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Your Most Expensive Doll Dress Set

Sep 15, 2017

    1. What are your most expensive dress set(s)?
    2. Not exactly a dress, but I spent around $200 on a formal suit from Freedom Teller for Dhani's wedding. I also spent about the same amount on a custom 18th Dynasty Pharaoh outfit for a doll I used to own. Normally, I spent quite a bit less and buy a lot of different tops and bottoms to mix and match.
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    3. I really like Heisejinyao, which run with a $120-140 price at Mint on Card. I have three outfits from them so far, and I want to get more soon. Normally, I try to stop at the $100 mark for fancy doll clothes, but HZ gets extras for being amazing.
    4. I don't really buy clothes, but when I do, I tend to go big. I have an Island Doll set that was 160$ for clothes and boots (Veranoen - still en route, though) and I'm currently saving for a Dika Doll set that's about 170$ (the Heyu set.)
    5. For me it was the Luts Lizard Queen set at $170 with shipping.
      I think I may have spent more on the Sweet Violet set, but I sold that one. I kinda regret selling it and would buy it back if I could as it would be perfect for my Delf IF that I recently acquired.
    6. A Soom fullset, cost me about $220, but no regrets. It's perfect for the character I'm building. Dolls have nicer clothing than I do!
    7. Since we're on the topic of expensive dress sets, would you guys prefer to get dress sets from popular, well known makers like Luts, Iplehouse vs buying from small-time doll dressmakers from somewhere around the world? assuming similar pricing, but quality is unknown for the dressmaker.
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    8. Currently my Angell Studio pink rabbit dress set was the most expensive. After currency conversion and shipping, it was well over $130. The quality is gorgeous and it's even more beautiful than I expected, so I'm not mad haha :XD:

      It was this one!! A-S Navy Rabbit (CL3160416)

      Tbh it all depends on the style of the outfit for me! Of course I feel more comfortable knowing its from a quality company, so I'll usually try to read reviews if I have never ordered from the artist. Usually I'll just order it because I'm so careful with my dolly clothes anyways so I don't have to worry about them being too durable :thumbup
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    9. I think most prefer to get dress sets from popular companies rather than small-time dressmakers because it is safer and easier to order without worrying if it's a scam or not.
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    10. i actually just placed my order from sadol for a 110$ outfit (130$ including shipping!!) i thought it over a lot and had the funds to buy it, but i finally took the plunge when i realized i couldnt stop thinking about it LOL;; ive heard great things about sadols quality so im very excited for it to arrive!
    11. The most I've spent was $240 for a volks charlotte best of best outfit. Other than that I don't generally spend more than $60 on a full outfit.
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    12. I just paid about 100€ on a dress for my first doll and it's soooo pretty but I never thought I would pay that much for a dress haha
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    13. My most expensive dress set was from Cheerydoll for about $370.00. My wallet certainly wept at that time, and while I was tempted by a lot of their other dresses afterwards, I couldn't get myself to spend another $400.00 just for a set of clothes.
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    14. My most expensive was a Soom msd sand elves set at $120.00 secondhand. It was just so perfect for one of my dolls I went waaay over budget for it. It came with shoes which I love the most. I usually spend $100 at AC, and this is for multiple dolls (to get the free dhl shipping or qualify for an event). Spending the total budget on just one outfit is rare.
    15. Wow--that is a quite a bit. So far for me it's a ballet costume from Amadiz Studio--dress is 249.00 and pointe shoes for 49.00. I also ordered her the wig to go with for 159.00 which I consider a part of the costume. Can't wait till it all arrives!
    16. I have two gorgeous Ayu&Ana dresses that cost a little over $100 each... They are just so wonderful and I'd never be able to make anything like them myself.

      Personally I prefer to buy from small-time dressmakers, for several reasons:
      • They tend to develop their own, individual looks and styles - things that larger companies simply don't offer.
      • I have several dolls from small companies who don't offer their own clothes! So I search for dressmakers who make things that will fit my dolls...
      • Also, I love how dolls inspire people, and I enjoy supporting people's creativity.
      Surely, quality isn't unknown if you buy from individual dressmakers? If they are expensive, you can often tell by looking at their photos just *why* their clothes are expensive. When I bought my dresses from Ayu & Ana, they weren't as experienced as they are now, and they described in great detail what I was going to get (including an underskirt with a hoop that didn't have as much finish as it could have had - they were really worried that I might not find that acceptable. I didn't mind at all, but I appreciate that they mentioned it). They were very correct - and far more modest about their skills than they needed to be!
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    17. Yeah, Cheerydoll makes a lot of elaborate, detailed, multi-layered outfits so they really price accordingly per the materials and labour, especially the really big gowns.
      I like Amadiz, especially the elaborate custom outfits they've made. Glad you're getting an outfit from them :)
    18. My most expensive outfits are by PhantomCreations or Phantomdolls...I don't remember the prices but they are beautiful and ooak.
    19. My most expensive dress was from Cristy Stone that I was bidding on from ebay many, many years ago - as I remember it got pretty close to the $400 mark (and worth every penny when I got it!). Second most expensive dress came from Souldoll and it ran about $249 (again worth every penny and I'm soooo glad that I own it).
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    20. Phantom dolls are very nice, sort of a tattered elegance vibe with vintage fabrics and lace.