Your Dollshe SA or DO Bermann height??

Jun 24, 2006

    1. Okay question to the other Bermann owners.

      => How tall is your SA/Do Bermann??

      I measured Kaoru and he is exactly 70cm tall, he was just as tall as Die [Hound IM] but Kaoru's body is more buff, his thighs, feet and calves slightly thicker than the Hound body [version 2 with wrist joints attached to hands].
      Feet and hands were smaller and totally Bermann...but as I said above Kaoru's feet were slightly thicker...but still 8,5cm [Hound => 9cm]

      And yes before you ask...Kaoru has the Tensiya Bermann body.

      I asked Helene to measure her Mori [Do Bermann Heimdal] and he is 68cm. I think it's a bit strange, cause the Tensiya Bermann is supposed to be 68cm so smaller than Hound who is 69/70cm tall.

      Let me know your Bermann's height ^_^

    2. Hmmm, sounds odd, sounds like so many different body sizes and parts ie: Heimdal has Hound hands, did you take any comparison pics of Die and Kaoru nude? I wish there was a page with all of the different Dollshe body tyoes and sizes.

    3. Tensiya has those pages ^_^

      And every Bermann should have the same body and from what I have seen so far is that they have, okay Heimdal's hands are version 1 Hound, but that might be something only for white skin dolls...cause the Korean Tanned Bermann also has the Hound body.

    4. uhhh yea they are supposed to be 68cm.
      You got me curious so I ran into to measure Jonathan.
      Laying flat on his back, he's pretty much 69cm. WTF?
      He just is a little taller than 68....weird.....
    5. 70cm and maybe then some on my Valentino SA Bermann!

      You know, the wildest thing to me is how much smaller the DollShe Saint's head is than the Bermann's!!!!! Because Bermann already has a smaller head than say, the CP or Volks boys. But his head is HUGE next to the Saint's noggin.

    6. *lol* Oh yeah, compared with Die, Kaoru had a HUGE head X3...okay it's still very small compared with Delf or Volks
      Kaoru's head is 9inch, and Die's head was 8,5 every wig was way to big on Die >_<

      But Kaoru with wig looks good...without it...hihi...his ears XDDD
      And Kaoru is 70cm when still slouching [chest joint], so I guess he is taller when he stand up straight...>_> that is really weird, maybe it's only the first 2 SA Bermann batches that are 70+cm
    7. Curious, I went and measured Magnus. He's 70cm tall as well. Maybe it is an SA Bermann thing?

      Magnus' small head has been difficult. It seems that every wig I've bought for him has been too large or looked like too much hair on his little head. When St. James got her DoT boy, I stole his wig. So, Magnus now wears the Camine default wig. It's on the small side but at least it doesn't eat his face.
    8. Perhaps the change in the knees is the reason Heimdall is shorter? That second cup on each side has been eliminated, and that would account for at least a centimeter. Funny that the earlier boys are taller than Tensiya stated, though. Maybe they just took the measurements from the Original 77 and didn't bother to check them against the newly licensed revised body? :?

      *ooops, posted as idrisfynn*
      St. James
    9. Another factor might be that the SA/DO Bermann heads are a little bigger than the original 77/33. From this page on Tensiya, it shows that the headsculpts were remade too, not just the body.
    10. that's too weird. even allowing for wonky tape measures and measuring mistakes.

      my Bermann Valentino SA and my Hound (bought Dec '05 from Tensiya) are exactly the same! 68.5cm or 27inches on the

      I haven't restrung either of them.

      why are other Val B's taller?
    11. The only Bermanns that have those extra '2nd cup' pieces are the original 77s. All Tensiya bermanns eliminated that piece, so that wouldn't be a factor in the increased height. SAs Shinsengumi and Valentino do not have those extra cups. Their knees look just like the new pix you're seeing of the Heimdals.

      Hmmm...haven't gotten around to measuring my Bermanns yet (I'm not home at the moment) but I will measure my SA Bermann from Tensiya and my original....perhaps Timo IS taller than Vinnie....:?
    12. Oh, yeah. I just haven't pulled up Magnus' pants in a while. Well, then this is quite confusing. Is there a big difference in height between slouching and arched upright? Laying flat or standing up? Then again, Delfs seem to have this random height difference, too.
    13. Yesterday I suddenly found that my Ugo(bermann original 77) is taller than Dras(Hound from Sep.2006). After measure their hight by ruler, I found that Hound is 68cm and Bermann is 70 cm.
      Why? According to the official data, bermann should be 68cm and Hound should be 70cm! And after asking several friends, their hound are all 68cm tall.(Including the hounds with the original bodies).
      I am puzzled... Hound is 68cm tall? Are we misleaded by the official site?
      And for bermann, only the original 77 are 70cm? Or all bermann are 70cm?

      If you have either hound or bermann, could you please send me a mearsurement about their hight? I'm really confused.*_*

      Thank you so much&#65281;
    14. I'm not sure about Bermann, but my Tan Hound is 68cm.
    15. It just makes Bermann all the more special!
    16. Is your Bermann on a Hound body?

      Because actually, a Bermann on a Bermann body is slightly shorter than a Hound.
    17. I just merged this with an older thread about Bermann height. :)

      I don't know why but some Bermanns are taller than others. My SA Valentino is definately 70cm tall.
    18. No,It's old Bermann body.
      That's why I feel strange:doh
    19. I looked over at Luts, where I bought my Hound, and they say:
      And the girls, Afghan and Afghana are listed at 68cm.

      Ann in CT
    20. Ah this has made me curious - my Hound (from 2005 may) is 68cm slouching, 69cm when standing upright.There is no way he would reach 70cm without the aid of a wig :)

      But I don't have a Bermann to compare him with.....