Your Favourite Hands?

Mar 25, 2020

    1. My friend recently got his first BJD (a 70cm monster hunk of resin...he loves it) and we were both curious about maybe buying some more delicately-modeled hands.

      What are your favourite SD boy hands? Bonus points if they're for sale sans the doll ;) but if anything, let's just admire some hand sculpting, so feel free to just share your favourites!!
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    2. Yesss. I'm here for this topic. I love hands, and I especially love option hands! I have a stash of, frankly, way too many pairs.

      For SD boys: Volks SDGr H-11 are absolutely gorgeous. They're a slightly smaller, SD-sized version of the SD17 hands. They're soft and expressive and seem very natural. Volks rarely has sales for option parts, so I snagged a second pair last year in their last pre-order. They are available in the SDGr FCS, though, so they pop up in the wild.

      For SD girls: Volks again, for SDGr H-02, 03, and 04. I just got these in from the preorder in February, and they're stunning! 02 and 04 together make adorable pairs, and I like that you can mix and match them. 03 stands out as the most versatile pose. Compared to my lot of SQlabs/Sadol hands in similar poses, they're a bit more delicate and realistic, while the SQlabs hands are more streamlined/stylized.

      Ariadoll/Switch girl hands also get an honorable mention. They're one of my favorite features of the HD57 body! They seemed generally inspired by Gentaro Araki's hands from the Unoa line, so there are some similarities. I don't own them, but I think any of the Fairyland hands are gorgeous, too.
    3. I love jointed hands. They can be so expressive. I also love, bazzarly, the look of the intricate joints. Doll legend's largest size is very nice :)