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Your opinion on multiple layaways

Sep 28, 2019

    1. In the beginning of the hobby I was like:
      Okay, no more than one layaway at a time.

      Years later.....:
      Well I had three at once (just finished paying off two of them today!!)

      What is your opinion on having multiple layaways at once?
    2. I think as long as you can take care of all the other things you need to, why not have multiple layaways? If you're financially able to do it, go for it, especially if one is for a limited doll. I've got three going on right now, but only because one ended at the beginning of the month. It helps that one of them is through bjdivas and is 12 months long. Lol.
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    3. They are not for me. The thought of not having enough cash to honor a due date makes me nervous. I'd rather salt away cash over months than risk coming up short.
    4. I personally prefer paying in full, because then I know things are safe and mine. I don't like to owe people money, and I don't like this feeling of "it could happen something that ends up with me being unable to pay the next installment".
      Also means I don't have to calculate with it anymore, it's paid so another thing off the list.
      So I rather avoid layaways when I can or keep one I have as short as possible.

      Looking at it from the outside, I personally can't help but think it's a bad idea to have multiple layaways (too risky) and it's also...I don't know, rude towards the seller(s)?
      It feels a little different when it's with a big company (especially outside of dolls), but with a private person it's something that is offered by them out of niceness/necessity to attract more buyers, and it means a lot of personal risk for the seller. If I know that someone can't/don't want to pay me in full because they got a gazillion other layaways going I'd feel a little annoyed and maybe even worried they can't keep up with their payments.
      I get that it's a good way to be flexible and "reserve" as much as possible, when one can't buy all the stuff that's available at once and they are limiteds etc., but I feel it can be quite the slippery slope.
      #4 Ara, Sep 28, 2019
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    5. This was the same situation with me. I was finishing up one layaway from Bjddivas and then the recent Zuzu Delf limited came up and am on another right now.
    6. I could never do multiple layaways, then again...when I do end up with layaway I always pay that one off much quicker than agreed upon and refuse to buy anything else until I have paid it off. Yes, there are times that I will miss dolls I would really like, but this is a hobby and therefore it is not a necessity. I do not like the thought of multiple people/companies being owed money and having to pay them all off at the same time. If something were to happen that I would be unable to pay the feedback would be horrendous. I never budget more than I can afford to pay off in a month or two.
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    7. I've never done layaways because I know I wouldn't be able to take the pressure of knowing I owe something, and need to keep paying for it not knowing if I'll be able to do so later. Life is not always consistent, and while you might have a steady job one moment, you never know what will happened the next day. Accidents can happen at any time, and I just rather know that the toys I buy, I have already "paid for" even if they are not yet with me (like these dolls for example), or I haven't actually paid for them yet but I have the full cost already put away for when they are released (like OT figure/dolls that are on pre-orders for extended periods of time, but you don't necessary pay for them before they are released). I couldn't imagine having one layaway, let alone multiple. I already suffer from insomnia in a daily basis. I think I wouldn't be able to sleep at all if I had a layaway going on. It wouldn't work for me, but I think that a lot of people make them work particularly in this hobby, from what I have read on various threads on here, it's not uncommon for people to do layaways and even multiple ones at the same time as well. It definitely depends on the person, and their living situations. (:
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    8. I think it depends entirely on your situation and financial ability. If you are sure you'll have the money to pay them on time and still afford your necessities (rent/mortgage, utilities, food, care for any dependents, etc) and you've got a set payment plan with multiple companies or dealers, no problem. If it's with secondhand sellers, and they're cool with the layaway being however long youplanned and you're paying on time, no big deal.

      If you're unsure if you can make the payments or if you or anyone else has to suffer in other ways because of financial irresponsibility, don't do it. If it means being late on some payments to afford the others, don't do it.

      In my current situation, I usually have to sell a doll to afford a new one, so I wouldn't put even one doll on layaway right now, much less three! But when I was working full time in a secure job and had fewer bills, I definitely had three or more on layaway at a time.

      Really, as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone who depends on you like pets or kids, and you make your payments on time, I see no problem with it!
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    9. It definitely depends on your financial situation. Nearly all my dolls came from layaways, because it's easier for me that way (I swear if the money has no destination it just seems to vanish sometimes haha). But I never, ever plan a layaway that I'm not absolutely certain I'll be able to afford all the way until the end.

      I also usually try to have only one layaway happening at any given time, though I have had cases where they overlapped. Just today I paid off one out of two I had going on, and I wouldn't have started the second before the first was done if it weren't for a very specific occasion (I'm travelling soon to the country of both sellers and it'll save me shipping and import fees).

      The way I see it, it's fine as long as you can afford it without question and without neglecting your responsibilities. This is a hobby after all, so necessities come first. If you can manage it without delaying payments on either side, I see no problem with it!
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    10. I wouldn't be comfortable having more than 2 at a time, which is the most I've had going at once. Even then, it was a little more tight than I would've preferred, so I probably won't do it again unless there are two dolls I REALLY want that pop up at the same time.
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    11. I personally wouldn't want to have more than two dolls on layaway at once because I'd worry about missing deadlines and forgetting to make payments, but it really depends on your financial situation, how organized you are, and what you think is best!
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    12. I'm in the "not comfortable with layaways in general" camp, but I could see potentially doing more than one if there were 2 limited sale periods going on at the same time or something. Even then I'd personally be more likely to pull from my secret money stash to cover the extra cost, but that's more about me being nervous about layaways than anything.

      I guess I don't understand the point for non-limited dolls (Like why not just wait until one is done and then start the next...?) but I admittedly don't know the ins and outs of layaway and haven't really thought about it too deeply.
    13. Unless it's for limited items that you can't pay in full immediately, I don't like the idea. I come from a less affluent background and the idea of a loan or a debt is odious to me in itself unless it's absolutely necessary (see: student debts, sigh).
      I did do one layaway for my first doll, but that was because I figured I could either save the money myself and pay once in full, or 'save it' by paying a layaway and significantly shortening the waiting period (since Acbjd puts in an order after first payment).
      I guess I'm more conservative in how one should deal with their own money, since I've never had that much myself and this hobby is not really one where splurging is frowned upon :P But no, personally I couldn't justify multiple layaways to myself since it would feel like being irresponsible with my money.
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    14. I've done multiple layaway (no more than two at a time) due to limited releases popping up simultaneously. I don't want to do it again though as much I knew I could afford it at the time, I found it stressful.
    15. Nope. Too much of a risk. All it takes is one accident or some other emergency that requires large amounts of money and that would be shot. You’d take a chance in losing all the money you already paid, all of the dolls you’re paying for, and (in the case of secondhand sales) your reputation as a good buyer. You’d be labeled as a flake and nobody would be willing to sell to you again.
    16. I couldn't do more than one at a time. I'd be too anxious wanting to get them all paid off at once. Even with a company, I want my dolls home quickly. So having to wait additional time because they're ready to be shipped and I'm not done paying, or worse they're not even started because I'm not done paying... nope. I want to pay off layaways as soon as possible. My current layaway is through DenverDoll for fairyland. And I'm hoping they take a bit making the dolls I ordered because otherwise I'll want to pay early and I know I can't do that this time. I participated in the last event and I got a tan doll, so it was pretty expensive.
    17. There are two dolls I want now that will probably be limited releases. If they came out at the same time, I would probably do a layaway. I've mostly done short ones that I paid off within a week or so and only really did to feel less stressed about dropping a big sum of money. That being said, I usually, technically, have the money to pay off any layaway if absolutely needed, but doing so immediately would stress my finances. Or I'll have enough with my next paycheck. I prefer to pay in full, but for the above circumstance I'd do it. Then I'd pay them off early like I usually do. If a debt is going to hang over my head, I prefer to keep things short.
    18. As a buyer it would stress me out, so I only ever do one at a time (and I tend to pay them off early if I can). As a seller it’s not ideal to hold onto an item for months and months awaiting full payment, so I would hope that someone doing a layaway with me wasn’t drawing it out so they can pay off three other layaways.
    19. I don't really like layaways, any more than I like to keep a balance on my credit cards. If I can't afford it now, then I shouldn't be buying it. BUT. (:XD:) I currently have one doll on layaway. This was my only shot at buying this very limited boy and he was, as I knew he would be, sold out in a matter of minutes...so I went for it. I was pretty circumspect, though; I would not have bought him if hadn't been completely certain that I would be able to make all three payments comfortably in the allotted time. There are very few things in life that are worth throwing yourself into stressful debt for, and dolls are not one of them - so nope, I'm unlikely to ever do more than one at a time!
    20. My rule is never more than one layaway at a time. It must be paid off before another is even considered. I also make sure the payment is what I can afford to pay off the layaway in half the time, say three months instead of six. I think this year has been trying as there have been multiple limited bjds being released that I have missed in the past, but had to act on (I’m looking at you, SOOM). Thankfully, all releases were spaced out so I was able to keep to my rule. I’m hoping next year will be the opposite and I can take a break.
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