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Your partner and your BJD...

Feb 27, 2011

    1. Hey there! I had a thought the other day.
      I have been part of this hobbie for about 2 years now and i love my dollies
      with all my heart :') I have a boyfriend (been together for 2 years) and he is very understanding of my hobbie
      he doesn't mind my dolls at all seeing as i accept his strange little obsessions.

      I wanted to know how other peoples partners felt towards their dolly collecting
      do they approve of it, accept it, tolerate it, or hate it? Also! If you don't have a partner how would
      you want them to feel towards it? Would you mind if they just accepted or if they didn't like it?

      Im sorry if this has already been posted! But i look forward to everyones interesting
      responses! :) :D
    2. Mr. polyhymnia is, as a rule, a pretty supportive guy. He's not a doll person, but he enjoys my enjoyment of them.
    3. My boyfriend (of 10 years) likes my dolls. He likes the faceups I do for them, and looks at pics I show him. His only complaint is about the money I spend on them lol.
    4. My girlfriend was the one who got me into this hobby, so I'm going to assume that she supports it all the way.
    5. My boyfriend is very supportive of my dolls. He doesn't own any, but we make the decisions of who I buy together and we take terms naming them.

      We also take turns telling stories about them, our favorite is my Elfdoll Tulie he bought for me Christmas before last. She is the only doll he bought me with his own money, the others come from the "our money stash."

      He also helps me not get so many that I would ignore the ones I already have, he really helps me keep the hobby in balance.

      I really want to get him a tiny The Mushroom Peddler Wolf BJD, because I think he would love it, nut I won't have the $$ until a few days after it's not available :(
    6. My fiance used to think it was creepy -- but now he pretty much accepts that I'm into this hobby. The only thing he doesn't like is how much I spend on the hobby.

      Though he had made suggestions that he would be willing to help me buy clothes for my girl. :P
      I just now await the day he surprises me with a new dollfie or some clothes. Lol.
    7. My Boyfriend accepts my hobby but he's only worried of how much it does cost.
      he's right XD
      he wanted also to buy me a doll, but I accepted only a head for my birthday!
      He's so cute *__*
      He's patient and interested (or at least seems XD) when I talk to him 'bout the dolls I dream to have or want to buy.. and he'll surely help me in choising some outfits for my incoming boys..
      especially for my future black angel.. So I think, I'm pretty satisfied of his soft interest in my hobby!
    8. My girlfriend thinks they're creepy ^^; Too much in the way of the uncanny valley for her, I guess. But it's not like she's ever told me I shouldn't be into it, or it's weird, she just accepts it as one of my quirks. Which is good, cause I also got her roomate into the hobby so there's nowhere for her to hide. *evil laughter*
    9. My husband started out just being supportive of my hobby, like he is of all my other hobbies. He understood that it was/is something I really enjoy doing, and that playing with my dolls helps me to de-stress when things are getting really stressful, regardless of the reason for the stress.

      He now has his first doll. I make her clothes, and all that for him, as he's more interested in having her as a display piece for himself or helping me do photoshoots with her. I share photos of her here, because he's not interested as of yet in joining any of the forums or doll groups. He's also got a few more dollies planned. Again..I'll be the one to work on them for him, and make anything we don't buy for them, but they'll be his, to display as he wants, and all of that. He started out with it as a way to 'join' me in the hobby, so it wasn't something I was doing alone. but now..I think he's really starting to like the dolls, as he sees his character(s) 'come to life' as the doll(s) come together!
    10. The Mr. is quite supportive of my hobby and likes how I can get all excited about it when I talk to him about my dolls.
      He actually said he'd like to get his own resin person eventually but needs some more time with finding the right one.
    11. My Fiancee thinks dolls are creepy! Haha! He loves my girl though. If I have her out on the bed with me he make sure he doesn't crush her. I caught him holding her little hand one day, and patting her head. I showed him a picture of the doll I just bought, and he thinks she's adorable, and can't wait for her to get here.

      He doesn't mind that I spend money on them as long as I have enough money for my cut of the bills~
    12. My husband (He sort of looks like this > 8-) ) is rather neutral about the hobby in general. He likes the idea of me sewing for them and even bought me a sewing machine. However, he hates some sculps and he is super vocal about it! Take for example my Sei Rie Yugiri, he just can't stand her face. He occasionally asks me when I plan to sell her and suggests that I should have "that cuter doll instead". The "cuter doll" that he is referring to is Kurumi which I find funny considering her cost, but I guess he doesn't know that.

      I would say that overall he is supportive but he would prefer that I don't have too many dolls. He also seems to be more supportive if he likes the sculp. He likes to have his say8-)
    13. My partner of almost 20 years has just as many dolls as I do and we have a doll business together and we're both Virtues here on DoA. So, supportive? Yes, but maybe it's more like motivated by personal interest.
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    14. My fiance is such an odd-ball. Ever since I got into the dolls he's done not much else than complain about the cost and shake his head a lot. BUT, whenever I bring up selling any of them he enters a state of cardiac dysrhythmia.

      I once got a new doll, a 70cm. It was my third doll. My other two were 58cm and 62cm, so this new guy couldn't be missed right? WRONG! He walked passed it for a week before I finally brought it up, then he did his typical flip-out about the money. I'm now up to 18 dolls of various sizes and he really has a problem whenever I bring up selling any of them.

      It's nice that he cares. He seems to know my dolls are my only source of joy these days.
    15. Mr. Duskkodesh is part supportive part tolerant. I hunt for his stuff with him (Gundams, transformers) and have bought a few myself, my G2 Grimlock is my fav. ^_^ So when it comes to my hobbies he doesn't say anything bad but when my portion of the fun money spending gets too large he will say something politely. I'm trying to get him interested but the cost scares him a bit even though I buy the cheaper dolls in general.

      I can't read his mind or anything but in general he seems to love that I'm as much of a toy addict as he is. It's part of the reason we work together so well. :)
    16. My boyfriend, or husband to be isin`t a doll collector, chances are he`ll never be, but is passive about it.

      He`s actually helped me with the After-dolpa line for a raffle, and thanks to him I`ve been able to purchase things on numerous occasions.
      Now that we`re moving in together, one of the first things he said when we went to look at the place was "We have to find the space for your dolls". Even I forgot about where to put my BJD`s due to excitement.

      Overall, he`s really thoughtful. But then again, I don`t point fingers when he buys too many games.
    17. I currently don't have a partner, but when there is a Mr. (or Ms. - I'm not fussy.) Chibihaku on the scene, they'll probably have to be tolerant of at least two of the dolls. The others I can and would sell if they were causing issues (for me, relationships are more important than resin) but Lief and Cain would definetely have to stay in the house.

      The reason being the sentimental value of those characters. They got me through highschool, stuck with me through uni, and now they're in doll form getting me through a long and arduous hunt for work. The characters are really important to me.
    18. Hm, well my boyfriend is really nice about my hobby hahah. He was astonished by the prices at first(as I think are all people hahah) but he really accepted it. We've been friends far longer than we've been going out and I remember talking to him about my first bjd and he thought it was kind of weird that I got a male but said it was cool.
      He really liked looking at the minimees and try to guess who they are. But I'm just really grateful that he accepts my liking of things because he already knew I was a bit different from other girls. I'm still trying to show him that all BJDs don't look the same, which he thinks hahah.
    19. My boyfriend is extremely creeped out by them, however he supports my dolly obsession (to an extent) and has even helped purchase some of them. He can be really rough with them and he likes to tease me a lot about them, but he spends much more on his hobby, film, so there isn't too much room to complain. ^^
    20. I have been married for 10 years. I started collecting these dolls almost 3 years ago. Hubby found the idea a little strange at first only because it seemed out of character for me. I am not a doll person. As my mother is always keen to point out I never owned dolls as a child, in fact I hated them. However hubby has been supportive from the start taking me to my very first meet up (I don't go out without him because of my social anxiety). At the first meet up he discovered DOI's and that was it for him. Within a few months he had his very first doll as well, a DOI Luke. You will see him on the board here from time to time though he hasn't been very active in quite a while (his name is Grax). He has three dolls now and several more on the wish list and we are active in our local doll group together. Our two sons also collect BJD's now. So we are actually a family of hobbyists.