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Your first Tiny? Were you shocked?

Jul 29, 2008

    1. What was your reaction when you got your first tiny? :) Were you shocked and amazed by it? Or was it just another doll?
    2. My first tiny was a bobobie erin and to be honest she wasn't quite "right" for me...
      But then I got my Secret (YoSD Kanon) and fell SO hard in love. I couldn't stop playing with her alllll day! She's the perfect size to play with and interact with all my other dolls and feels lovely and solid in my hands.
    3. My first tiny was my Yo Tenshi Yuh. Truthfully, I was a bit surprised that she was taller than I imagined. Sure she's only 10 inches tall, but I was expecting the size difference between her and my 60cm boys to be a bit more. She was completely perfect though, and omg they pose awesomely when they're smaller!
    4. Yes, kind of, though with my second tiny. My first tiny was a Petite Ai, and while he´s quite clearly a lot smaller than the big ones, I just went "aw, cute" when I first saw him. Entirely different case with the Elfdoll Catsy I got some time after that. The sheer size (or lack thereof) of her box already made me suspect she was smaller than I imagined, and ye gods, she was. Sometimes you just don´t know how small a 15 cm doll is until you see it in the resin :).
    5. No I wasn't shocked at all ..my honest first thought ...this is perfection

      I was more shocked how big and heavy the SDs were
      I have always collected tiny or small anything ..bears , miniatures ..Pippa dolls ..things
      first time I held my first sd ...a custom house Chowan
      I was like OMG ..THIS IS HUGE !!
      I was more comfortable with my Unoa and MSD
      a few months after I had my Megu I think it was ...I had my first tiny

      My first tiny was Sylph - by Elf doll ...and I fell hard for tinys
      she was closely followed ..the same month ..by a pocketfairy Yoko ..one of the first ones too ...and she is still with me

      I had 3 SDs a MSD and a white Demon Unoa ...I sold them all to get my tinys

      thats when my obsession with tinys started ...
      I have acquired some larger dolls now ...and I rebought an old Megu , my family loved her
      ..and an Unoa 1 ..
      so I suppose the reverse was for me
    6. My first tiny was my Cherishdoll Alley and was, in fact, my first doll. and I really thought she was a lovely size and I've pretty much been addicted since. =3
    7. my first doll was a tiny, and at first it was omg so small i can take it everywhere. and then it was like crap this sucks to sew for. and my was an elfdoll tiny. but i'm fine with all size dolls now.
    8. My first tiny was my Lati Yellow Coco...when I held her for the first time I was overwhelmed by how little and precious she was. They feel more fragile! I'm definitely interested in having smaller dolls. SD's are a bit too much for me. I like MSD's and smaller!
    9. My first tiny was an Elfdoll Sylph too. When I opened the box, I thought omg, I can't believe I spent so much for this teeny tiny plastic doll. I sat her on my night table for a few days while I decided whether or not to keep her. Not long after that, though, I made her a Tinkerbell costume with little green pointy-toed shoes and pompoms on the toes, and before I was finished with it, I fell in love with her. Before the year ended, she had sisters and friends. Now I have a whole village of tiny creatures and I'm wild about all of them. They live harmoniously, but invisibly, in my house with my big dolls.
    10. My first was Lati Yellow xmas Miel (in my avatar). I wasn't shocked, maybe in awe? He was a little bigger than I thought, and I liked how sturdy he seemed. After collecting Blythe's & Pullips for so long, it was nice to have a doll that could stand on its own!! :)
    11. The first tiny I saw in person sent me into spasms of cuteness overload. I was so shocked by how small she was. She was a bambicrony misty rose roko elf. Oh my god, I didn't let her go that enite meet. And one month later my own tiny came in- my yoSD Chinatsu (2nd edition)...and thought I was prepared for the size, I couldn't get over how cute she was. She's so wonderful to hold and carry. I sit and play with her hands while I'm at my computer. she started my yo-addiction (I have plans for at LEAST 5 more in her size...though knowing me it will be much more than that). she's perfection in everyway. Now I'm waiting for the arrival of my first puki- I'll let you know how that is. I don't think I've quite prepared myself for the size.
    12. I had MSD Sharmin first and was delighted with her delicate hands, but just couldn't get on with her size and then Cutie Delf Mary came my way. I absolutely adore her. Couldn't get over how heavy she was. So solid and sturdy.

      I made her so many clothes as the Ann Estelle patterns were readily available. I couldn't believe how poseable she was compared to Sharmin, but I wanted smaller still and got a Pocket Fairy Roel. Again smitten instantly. Then I had to get Serendipity Cumi because of her posing and very soon after that Lati White, my tiniest and Genie Lilica arrived.

      My Lati White is actually not my fave because she simply can't sit or stand without help, even thought the smaller the better for me, but I found that Lilica was really incredible to pose and stand and she was my fave for ages. Don't tell the others.

      I played with these four and even gave them a corporate name and house, the Pink Palace Pals. I can't separate them now. It would be so sad, even though they don't get played with as much.

      I also went mad and made loads and loads of clothes for them. I sold so much, too. Really got totally hooked on these sizes. They were so perfect.

      I then went up again and got my dream doll, HDL Teenie. It was wonderful having a larger doll again, but she didn't fit in with the tinies.

      I was utterly in awe of the workmanship of the really tiny ones until I had a Puki as a gift and went absolutley ga ga.

      And just as I was getting adjusted to a Puki along came the opportunity to get a Brownie Momo and again, ga ga over her. Now these two and all their special features far out play the others. It's sad that I don't play with the PPP gang but there just aren't enough hours in the day.

      Ooops! I don't think I actually answered the question. Oh well... I'd love the Tin Man by DollTi. Now he's really pulling on my heart strings. He's less than 10cm and so intiricately carved. I really love quirky things and he meets all my desires for different.
    13. I was definitely shocked when my puki's came. Even though I had seen many pictures and thought I had a feeling for how small they were, it still shocked me at how truly tiny they were.
    14. Similar to SwitchfootKatie -- although I don't own a Puki, I saw one at a recent meet and was all: @w@ They is so teeny! TITCHY! I couldn't believe it! So cute! :D
    15. Yes, I was shocked. I thought I was prepared. I really did. I had Dawn dolls, and was really trying to guess at my future Elfdoll's physique. Dawn is still quite a bit bigger. I couldn't imagine it, I thought this doll coming couldn't be smaller, maybe shorter, but not smaller!

      Then came my Brownies and my Puki hybrid, wow, they're so tiny! And Banji, I thought he'd be bigger than Dawn, but not in the least! So, yah, I thought I'd know, even with my Moona and Brackens. When they showed up, they were just as delicate, just as petite, just as beautiful as the others. Even so the body compare pictures make them look definately bigger than the Elfdoll, in reality the difference is so minimal, you don't notice it at all. And they're still smaller than Dawn!
    16. My first dolls were 60cm, and then I got a Bambicrony LSG Pepe. I opened her up and immediately thought OMG SHE'S SO SMALL *squee* She was smaller than I expected, or maybe just smaller than I was used to seeing. I loved it though. I'm used to her small stature now, and it just totally fits her character.

      Of course, I want a Dollzone Sheep now, so that will be a whole new level of shock if I get one :XD:
    17. My first one was a Pukipuki, and even though I had collected and dressed 1/12th scale dolls before, I could not get over how small she was and how amazingly she could pose, I am still in awe of that little creature. My second one a Bambicrony Roko is just the right size she is just too cute for words.
    18. I was extremely shocked when I picked up my puki for the first time. It was also my first resin doll. I thought it was going to be heavier, and feel more like porcelain. I was really taken aback, and thought that the resin was too much like plastic and was too light/cheap feeling. And despite knowing the measurements, it was tinier than I had imagined. I thought, "I've paid that much for this tiny bit of fluff?!"

      However, within just a couple of minutes, I was back to being as completely besotted as I was when I first saw pictures. :D The poseability and detail of pukis asounds me. I was also glad that it was tinier than I thought, since I have a huge fascination with small things. Tinier the better!

      It also really helped when he got clothes/shoes/wig on. Then he started feeling like the "right" weight to me. Didn't hurt that he looks good in anything I throw his way! (Even skirts, haha.)

      On the other hand, I really don't know how I'll feel about the MiniFee I plan on getting. Now I know what the resin is like, but I don't know if I'll like the size. 40cm seems huge!
    19. I was definitely shocked when I saw my orientdoll for the first time- I had gotten some knee high boots for my msd at the same time and they were as tall as Kimi! Even her box seemed ridiculously tiny.

      I actually had some trouble bonding with her at first- I do like heavy (and big!) dolls. I didn't really know what to do with her for awhile. Then the lovely pooklaroux gave me a Ginny tutu that didn't fit her baha, and as Kimi sat there pouting at me in a giant puff of tulle, I fell in love. She's now the only one of my dolls that is out ALL of the time. Perfect portable size. I am amazed by her tiny hands and feet- they're detailed and cute! I wish I was more amazed by her joints, but that issue will be solved with the incoming puki!
    20. My first dolls were Pukis. I actually thought they would be a little bigger. Y'see, I saw so many pics of people holding them in their hands with most of their fingers still showing above the doll's head. I looked at my hand and went O___O TINY! I, um, forgot to account for the unusually small size of my hands. They take up almost my entire hand.

      To be honest, I was astonished when my first MSD came. I was like, WOAH, HUGE! Although I will say that the detail in the pukis itty bitty faceup really wowed me.