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Your favorite clothing to buy/make?

Nov 22, 2018

    1. Do you find yourself dressing your dolls in the same type of look? Is there something you enjoy making that you subconciously realize most of your bjd now have?

      Post a photo or you can comment.

      In my case it's JUMPSUITS! I love a good stretchy jumpsuit. They are cool but look better on dolls anyway....
    2. Big cozy sweaters are my thing. I'm still learning how to sew so I haven't made anything useable, but I've ordered or wish listed similar sweaters and cardigans for all of my dolls. I hadn't really thought about it till I saw this post, but I may need to readjust some plans so everyone isn't always twinning! :lol:
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    3. I love dresses! I’m still perfecting my sewing pattern, but they’re just so cute! And, if they’re simple, they don’t take too long to make :)
    4. I'm a fan of replicating historical clothing, too many eras to choose a favorite.
    5. dresses with big poofy frilly skirts. my skirts would only be perfect if i can spread them into a circle. xDDD

      of course i like to try out other fashions too, like tops & bikinis & sweaters (i am currently figuring out pants for iplehouse curvaceous bottoms) but fantasy EGL style dresses are my fave.
    6. Recently realized that I am in love with everything knitted, sweaters, dresses, vests, etc.
    7. I just ordered my doll (I mean... head) so I still have a lot to do before buying/making clothes (for example buying it's body :'D)

      BUT! I do have an idea in my head, what type of clothing I want for the doll. I'm in love with shorts, they're so... Not masculine, not feminine, ideal for doll-teenager. I'm also looking for a coat, I think every doll needs at least one good coat/jacket in their wardrobe.

      Besides that I'm typical Volks lover, I adore laces and light, soft, white dresses.
    8. Turtlenecks!!!

      Super tight ones, floppy loose ones... I feel like plain black turtlenecks have that classic beatnik appeal, so I don't have to dress them up fancy. Formfitting turtleneck + black leggings is all I need.
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    9. Oversized sweaters. I love making them. I love forcing my dolls to wear them. Everyone who follows me is probably sick of the sweaters by now xD They're just so cozy and cute and simple to make.
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    10. Top outerwear, the jackets, blazers, hoodies, coats and vests. Despite living in FL I love them but can't always wear them so I make my dolls wear them.
    11. Fantasy, frilly & tattered dresses from antique lace Just sort of stitching stuff together, trying it on & adjust to basically fit. Haven't made any for a long time but they're calling me again.
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    12. I am addicted to graphic t-shirts and I custom order them a few times a year. My dolls have band shirts, movie shirts, tv show shirts, attitude shirts, fandom shirts--anything a real person can buy! I just spent $70 on more...
    13. honestly i love sweaters so much..... i really want to get (or...make????) a fitted turtleneck for my main msd boy. sweaters are just so cute!! and my dolls dress like total normies lol so im happy to get a lot of them.

      lately i've been thinking about buying a really nice coat for one of them, but i worry so much about fit that it's sort of nervewracking to shell out the cash for one ^^' i don't have the skill to make it myself yet (and may never), and i want something with a lot of attention to detail, but i'd hate to get it in the mail only to find out it's too big or too small. so, sweaters, for now.....
    14. It's expensive for me, so I'm not buying it everyday, but I do love formal clothes like cocktail dresses or suits.
    15. Kimonos. I love making them all kimonos. I don't know why I do but nearly everyone of my dolls has one.
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    16. I really love sweaters, mori dresses, and darker colors like black or greys.
    17. A lot of my crew are in vaguely historical Asian outfits, and that's what I'm best at making...

      … But I also love big, floofy, lace-EVERYWHERE, frufru girly-girl dresses. I'm no good at making those, though, so I have to buy them all. They're sort of my guilty pleasure. :lol:
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    18. I uh... realized I'm pretty into pastel anything. Lol. I went from 2 pastel themed dolls to everyone has a pastel something whether they like it or not. Completely selfish on my part!
    19. My favorite doll clothing items to make are items which are super detailed, preferably somewhat inspired by historical fashion, and ridiculous--why else would I make it for a doll and not for me?

      The things I hate to make are socks (because they're lame) and <1/4th scale bras (because they're fiddly).

      My favorite thing to buy are miniature sweaters because I can't knit.
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    20. I am weak for suits and tail coats. Freedomteller has all my money and I sew the more historical themed coats I can't buy. I love making fishtail trousers.