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Your forgot your doll at a holliday, what would you do???

May 4, 2012

    1. Hello there ;)

      If you forgot your doll at a holliday, what would you do???

      I did not forget my doll, but I had to leave one of my dolls in Egypt :...(
      She lives now in a apartment by the Nile alllll alone in Cairo :(
      I hope some day I will get her back :aheartbea
    2. Well, to be practical about it, if it were at a hotel or such accommodations one could try calling the hotel manager and asking if it could be shipped back to you at your expense. Obviously it would be easier if one were staying with friends, and harder if one were staying at a more informal place like a hostel. (Can't say I'd recommend taking something as valuable as a BJD to a hostel, though...)

      If the hotel can't find it or doesn't have the ability to ship it back, though, you're probably out of luck.

      If you are going somewhere like a convention, I'd recommend not taking more dolls than you can keep track of. Keep all your stuff in a 'designated spot' in the hotel room, use a bag you'll notice if you're missing, and check the room twice over before leaving. I've lost plenty of toothbrushes at conventions because I didn't check the bathroom before leaving.

      If it's a matter of not being able to fit it back into a suitcase, a lot of touristy places have the ability to ship items.
    3. I.....cannot imagine forgetting my doll. That would be the FIRST thing I'd check and be sure I had...and the last thing as well, double checking. I wouldn't stick him in a suitcase anyway, I'd carry him. but if it were a case of too much stuff to get on a plane or something...well...then I guess my clothes and makeup and shoes and toiletries would just have to go. -shrug-

      I did leave 5 in Kansas when I went to visit my bff, but that was planned, as I brought 5 of hers home with me.

      but IF I did manage to leave one behind, I'd just go back and get it, if I had the option. Or see if the hotel or whatever could ship him. But really, I think if it was a case of "I forgot him", I probably wouldn't even care enough about him to try to get him back. I'm pretty OCD about my dolls. haha
    4. I'm not about to forget something that cost any amount over $100. Replacing expensive things is hard to do. So, no idea.
    5. Oh wow, Tinna! Can I ask why your poor doll is stuck alongside the Nile of all places? :O That sounds like quite a story, somehow!
    6. I would probably cry if I leave any of my darlings in another country/island. D8

      Though I'd be more likely to leave a shirt or a pair of slippers than a BJD. XD

      ... and now I'm being all paranoid. I'll most likely be traveling with smaller dolls and I'm getting scared.
    7. Hmmm... well case by case will be different but if it's somewhere I frequent (like a family member's home), I'll go back for it once I make plans to go again. Hotels, I'll definitely call.
      But if it's a place that I definitely can't get it back, and I'm too far to go back, I'd cry a little... :[ while the physical object is always replaceable, the memories are not. Especially since I assign characters to dolls and I can't seem to reshell things cause it seems weird.
    8. I can't imagine ever leaving one of mine behind anywhere accidentally. The thought is just terrifying! I did leave 2 OT dolls at a doll meet once though. I was so busy packing and caring for my resin loves that I forgot to check the non-resin doll table and grab my two babies. I felt soooo bad!! Thankfully my friend saw them and took them home with her and shipped them back to me! :)

      My lesson learned there was to never bring more dolls than I can care for to a meet!
    9. I would panic, freak out and then begin to cry. After that, I would pick up the phone and start dialing like a mad woman to the place where I left her.
    10. I would panic and then cry and beg my mom or anyone else including the company or place I left him, to find him.
    11. I'd probably cry and freak out thinking I'd never get my girls back...I'd be horrified at the thought of someone mishandling them, and I probably wouldn't be able to sleep until they were safely at home ._. I'd be making phone calls and bothering people a lot to get them back >w<

      Though, I really wouldn't leave any of my girls somewhere, they are so valuable to me...And if I did bring them anywhere, I'd be carrying them, and I don't think I'd be able to not know I wasn't holding a doll...x3
    12. I am really OCD about certain things and not leaving things behind so It would have to be an extreme circumstance for me to leave a doll behind. That being said I'd probably freak out hardcore If I had to leave a doll behind. It wouldn't be a pretty sight either since I'm prone to panic attacks O_O
    13. Would never happen....