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Your Experiences in BJD History

Oct 19, 2017

    1. Hi! Some of us have been around for a long time and have witnessed some historically significant events in the BJD hobby. I think it would interesting for everyone to share their own experiences of what they personally saw and felt happening around them that feels historically significant (or was a significant event for them in their history of the BJD hobby).
      There's no need for exact facts as this is a thread for subjective experiences.

      To participate and provide an example, I will share a story if my own:
      I got into the BJD hobby around 2008, but I was too young to own any myself. I constantly stalked BJD companies and DoA, and I remember seeing the re-release (?) of the limited sun tan Goldie on Peaks Woods' website back in 2009. That was probably the first time I had ever seen a darker resin colour and I was blown away! It felt like everyone else was excited too, and I remember the few companies I saw with "tan" skin resin back then offered it as special limited dolls. Everyone just seemed so happy that strides were being made towards developing darker skin tones. My memory is vague, since I was very young, but I find it to be a happy memory, and I'm glad I was around to experience it.

      What special memories do you have in BJD history?
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    2. I remember when it seemed like everyone but me had a CP Delf El. The "El Army" was a term thrown around often :XD:
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    3. @RamenDoodles I remember that too! :XD: Coming back to the hobby, I'm like "Where are all the El's?"! :aeyepop: lol

      I don't know what would count as a big historical event.... Not to mention my brain is like swiss cheese! But I've gone to both the Volks LA store opening and the LA store closing blowout sale. Maybe one day in the far future they'll be able to open a store in the US again....
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    4. Oh nostalgia! I lurked around the BJD hobby for several years before actually getting one of my own, and I remember so many things about the early days... I remember when many of the rare grails that people post about in the "will probably never find" threads were current and in-stock. I remember when Unoa, Narae and Sharmin were the only slim minis in existence. I remember when Fairyland split from Luts. I remember when Dollzone became a legit company. I remember the Army of Els too, and now you can't even get an El first-hand anymore! It's amazing to see the progress in the hobby, also a bit sad to remember some of the sculpts and companies that fell by the wayside.
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    5. Honestly, I have a very, very hard time considering ANYTHING that's happened in the BJD hobby to be in any way "historically significant". :lol:
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    6. i remember when migidoll sold heads only—her website was basically like a blog! and dream of doll seemed to be the hot thing back in 2008-2009. i feel like homme ducan was the "it" doll to have for a while. anyone remember gumdrop eyes? your doll instantly became 10x cooler if they had gumdrops.
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    7. I've been in the hobby for only 7 years, so I don't remember most of the things that've been mentioned. I do however remember Ringdoll reinventing itself, and the chaos that caused. I also remember the CP Delfs being discontinued, and how puzzled I was. Surely they'd come back, right?
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    8. I got seriously into the hobby in early 2008, and I remember the "El Army" and the "Shiwoo Army." Not only that, I just didn't get it! I had no idea at all why those sculpts were so popular, why it seemed like everyone and their dog wanted multiples or already had multiples.... *cough*I have three of each now*cough*

      I also remember the start of ResinSoul and how it was confusing to figure out if they were separate from Bobobie or not (it's still confusing). I remember when Soom had just started their fantasy dolls, when they still had mostly standard sculpts and were theming their dolls on the Western Zodiac. I remember the launch of LittleFees, how there were only three to choose from (and Ante was by far the most popular!). I've seen a definite shift toward more realistic aesthetics (though I still like the older styles!), and so many more options become available (I love that!).
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    9. Dollheart Fers!
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    10. I've been around for a long time, pretty much remember most events in the hobby from 2004-2012-ish -- I remember all the ones mentioned above (except for Ringdoll one).
      After that I kind of lost interest in doing things with resin dolls, and focused on collecting anime and 1:6 figures for a while (I'm still focusing on them,
      to be honest). I recall the last thing to make an impression on me where the Fairyland Chic Line dolls, they were probably the more idealized proportioned
      dolls to be released at the time, they were also an odd scale and people didn't like that they reminded some of 14-16" fashion dolls; a lot of people didn't like
      the idea of bjd and fashion dolls in the same category at all. They were discontinued by FL because they were their least popular line -- I got a Rou because I love
      their proportions and would love to have gotten at least one more male body (for a permanent Pyramid Head doll). Now it seems like every other doll company
      wants to make a fashion doll line of some sort, but unlike the FL CL, the newer BJD fashion lines seem pretty darn popular so I hope that FL will also bring their CL back
      (which I highly doubt, because FL seem to have a different type of audience, and that's probably why the CL didn't sell well enough for them).

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    11. I became interested in the hobby around 2002-2003, maybe? It's hard to say exactly because I would look then push it out of my mind, thinking I'd never be able to afford a doll, and I didn't get my first until 2008.

      I remember when JunkySpot carried a whole list of resin BJDs: Angel of Dream, DollZone, Angelheim, Dragon Doll, Souldoll, Elfdoll, Dream Realm and probably more that I'm forgetting right now. My first doll was an AoD Chen from them, and had it not been for JS's existence, I might not have gotten into the hobby or at least not for quite awhile longer. At the time, I'd never bought anything internationally, and the idea scared me because I didn't know who to trust or how bad the language barrier might be if I had a problem (and now I shop on TaoBao, so....XD). JS having a large variety of dolls in stock was a blessing!

      Also, when pretty much EVERY doll wore Tripp style pants and chunky goth boots and either fur wigs or super long synthetic wigs with bangs. All of the various clothing and shoe shops popping up since then has been great!
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    12. Agreeing with @Rosslyn on the Fers! I never got the point of them. They were dress... jacket... things... with long hoods and ruffles? Idk man. XD

      I joined in 2006, so I remember companies and things that have changed/aren't around any more.

      -The Luts-Fairyland split was a really big thing imo.
      -Mr. Dollshe discontinuing all his dolls (the reason I bought my Husky when I did, ~2008) only to bring them all back again a year or so later.
      -Soom's monthly dolls and other companies that followed with fantasy dolls
      -The "slim mini" revolution
      -Doll Chateau coming in hot to the hobby with crazy out-of-the-box dolls

      Those are just a few noteworthy things my memory has held on to. XD
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    13. Yeah, I'm not sure I can think of things that were "historically significant" but I can remember fads and some... drama I guess?

      I clearly remember closely following the closing and reopening of Dollshe when they came out with the DSAM and Orijean. I thought he was cool and interesting but he was absolutely not what people expected and people flipped.

      There was the really messy end of Customhouse, with their final sale dolls coming in with terrible quality control. I thought it was sad because they were one of the first ones out there.

      CP Delfs of course, where did they all go?? I remember I liked frequenting the forum where people post "what doll is this?" threads and seriously at least half of them had to be CP El (or occasionally Lishe). It wasn't just that he was the cool sculpt with social cache or anything - everyone who didn't know what he was wanted him too. Like he just aligned perfectly with the taste of the time.

      I remember the excitement over the launch of Pukipukis because they were so inexpensive! At the time around $300 was pretty much the lower threshold for non-Chinese dolls regardless of size.

      DoD's Too & Bee-a and their tender versions being popular because they were sold as a set and again more inexpensive than most dolls. (Can't recall if the set was $400 or $500 but either way the going price for minis was $300 flat.)

      Dollheart Fers, an outfit phenomenon I don't think has been repeated since. They're a big ruffly dress with a matching asymmetrical hooded jacket and came in lots of colors. If there any other outfit that people just know by name like that? I always liked them and still do even though I'm not a dress person. I'd love to get my hands on the coat sometime.

      Goodreau, "the American BJDs". They used to be off-topic here based on aesthetics but apparently they're not anymore? I think they were significant, though, since other dollmakers have crossed over into BJDs since.

      Those sneaker keychains that fit MSD but you had to flip the sole to make a pair.

      SOOM's monthly dolls which were popular right off the bat (since fantasy dolls were rare) and picked up steam as they went. People said that they were "Soomed" when they liked the new one that was coming out. Everyone and their brother wanted Sard so badly! Soon people realized that his face was extremely similar to Dia... who was a standard doll who had been out for a bit, but as it turns out was very unpopular as a girl. I see a lot more Dia than Sard now, and yeah, almost all boys.
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    14. The CCC debacle. Are we even allowed to discuss that mess?
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    15. All of these responses are delightful! I love hearing about what made an impression on everyone, and I find it so cool to hear about everyone's experiences. :3nodding:

      Oh, of course - how could I forget about the Fers! I loved Doll Heart dearly and I was so in love with the Fers; however, more than the Fers, I was obsessed with that Cherry Classic dress. They never have brought it back in that colour, to my knowledge. At the time, especially since I was just quietly observing and not an active participant, I had no idea Fers became such a huge thing! It's so fascinating to think about.

      I definitely wondered where all of the CP dolls went when I came back to this hobby in 2016. I'm not sure if I would own a CP doll, but to me they are tied so deeply into the BJD hobby and embody an aesthetic that belonged to such a specific time period that it feels somewhat nostalgic. I love looking at them (the old dolls watering hole thread is wonderful).
      I tried to stop paying attention to the BJD hobby for a while and drifted back when I was a bit older (but still too young to get my own doll), and that was shortly after the Luts-Fairyland split I believe. I was pretty confused between Luts, Fairyland, and Cerberus Project at the time. :lol:

      If I recall correctly, there was a time when everyone felt that good short-haired wigs were hard to find, and for a while the best short-haired wigs were fur/mohair wigs. Almost every male doll I saw had that spiky hair look! I also definitely remember those chunky goth boots, and I completely adored them back then. I probably still would, honestly. :lol:

      Slim minis really have solidified their place in the BJD hobby. Honestly, I enjoy the increasing variety of options for MSD size range. Slim minis have definitely started a serious takeover, but I think there are still a lot of alternatives for those who aren't looking for that kind of thing, fortunately.
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    16. Iplehouse's early batch(es) of RealSkin that went "Hulk" (read: turned pea green) really, really, REALLY quick. I remember I was kinda mad at myself for not waiting a little longer with buying my Akando so I could have him in RealSkin instead of NS. Well, boy was I glad that I hadn't when those first posts popped up! Not that the NS has kept its colour any better. Only - NS doesn't turn green when the red pigment fades, in my Akando's case it turned a not at all horrible shade of WS. Bit pale for a pirate captain but still better than green ... ;)

      Edit: Also, yes, I remember that kinda everyone and their Aunt Edina had one of those Els and that DollHeart fers were all the rave. XD
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    17. I never did understand why the Fers were so crazy popular! *_*

      I remember the Volks x Baby the Stars Shine Bright collaboration tea party and I was really sad because I couldn't attend a party consisting of my two (at the time) favourite brands. It was a collab made in heaven.
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    18. I remember when IMPL doll released a scorpion-centaur tiny with the name 'Penis'. They claim they were hacked. That's the thing that stands out most in my mind regardless!
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