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Your Favorite 1/6 Doll?

Sep 1, 2008

    1. Because the selection of clothes and shoes for 1/6 dolls is wide (probably more so than any other size), I've always made it a commitment to buy one so I can spoil her with clothes. :D

      Anyone else feel like this? And who do you like?

      I've currently got my eyes on Souldoll Little Jandi, and, for non-bjd, a Sekiguchi Unoa Light.
    2. I don't know about a favorite, but I've definitely gotta have a Souldoll Jandi, Soom Uyoo Elf and Unoa Light.
    3. I'm pretty in love with the large Moona by Tinybear at The Sleeping Elf, but I don't have her yet :( I do think that Elfdoll Tiny Doona dolls fit in the 1/6 catagory, they are 8" tall but little kids, so would fit well with an adult looking 1/6 doll. The fit Bratz clothes too. I also love Sage, by Kaye at Kazekids and Bobobie's girls! They're all so lovely! I'm sure there are others that I don't even know! Oh, I really want a Narsha, but I suspect she is going to look best along side a mini size doll instead... :)
    4. Oh, definitely YoSDs for me! I collect 1:6 scale Blythe dolls too, and have a few Blythe dresses that can double up as tops for Yos (halter necks, or loose t-shirts can work well) too - and really, they're insanely addictive and so much fun to pose!

      Only gripe I have is it's a bit hard to find YoSD boy stuff (but I know from some stickies that Ken's clothes do fit YoSD boys, so there's the option if needed!)
    5. Cy Girls are a big favorite of mine for their extreme poseability and independence. Next to that, I love the Dollfies and Dollfie Plus dolls for the same reason. One of these days I will obtain a Century Model Ephemera Pride; I've been lusting after one for a long time.

      Some of my Cy Girls are on Flickr -- under AliMcJ.
    6. Just a reminder from the mods: Please keep discussion to your favorite 1/6 BJDs. Volks dollfie, Obitsu 1/6, etc are considered off topic for the forum and cannot be discussed here. Thanks! :)
    7. soom uyoo Such kitty :)
    8. I love soom uyoo!
    9. Volks Yo-sd. These tinies are so adorable and super addictive. :XD:
    10. :)I like the AOD 1/6, Lati Greens and the bobobie 27/28cm.
    11. My current favorite is Roxydoll Pandora. She is just a little bit smaller than Uyoo and a little more delicate, but is wonderfully made and very high quality resin. The Limhwa ToYou is a fabulous 1/6 doll too and I sincerely wish I had one of them. Here's my Pandora.

    12. Lol, every time one of these tinies is mentioned, I remember how, at one time or another, I was completely in love with her (or him). It's odd, but I don't think there a 1/6 scale BJD I haven't been smitten with.

      linakauno, love your picture! The clothes look great and fit her so well! I definitely noted Pandora when she came out. Such lovely everything!

      I'm going to be in the LA area soon, and I'm definitely going to stop at the Volks store there. One of the things I'm really excited about seeing are the WTG clothes. :)
    13. Right now I really really want a Bobobie March. She is my current favorite 1/6, but there are more (Nansook, Pandora, Jandi, Binu -a little tall, but still nice, Pixiez Ivy, Sosle)
    14. I really love the soom Uyoo, she's just so cute and delicate!
      But I'm also falling for bobobie March [affordable lol] and she's just too adorable!
      I really love 1/6 dolls, and have yet to see one I dislike.
    15. I found my way here because I saw a Domadoll Kkotmu centaur and was instantly smitten. None of the others really tickled my fancy and I'm not really a collector (I usually have a few material fascinations a year :) ) so I doubt I'll amass a large collection, but a larger doll might follow because some of the clothing is remarkable.

      I've had fun window shopping for sufficiently detailed age-neutral garb for a tiny of a Kkhotmu's size. Anyone else a little annoyed by the preponderance of froofy babydoll dresses found on sites with a "tiny" section?