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Your favorite "masculine" sculpt?

Jul 17, 2017

    1. Years ago I bought, and regretfully had to sell, a Leeke World Lionel doll. I regret selling him to this day, but finances merited the decision. I have not been able to locate him on the secondary market at all, so he is now my grail doll.
      I loved his sculpt because he didn't look like a teenager to me. He looked grown up, with a more squared jaw than I usually see, and didn't look silly with a five o clock shadow. And the doll overall was just gorgeous!
      What is your favorite "masculine" doll sculpt?

      Leeke World still taunts me with what I had... :D
    2. I'm in love with the Switch Waseon (Rosy White) :love
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    3. Oh, he is nice looking! :love
    4. Iplehouse Dexter is "The Man" to me, that's how I call him (even my Mom calls him that way). But I also like how masculine are some other Iplehouse EID guys, and some Granado sculpts, and the LLT Ahaz. The Dollshe Classics are masculine sculpts too but there's a softness to them, I don't know why that's the vibe I get from them; kinda like "the masculine sensible guy". And some Souldoll sculpts are kinda manly too :P
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    5. IH EIDs in general :D I own Dexter - he's so hot :D I'm doing an Aragorn outfit for him LOL. Definitely a manly man :D

      Here's my boys ( sorry, manly men) chilling out on the front porch, LOL

      [​IMG]Rich & Harry drinking w Carmine (7) by Cheri Teleri, on Flickr
      #5 Teleri, Jul 17, 2017
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    6. Pygmalion Doll guys are my favorites. They're realistic and masculine, but not overly harsh, if that makes sense. I can't even choose a favorite sculpt~
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    7. What a handsome group! And now I'm craving a cool drink out on a porch somewhere... :)

      As if I need another doll for the wish list! But man, he is gorgeous! He has that square jaw I like. And he looks good with a "5 o'clock shadow."
      #7 FashionableFigures, Jul 17, 2017
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    8. I'm fond of my Granado V07... and pretty much all of the Iple guys, almost without exception. :lol:
    9. Oh, wow, I just checked out the GranadoV07! They look so realistic (and cool!).
      Thanks to everyone for sharing so far. This is great! :)
    10. It's hard to go wrong with Granado... They have a whole crop of pretty great sculpts. A new one (one of the Angels series-) was just previewed last week. If you've got questions about them, or just want to see what people have done with them, hop into the Granado discussion thread down in the large dolls forum.
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    11. I love Iplehouse guys, especially Justin, Kamau and Mars. I also thought Soom Lazule was gorgeous, sometimes I miss mine.
    12. #12 AntarelNefertili, Jul 18, 2017
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    13. basically all of Impldoll Idol, and all the non prettyboy Granados and IHes...and Soul Doll Cratos...who has the perfect philtrum!
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    14. I adore my Impldoll Nicolas. He looks a bit older, and although I put a pretty heavy fantasy vibe on him, you still clearly is a big, mature man:

      @FashionableFigures: That is sad you sold your Leekeworld Lionel. He was one of the two owner referenced I could find for this guy and which inspired me to get this sculpt as my first doll. I put him on a the very first Granado body, which I ended up not liking at all. The body was sold, but I just could not get myself to sell that head.
      Today, he is my Loki. I love him to bits, and he will stay forever.
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    15. [​IMG]
      Lir and Kevya are my favorite guys. Lir's a Soom SG Lupin, which seems to be almost non-existent these days- they had a very short sales run. Kevya (standing) is a very modded Iplehouse Barron, another one you don't see around often.
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    16. Agree :)

      For me: Soom Hyperon and Iplehouse Leonard
    17. I'm not usually into manly men dolls and didn't think I'd want a male doll at all until I saw the DC Medeas. But I have to say, he really is lovely. Kinda want one now...
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    18. My all-time favourite male sculpt has got to be GooHwa by Fifth Motif. He has such unique sharp features, and his eyes have such a charming, piercing gaze. He's not as popular as his predecessor the almighty Venitu, so there aren't many of them on the forum or throughout photo websites... I was fortunate enough to snag one from DollShe, but he remains blank for now. I have quite a lot of projects in mind for him though! Even blank, he is my favourite sculpt for his realism and his somewhat stern expression. Just a perfect boy to me! His body is gorgeous as well.

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    19. I collect 1/4 sized dolls so I have little knowledge of other sizes. Other than fashion doll lines, there are very few mature mini boys. Souldoll Titika is my favourite: he has a slim face, high cheekbones and small eyes. He looks way more mature than any other 1/4 boy I've ever seen.
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    20. He is very cool! Congrats on snagging him when you could.
      Even without a faceup he is striking.
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