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Your experience with Limhwa please?

Jan 23, 2009

    1. For a very long time I have thought about ordering a Limhwa 57 girl,but have either missed out on the ordering period or not been able to make up my mind on the different resins.
      I have now spotted the new Luna and would really like her but wanted to know, in your experoences, how likely is it that the face up by the artist would resemble the promo pics, also the fact that it states that the wig and eyes are chosen by the artist (not by me , who is paying!) I realise that I could put in a request to have the same wig and eyes as promo pic, but exactly how likely is it that I would get them, as I'm sure, most people who see the lovely pics on the site will request that particular wig and eyes.

      So, to sum up, have any of you that have ordered from Limhwa in the past been completely happy with the face up, wig and eyes that the artist has chosen for you, rather than being able to choose yourself?

      thanks in advance

    2. Here's Honey with her default faceup, which was pretty, but it just didn't do it for me:


      And after Lilykoi/Enigmadolls worked her magic:



      Love this girl's face now! [​IMG] (I also don't use the default eyes, which were golden brown and pretty, but acrylic and not what I wanted for my girl - and I also didn't like the wig, which was fuzzy almost immediately. So next time I would probably order without faceup, eyes and wig.)
    3. Thank you so much for your quick reply and the photos of your gorgeous girl. I think you have just confirmed what I thought all along, the actual default face up is very hit and miss as to whether it looks like the promo pics. your girl looks so much more natural now and that face up actually brings out all her lovely features. I will definitely order one without the face up and then see if I can find someone to do the face up as I envisage her, not as the artist sees her. It does seem, looking through lots of Limhwa threads that lots of people are dissapointed with the default face ups and are getting them redone. Its a shame because it really is a beautiful sculpt and its a long enough wait to get them without having to send them away again for another face up, thanks again Steph

    4. Hi ~ I've purchased several dolls from Limhwa, and have always been very pleased with the quality of their resin and sculpts.

      Referring to face up and "extras" ~ I got the random eyes and wigs that first time only (it was the first release of the Half Elf). The artist at the time was making each face up different on the dolls, matching them to random wig and eyes. The quality of the face up was excellent, very individualistic, and long lasting. It only just started to show wear this last year, so I finally removed it and repainted my girl. The eyes I received were good quality Soom soft-glass ones and the artist did give me the color I requested, which was a lovely touch. The random synthetic wig was just ok (frizzy blond), and not to my personal tastes, so I sold.

      By the time I purchased the second doll (human girl) the artist had switched to a "shimmer" style face up, which while beautiful and perfectly done, did not really capture my girl's character, so I recently re-painted her, and now she truly reflects her proper edgy persona.

      Nowadays I purchase all dolls blank and do not purchase random wigs or eyes ~ especially as I prefer to paint and style my own dolls to my tastes, as I always have a specific character in mind when I buy a doll.

      Here are "before" and "after" photos of Sakura (Limhwa human girl sculpt):

      Before (default "shimmer" face up):


      After (with face up and hand painted tattoo by me):


      best wishes,