Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. (Didn't see a thread like this, but feel free to delete this if I just missed one. :>)

      We all have our favorite things we like about dolls. Certain characteristics put a glimmer in our eyes and always catch our attention, what are your favorites? :3 For example blue eyes, wings, white eyelashes, long necks, short wigs and so on.

      Mine are horns, elegant hands, big animal ears, horror elements, realistic and detailed eyes, eyes with small sparkly diamond-looking things in them, nicely sculpted shoulder blades and knees, YOSD dolls with plump cheeks, smiling dolls and other expressive dolls. :3 I also love dolls that have an almost completely white style to them, as in they have white skin, a white wig, white eyelashes, white clothes and colorful eyes and pink body blushing. Love it.
      I especially have a thing for Japanese looking dolls with small horns, such as Ringdoll's Xi and Or-doll's Hayami. (anyone know if Or-doll is still around? I can't access their website anymore)

      Do share your own favorites!
    2. I definitely love larger eyes, and full lips, but my most important aspect is teeth! I simply cannot resist if they have those :sneaky
    3. Full lips, lips slightly parted to show teeth, sad looking boy sculpts, foxes, cats, and deer are all definitely my weak points.
    4. T E E T H. Like...a full mouth of visible teeth. Bonus points if they're kind of weird, like Dollzone Carter and MiracleDoll Vic. Vampires with actual full sets of teeth instead of just two little fangs stuck on their lips is a bonus too. (Lookin' at you Impldoll John. I don't normally care about vamps but I love his teeth.) I just ordered a Dollits Miso too; I just love lots of teeth! And expression, loooots of expression. SheCow's Mara? Love love love~! (I...could probably keep going, but I'll chill for now. :kitty1)
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    5. I love sweet faces, those cupid bow lips, chubby cheeks like on a toddler, and under eyes that are a tiny bit puffy (like Mia's Babylamb) Visible top teeth like a bunny is my absolute heartbreaker. I love young-looking dolls and don't see why people like super mature dolls, but to each their own!
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    6. Elf ears and tan or colored resin are my two biggest. I also like fantasy dolls in general. At least half my dolls have at least one of those characteristics. I generally prefer dolls in the more realistic or stylized realistic range.
    7. Cute ears (like elf ears), having both awake and sleeping heads, and versatile expressions! Especially if they have one expression from one angle, but a different framing gives them a different one. I find that my current grail, IslandDoll Veranoen, looks proud and haughty but also very sad, depending on the angle. My in-transit DollLove EnEn is a smirky little jerk but he can look amused or menacing (... for a YoSD). And it's more aesthetic and changeable, but horns and antlers, gorgeous tattoo work, and historical outfits...! I'm specifically planning a doll to have historical clothing, antlers, tattoos, elf ears and two faces! It'll be great. :D

      Also, this isn't something that would convince me to buy a doll - more something I fell in love with when I noticed it - but SpiritDoll's YoSDs have lil back dimples... :love
    8. SDs and off the wall or fantasy tinies are what I look at. I really like androgyny and my dolls being different colors and from different companies. I also like softer, slightly realistic faces and big noses. I am fond of faceups that are sickly or have bags under the eyes for whatever reason. And freckles, especially freckles all over the body. Realistic faceups with amazing texture always make me wishing for those skills, or at least those faceups.
    9. Give me a strong masculine face on a doll and I'll be head over heels! Dollshe, Granado, and Impldoll all have dolls that could keep a girl up at night, I swear. Strong cheekbones and noses are two things that really stand out to me! I love both fierce intense looking boys and gentle soulful looking boys, but they have to have dynamic features!
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    10. Elegant hands, first and foremost, followed by posing (if you'd call that a characteristic).
    11. There are many things that I admire when it comes to BJDs but these are what stand out to me the most~

      .Owl eyes.
      .Tiny eyes.
      .Full lips
      .Pointy noses.
      .Button noses.
      .White skin.
      .Tan skin.
      .Cute teeth.
      .Dark and whimsical styling.
      .Pastel cutesy styling.
      .Out of the box faceups.
    12. I love big innocent looking eyes, sweet expressions. I love anthros, mostly fox, but saw a giraffe once I wish I had gotten.
    13. Fully opened eyes, cute smirks, sculpted noses, slender bodies, eyes that have a glint of mystery in them, and large fantasy sculptor (especially centaurs). I also love male sculptor with glasses :D
    14. I wasn't expecting to grow so fond of elf ears, but three of my current dolls have them, as will at least one of my future dolls.
    15. Elf ears, more mature and realistic sculpts, a sneaky smirk, soft smile or furrow to the brow...I guess those are some of the things I'm drawn towards. I also prefer narrower, more realistic eyes over those anime-wide eyes, and I love a good, angular face instead of those chubby cherub ones. Decent lips, as long as they don't look too puckery or duck-like, and did I mention elf ears?:XD:

      Also...SDs. I like the solidity of the size, and the maturity in that range. The faces are also larger, which makes it a bit easier to lay down faceup details. I'm also a sucker for decent working jointed hands. Especially if they can hold nice poses for long periods.

      Option ears, and option male parts are always a plus. The list could go on and on :3nodding:
    16. Sharp eyes and sexy looking lips ;)
      I also prefer if the full set (clothes and face up) are good. If there is one of them that I don't like, sometimes I kinda hesitate to buy it XD
      One example is Kylin Ringdoll . I love the sculpt, face up, and the full set . sadly I missed the sales so I didn't get him for now :( hopefully I can buy it secondhand tho XD
    17. A few of my favorite things...
      • Wings and dolls that resemble birds (such as Soom Dorothy and Doll Chateau Carol)
      • Large eyes (such as Volks's anime-styled Dollfie Dreams)
      • Colorful and/or translucent resin on fantasy dolls (Doll Chateau's green resin is so pleasing! :))
      • Older-looking sculpts (such as Unidoll Ark and Les Enfants Terribles Ryan)
      • Robots and machine parts (such as Souldoll's Soulloids)
      • Skulls (such as Popodoll Ramiel and Angel of Dream's skull head)
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    18. My list of things I LOVE:

      -Collarbones, especially when they're very detailed and deep
      -Full, thick lips
      -Big noses, especially if they're rounded, have a bump or otherwise stray from the ski-slope/pointy nose
      -Natural, realistic faceups, especially if they have some "flaws", like imperfectly groomed eyebrows, a tiny barely visible scar, a little birthmark
      -Detailed hands, where I can see bones or maybe veins
      -Realistic eyes
      -Breasts that look natural. Doesn't matter if they're big or small, I just like the ones that look like they have some weight to them and curve like human breasts, rather than a ball with a bump on it.
      -Hip bones!
      -Proportional wigs where the fibers look like real hair and any parts are in scale (like curls, spikes, waves)

      I guess really to sum it all up, you could say I like natural, realistic looking dolls. They don't have to pass for a real human in photos, but I prefer natural faceups and wigs over anime or the "flawless doll" look. The doll itself doesn't need to look abnormally thin either, but I like seeing all the bones that are visible on real people (I'm not thin, but I can see the curve of the bones in my wrists, ankles, hands, feet, collarbones, etc). Not all of my dolls have all of these things, but I'm always drawn to dolls who do.
    19. Hmm, the biggest standout on things I like on dolls would have to be the lips! I love full lips and quirky tilts to them, as it seems. I have absolutely despised having thin lipped dolls in the past, there's less canvas to paint! As for what I mean by quirky tilts, Resinsoul Chun and bobobie apollo are probably who I'd cite for that. Just that teensy bit of upcurve makes me swoon! It's so goofy and charming :love

      Otherwise, I'd say it's fantasy skin tones and well incorporated non human features. As in not just having a pair of fantasy legs or ears on a doll, but everything has been worked together. I picked up my Cyna*mon because she wasn't a human doll with cat ears or full on anthro, but a fascinating in between. She has paw pads, just, gah!
    20. Fantasy dolls, unusual sculpts, coloured resin and probably my biggest weakness, grey or black resin. I've also apparently got a thing about making my dolls monochrome although I don't consciously start out doing that.

      I have quite a few fantasy dolls and several unusual sculpts. I also have... 6? 7? grey dolls and 2 black dolls (1 dyed, 1 black resin) as well as green, red, blue, turquoise, dark tan (chocolate would be a good word) and gold resin.