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Your first Tiny Doll! Tell me Why! :3

Jul 8, 2010

    1. Sup! I don't think I saw a thread like this soo yea! So since I will be getting my first doll, a tinie, soon:D I wanna know what was your first and why. :) What made you choose her/him and do you own alot now or less? Also what did you dress him/her in? Pics would be awesome too! :aheartbea
    2. I didn't think I would get one, but then I was browsing the sales threads and I totally fell in love with a Bambicrony Lullaby Elf Lotti. Happily, I was able to buy her on layaway, and now she lives with me. The funny thing is that even though I like other Lottis, this particular one was the only one that grabbed me. Here she is:
      Now I have a Soom Syen head and DIM body coming to make a hybrid, so that'll be my second tiny. I still mostly want SDs, but tinies are pretty endearing.
    3. My first was Fee, an AR Genie Lilica. I chose her because after doing much research, she was the one that made the most sense for me--in size, poseability, and price. Best of all, she could wear Kelly doll clothing.


      I wasn't expecting what came next...
      I now know that once a tiny finds a home where they are happy, they invite all their tiny friends to come and live with them.

      Fee had a lot of friends.
      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Con photos/295331_3179.jpg

      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Con photos/1188bjdc56.jpg

      Seriously. Tons.

      Then they all had friends that they invited.
      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Con photos/Picture335.jpg
      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Con photos/Picture337.jpg
      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Con photos/Picture339.jpg

      That's pretty much how it goes with Tinys. You start with one, then it's all downhill from there.

      However, Fee has remained my absolute favorite out of all the dolls I own. Not even a contest.

      http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b221/clochette62/Troop Tiny/Hi-yaaaa.jpg
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    4. My first tiny, and first doll was a Puki Sugar. :) She was small, adorable and a manageable size for my first one. In retrospect it seems 'right' that I went with a tiny first, I've always loved dollhouses and little tiny things ^_^ She's also a compact travel size ;)

    5. my first tiny ,Elf doll Sylph ..the first tiny .,..that really you could buy easily !
      [​IMG] she has got a new face now and wig ..the default just wore off

      ,my first tiny love was Pocket Fairy Yoko ...but you couldnt get them for love or money . They did 1 international order ..then stopped ...I was so lucky to get my girl from the first release


      they came roughly about the same time ...and it was LOVE ..I sold all my large dolls and was smitten ever since
      I still prefere tinys
    6. Clochette, WOW, that´s some serious tiny collection. :D

      It happened for me, too... I saw Lati Yellows, Pocket fairies and PukiPukis in photos and liked them enough to get interested to watch doll photos in forum, but didn´t even consider really buying them because of the price. Then Fairyland published the first Littlefees, I saw Ante and boom! Love at first sight. I resisted the urge to get her home for some months but ordered one - being so sure she would be ONE and ONLY as these dolls are so extremely expensive.

      Here is Menni, she is still my favourite. <3 One of the first pics of her.

      And yep, she didn´t stay alone for long time. So here are almost all my dolls & parts at the moment (and more are coming on the way!)

      Be warned, Lawlietuser... tiny dolls seem to want to hang around lots of friends! ;)
    7. My first tiny was my first doll, well not complete, she arrived as just a head. I found her in the marketplace when I was still a newb and totally fell in love, I'm still not sure why becous usually I don't like the animé look so much but I think it's the 'poor puppy in a shelter' look she has in her eyes. She is still my only tiny of this size, I got 2 other tiny's but they aren't her friends as they are bigger and belong to a different story.

      In august Mimir will be with me three years :D
    8. At first i really thought I'd get an SD, but then I was handed a (Soom) tiny at a meet and it just felt the right size for me. It took a lot of searching, but finally I settled on Soom Sweet, my Hippu :) He had the most adorable little smile and just screamed 'You Want ME!'.


      Well... I wanted another one to be his friend so in came Nuu, a Soom Ai:


      And I've got at least one more planned... I got hooked that's for sure!
    9. My very first tiny ever is my Naripon Lucky Clover. I was browsing Ebay and found her. I knew nothing about BJD's but decided to give it a try and like other posters have said I've been hooked ever since. My Nari is still one of my favorites :)
    10. About six months had passed since I recieved my first doll, who is on the taller side of SD. (Soom Beryl)

      Well, Fairyland releases these things called LittleFees... And Ante snagged me and hard.

      Few months later...

      Lirael Arai. She came as a WS Ante, but has since been upgraded to an Elf Ante faceplate (same body).



      And she came with an extra Pukisha faceplate... Who then turned into this guy (Fairyland LTF Pukisha):


      And then.. This little hoofstomping jerkface showed up (Soom Glot):


      And she's demanded that I find her boyfriend, so he's in the works... he'll be here in a few months. *sigh* Little resin wallet-drainers.

      But I don't mind. I think it'll all work out. I'll have 4 tinies, 4 SDs by the time this is all over and I get bodies done. Far cry from just one. :P
    11. A Pocket Fairy Minimay was my very first tiny. I always admired them and was determined to get one. I got her in the DOA MP in 2005. I like to dress her in a variety of things and she has a ton of shoes courtesy of my local doll shop that had a good selection of things I could use for her.

      In the larger size, my first was a Volks Yo-SD Kuuta. He came soon after. I love to dress him usually in little sailor suits and old fashioned overalls and the like but right now he's a modern little boy.


      I now have like 59 tinies, mostly PukiPuki! When Puki came into the scene, I avoided them for like 6 months and then caved. I almost have 1 of every type of face mold. I am just missing the new Ante. I raided my sister's Kelly clothes collection for my Puki and she is never going to get that stuff back! I am making miniature doll houses for them. It's going to take awhile though!


      I do love variety in my tinies. I have Volks Yo-SD, Pipos, Orientdoll So, BambiCrony Ciao Bella, Souldoll Sweet, DIM tinies, Felixdoll Brownie & Small Comfort, Littlefee, RealPuki. All my dolls have an extensive clothes and shoes collection and though each doll has their own wig and eyes. Many of my dolls are good with sharing their clothes and shoes.
    12. My first tiny was a Tinybear BonBon - someone was selling one, I fell in love with the pic and bought her. I only have one other tiny at home at the moment - a Tinybear Moona, but I'm waiting for a Coco. And my wish list is now almost all tinies (there's a couple of MSDs on there, too, but I'm not sure about them now!)
    13. My first tiny was my Pocket Fairy Roa, from MinoruWorld back in 1995, and since then she's been joined by 60+ other tinies-2 more Pocket Fairies, 5 Lati Green, 3 Lati yellow Sp, 2 Luts Cutie Delfs, 3 Leekeworld girls, Domuya Potpourri, 2 Dollzone BBs, Orientdoll So, 3 Customhouse Petite Ai, 3 Customhouse Ange Ai, 2 Bisou Ai, 1 Brownie Momo, 12 Pukis, 17 Little Fees, 2 Bambi Ciao Bellas, and 23 Volks Yo SD and Yo tenshis.
      You can see them all here:
    14. I do not have any yet. I find the ordering process daunting for BJD's and actually it keeps me from spending hundreds of dollars.
      I prefer full set dolls which isn't easy in the BJD world. Tinys and 10" and under are my preference -- i love seeing everyones beauties!!
    15. My first tiny is going to be a HDF Muffin. I NEVER thought I'd get a tiny. Ever. But I have been looking at pictures of her for a long while and finally figured, hey why not, they seem cute.

      Now... I think I'll end up like clochette with an entire army in the end xDD Is see so many gorgeous tinies, and I just want them all. :aheartbea
    16. My first tiny, and only bjd, is a Lati white Bayer that I bought second hand off of the Plastic Paradise Blythe doll forum. Now that I have joined DoA and looked at a lot of dolls I find that I prefer Fairyland faces over Lati and have Tyni & Soso on layaway with DDE. After I have them paid for I would like to get a Pukifee Ante that can raid the Blythe wardrobe for clothes.
    17. Once you get marketplace access..... you're doomed. XD Or, at least your wallet is.

      Let's see.
      My first tiny was a 14cm BBB Lucky off of the MP. She was $50, lol, so that's why I got her. XD It was a complete and total impulse buy, since I never planned to own a tiny, and they didn't interest me in the least. However, I haven't regretted it; Abi is the perfect size to carry around (which is something else I swore I'd never do) and an interesting challenge to photograph. I bought a second BBB tiny to mod, and now, I actually want a doll smaller than her as well, maybe a puki or a lati white. XD
      Dunno when that's going to happen, though, since I have several other dolls on my wishlist and a body for my SD head to buy.
      But we'll see. ^^
    18. [​IMG]
      My first tiny goes back quite a few years, one of my oldest BJD,
      and a unique find now on DOA. Please meet Munkie.
      Munkie is a Pippitan2 from pippilongc, a doll loved by few, disliked by more.
      She's one of my all-time favorite dolls. I just adore her face, those knobby
      joints, her huge feet, and her general toothy-smiled disposition.
    19. My first tiny was my first BJD, a Pocket fairy Kitty (Bluefairy). I still love her so much, but since then I have been attracted to many dolls, and now I have dolls from almost all sizes. I was in love with a limited Tiny fairy May by the time but the price was too high and I was afraid of customs here in Brazil. My Emily (kitty) arrived without problems and I remember her details and cuteness stole my heart.