally get the money together, I'm planning on buying some new shelves, since they've really outgrown the space I have for them now. They'll stay in the living room, however. I just need to get things organized a little better.
    3. oh thats cool ^_^ haha i could only imagine how someone who is afraid of dols woud feel walking into any BJD collectors home XD
    4. Gah! I was actually just thinking about posting a thread about this! :)
      It's so interesting to see people's doll famalies. Especially the big ones all lined up! :) I truly hope that one day I have a big doll family to display.

      Right now,my boys are in their boxes due to having ZERO space in my crammed box of a room.
      We're moving sometime next fall so hopefully we'll have more space at our next house.
    5. My boys usually stay in bunks I've attached to the bottom of my loft bed. Seeing as how my boys are kind of in a "cloister" of sorts, it fits them in simplicity and fits me function wise. The bunks cost $10 each (they're 30" closet organizers from Walmart turned upside down and missing the middle shelf), the hardware cost $5, and two cans of spray paint ran me all of about $2. If that's all it costs me to keep my dolls protected from excess sunlight, cats, dust and other dolly hazards then I'm not changing, XD. Their relaxation area if the cats are elsewhere and I can't have them in the same room as me (visitors or something) is below the bunks on yet another closet organizer that holds their clothing and eyes/wigs/magic erasers/props. I hardly ever leave them in the doll house room because the walls are still unstable. If one of the dollhouse walls fell on a doll, there'd most likely be irreparable damage.
    6. Right now my girls sit on the top shelf of my computer desk, between my Cairo Cats set and FFXII Ashe action figure (a small bear in a banana suit sits between them). I'm not sure where I'm going to put Calder when he shows up. Perhaps on the second shelf where a couple of my girly figurines sit.

      My dolls don't really have their 'own space.' They tend to be moved to the top of my bookshelf, or the computer desk, or a table in the living room. Wherever I feel like enjoying them, there they sit.

      Old Location, where they used to sit before I had to move at the beginning of the month. I haven't yet found my camera's power adapter so I can't take a shot of where they sit now, but it's pretty much just another shelf, only not shared with my books.
    7. One of my favourite threads on the forums, with lots of pictures of the places people keep their dolls:


    8. I keep my girl either on the bookshelf or in her chair on the floor next to it, in the hallway alcove. It's great because it gets little to no light right in that spot, I'm walking past it all the time (I work at home) so I can admire her in the day, and if I leave the house and come back, she's directly there in front of me with her cute little face staring up! :kitty2

      That's "her" area. But my boyfriend jokes that she has the run of the flat when we go out and sometimes leaves the doors open for her (because she wouldn't be able to reach the handles!) Haha! :3nodding:

      ...it's also nice because I know I have space there to accommodate a couple more dollies, ohohoho~
    9. xXDarkNekoXx-my boy had to be in his box for quiet awhile when i moved T~T it was sad

      sister-of-charity-hehe, that sounds likea really good idea to keep your boys safe, I saw wut dols u have very exspensive boys (not that there al not exspencive, but its worth it)

      Decoy Embra-sounds like my boy, sep i have a place set up for him, but he pretty much sitd werever i stick him that day, like today he hung out wit my dad all day on the counter top

      Xi-feng-thanx soo much, i looked all over for that thread, ithoughti saw one a long whie back.

      kateb-haha that sounds cute, haha i didnt relize they cant reatch it tilu just mentioned it, ive never thought about that. i think im gonna start having my faily leve the door open when we leave XP
    10. Aki and Kyoko stay on one of my book cases that hold my books. I need to find another place for them though because this book case is actually for storing files and it's wire. I already had one shelf fall due to to much wait on it. I'm kind of scared of that happening to the one that holds them, plus books. I have no idea where Konrard will be stored since he's much bigger then a msd doll. He might have to stay in his box for the time being. :(
    11. My girl has a whole bookshelf to herself. I want to make it look more like a mini room. Right now there's a rocking chair and a table, as well as a tent with a sleeping bag, which is where I keep her. I've been thinking about switching the tent for a bed, but I don't want to have her exposed to light all the time.
    12. I am thinking of making a dollhouse/room for my dolls,
      but I don't have any space in my bedroom.
      so they sit in the livingroom on the mantel.
    13. My little dolls sleep in a bunkbed i made for them. My big dolls sleep on the futon~ I want to make them a little sofa to sit on but i'm a bit lazy lately.
    14. A few days ago I switched my dolls' "home" from sitting on the top shelf of my bookshelf to a miniature room on the same bookshelf (I pulled a shelf out and opened up most of the top for them, and added walls and "windows" to make it look more room-like). Now they can actually stand up!
    15. I have no idea where I'll be putting my boy...

      I can't leave him anywhere my mother's cat can get him (I love kitties, but this one is an annoying, destructive beast D<)

      My bookshelves don't even have enough room for my books anymore xD;; so that's out...

      I was thinking of maybe putting one of those "invisible shelves" that Barnes & Noble sells above my bed, so if he did fall, he'd land on something soft...

      I guess I'll find out when he gets here...

      sister-of-charity I saw your set-up in the thread Xi-feng posted the link to. Its really neat. :D
    16. I really want to get a little... baby's crib... for my dollies to spend time in and 'live in.' There is not too much room since my girlfriend and I essentially live in her bedroom, but we are both planning ways to give my dollies some space of their own. I love that she lets me do this pretending... it is really great.
    17. My boy hangs out in my room, usually on top of my CD player (sigh) but also on my high shelf or out of his box on my bedside table. He's usually pants-free, though, and it can smudge his butt >_< Also, he likes by our big stereo system downstairs and in my sister's room now that she's away at college. Likes to be the master of his domain.
    18. I currently has a bed (perfect for MSDs), a chair (it's mostly a tiny's size but my MSD sits on it anyway), and a Small black Ottoman that can fit 8 MSD close together or 4 with lots of room :3 <3 they're all in my room. The locaton of them in my room changes a lot XD
    19. My Pukis have their own house and my 1/6th dolls have an area on my bookshelf with chairs and a dresser etc.