Your Fav Anthros?

Aug 13, 2019

    1. I've been super into anthro BJDs lately, they're really charming!! Especially the cat ones.

      If you also like anthro dolls, which sculpts are your favourite?? I wanna see some more :aheartbea
    2. I adore Dearmine's Angela sculpt!! She's my profile picture currently, I just love her :D
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    3. I also love Dearmine! Have a small army of them right now. The boy uh...wolf? was actually my first BJD and I simply love his grumpy face.


      Also have three dragons. Dream Valley and Aileen Doll!

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    4. I think ImplDoll Baby Kitty Aimee is very under-rated as a budget friendly little cutie. I think she is fun to pose and she is pretty often my take-along doll to photograph with human-scale things out in the world. The one that tempts me most though is a Fairyland PukiPuki Pukisha. One of the tiny anthro kitty cuties. Very smol critter for such a big dose of cute!
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    5. My first bjd, AnikoriDoll Rio:


      I am planning to get her a sister next year of the same sculpt; I just love Ksenia's bunnies. :3
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    6. My favorite is Doll Factory Devil Bobo! I didn't think I had any interest at all in anthros, but that sculpt stole my heart.

      I also have a DearMine Classic Dante Scholar. Probably not a doll I ever would have bought for myself, but I won her in a contest and she looks so cute next to my Devil Bobo. She's also made really well with heavy, sturdy resin, magnetic ears and tail and her fullset was really cute and well made. I would highly recommend them if you want a cat anthro, they have a lot of cats in various sizes.

      Here are my girls, Kit (Dante) and LucyFaire (Devil Bobo) :
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    7. My only anthro is a Fairyland Puki Puki Pukisha- though he's on a standard human puki puki body. I've been meaning to paint claws on his pointy fingers to make him look more cat-like. I love that he's travel size, so I take him nearly everywhere I go. And he can wear Mattel Kelly/Shelly boots.

      [​IMG]Leon Rides the Train
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    8. EDIT: Sorry for not multi-quoting originally, I didn’t know that was an option!

      :nosebleed WOW!! These cuties are adorable, and their theming is so cool!! I defo have my eyes on the Devil Bobo now. What a charming little sculpt.

      I've never seen such a unique little colletion of critters before! They all look filled with personality too, especially little Kurt.

      It makes my day seeing such fun sculpts and characters.

      She's so ethereal! I love her little white lashes, so precious :3 I'd love to see her sister too when you get her.

      OOOh, I'm especially fond of Dearmine after seeing your beauties! I love that they stil have mature, humanlike bodies whilst looking like their consecutive animals.

      Also, your grumpy wolf boy is adorable.

      AAAaaw, cutie pie! I love love love his little curly hair, I dont often see that on a doll!

      Good luck with his claws, I'm sure he'll look wonderful!! :aheartbea
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    9. I have also developed a great love for anthros in the past five years! I have two at the moment: Peralta (Dearmine Agrippa, right) and Murphy (Dearmine Lupin, left).
      And I also secretly keep 3 more anthros on a wishlist I shouldn't even try to complete which involves one more Dearmine and also some LUTS Zuzus xD
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    10. I have a preference for feline anthro dolls, including Dollzone Miss Kitty and Dollmore Catish :)
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    11. What is your favorite anthro bjd? I love all of the dearmine dolls.
    12. Doll Factory Devil Bobo, hands down! I used to own one, and she was the cutest little demon mouse ever! I only sold her because I decided I wasn't really into tiny dolls and didn't give her enough attention, but if I were ever to get back into tinies or anthros, she'd be the first I'd look for again.

      DearMine are also awesome, I used to own a Scholar Dante. Island Doll has some really cute ones, as do Luts, Soom, Nympheas Dolls, and Doll Family A (though I think most of theirs are off topic due to lack of jointing in some spots).
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    13. I love most pet dolls, tiny animal themed dolls I can put in my pocket are so cute. I have a Soom Ondiin that I recently acquired and she looks so adorable in my collection. My absolute favourite though is my Soom Mylo, she’s been a grail of mine since I started the hobby and I finally got her. :)
      I honestly prefer anthro and fantasy dolls to normal human dolls. I find having hooves or special feet means I dont have to buy as many shoes and they look great in shorts and dresses to show off those special features. ^ ^ Long ears or horns add to the face design as well so you can get interesting angle shots when your doing shoots.
      Recently Dream Valley has caught my attention for anthros. I have an angel and a centaur on order, just waiting for them to be finished and I own a cute pet sized dragon that is waiting for body blushing.
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    15. Zhao from Dream Valley is hands down my favorite. I also like Scar from Dream Valley as well but he's too big for me to handle.
    16. I have more anthro/pet dolls than human dolls. My favorites are all my Aileen doll dragons, my Dearmine Lupy x 3 (which is an axolotl!) and my Dearmine Vivien.
    17. Most of my crew are shapeshifters, so of course I adore all sorts of anthros!:) As for the ones that are purely anthros, however, it’s a toss-up between my Luts Zuzu Delf Miyo from 2016 (cutest chubby faced cat sculpt ever!) and my Pipos Curo from 2008 (most adorable rabbit sculpt ever!)

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    18. I love your Miyo's chubby face! She's actually the first cat anthro I've liked. :)