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Your FIRST face-up

Oct 26, 2009

    1. Hey all, I'm ordering my LTF basic ante (blank) and it got me to thinking, how did YOUR first BJD faceup turn out? Horror story or did you surprise yourself with a natural born talent?
      Obviously it's all a learning experience, and we get better as we go, but how was that FIRST time you tried doing your own face-up?
    2. A little darker than I expected, brushes weren't thin enough to get the real lines I wanted, but generally overall it turned out fantastic! ^^ I wish you luck with yours.
    3. Horrifically bad. Comically horrifically bad. The 2nd one was even worse. I've gotten much, much better!
    4. same as above.... i thought "oh, i'm creative, i can paint.... piece of cake".... it was the worst... most horrific, laughable... ridiculous thing i ever saw..... but i kept at it, and now i do all my face ups with confidence....
    5. I thought mine sucked pretty bad xD On the bright side though, I had been a member or DoA while I was waiting for my first boy so I did manage to avoid making really damaging mistakes, and get a feel for what materials worked best for certain parts of the faceup. I definitely had a looooooong way to go before I actually was happy with my own faceups.
    6. Really heavy gothic. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great either. I have been able to refine my technique but I still often end uo with far heavier handed face-ups than I intent. I did buy a practice head to work up the nerve to do my boy. Ironically I tested out my fledling skills on a $1000 doll, who I STILL continue to face-up myself, and he still continues to look kinda crappy no matter how good my other dolls turn out.
    7. Oh boy. I just tried my first faceup a few months ago, and I started over six times before getting something I'm even vaguely happy with. The eyelashes are what I had the trouble with - I ended up using a toothpick to draw them on, and they're still not as fine as the tiny lashes I see on other people's dolls.

      I'll probably try again in spring. Practice makes perfect, and all that...

      Good luck with your faceup!
    8. The first faceup I tried went horribly wrong actually....I made a little mistake and tried to wipe the face to restart it. When I did, the face turned to total goo and I couldn't do anything to fix it. So I ended up buying a new head, started over and the new faceup turned out pretty darn well....if I mess up its a learning experience for me lol
    9. My first face ip wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. My main issuewas doing the brows and eyelashes, but was confident with he rest. I just can't seem too get the finer hairs looking right x.X but with a slight softening they look presenta le at least.
      Years later, when trying again I did much better but still need to work on the brows and lashes.
    10. I actually didn't do too bad with my first try at a faceup. No great, but decent. It was, of course, a fluke - every doll I've painted since then has looked awful.

      I pay other people to paint my dolls for a reason. I figure if I can spend $500-$1000 or more a pop on these dolls, I can shell out the $25-$100 needed to get good faceups on them.
    11. Oh dear, haha. Now you all have me worried! Wish I had a faceplate to practice on >.<
    12. I looked at some really amazing professional face-ups before, and so I thought, "I have some experience in painting. This should be way easy."
      Boy, was I wrong .____.

      It took a very long time, longer than I expected it would, and I kinda broke down crying a few times. xD
      And then I got a new respect for face-up artists. The experience did help me though, and it really wasn't bad, but I'm a perfectionist with extremely high standards (even though it was my first time!), so I hated it xD
    13. Mine was pretty dire too. I had cheap brushes and the bristles kept falling out. (Though, I still havent re-done some of the older ones xD) Like to think I have gotten better-I hope so as I want to do a certain game character and her makeup is quite heavy but neat xD
    14. Wow -- I've been chicken to try one and after reading these posts I'm even more reluctant. My artistic talents do not extend to the paint brush; I think I'll let the experts do it! Keep us posted.....
    15. I kind of rushed the first one, messed up (over-blushed) and then got really silly and drew designs all over his face. It was wiped soon after :lol:

      Now lou's back in action, and the second one turned out waaaay better (a few mistakes, but not terrible).
    16. it really depended on the type of face up. I can do natural looking ones just fine but then i tired my hand at gothic..... I cried... my poor girl was not meant to be goth.
    17. My first attempt wasn't great, but it wasn't atrocious either. Learned a lot, did better the next time. And the next, and the next, and the next... ^^; I kind of look at faceups as a never-ending learning experience. Each one will be different, and each time I'll get better or figure something out that I didn't know before. :)
    18. My first attempt wasn't awful, but it definitely wasn't that great. The eyebrows were too high and way too pale. The lips were also very magenta-hued and a bit rough around the edges. :sweat

      But for those who say this thread is making them afraid to try... don't be afraid! The beautiful part about painting your own faceups if you are inclined to do so is that they can always be wiped off and repainted. :) Everyone starts somewhere, and I'm still learning... but doing faceups is one of my favorite parts of the hobby.
    19. My first wasn't bad... but it was uneven and blotchy and just not good overall.

      But I kept at it and improved, and my current ones look overall pretty good. I can still improve, but they're much better than that first one. :)
    20. It was decent, but there was an issue of the blushing not going on evenly. It's still not perfectly even (I think the brush is the problem) but it's not noticeable enough for me to care. It was the third try before I got one that didn't make my brows furrow.