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Your postman's opinion?

Jul 9, 2005

    1. I'm in a weird mood, so why not start a weird thread.

      My postman has become a "bjd aquaintance" in a way. It started back when Kourin first arrived, and he's seen many of the dolls come and go, either visiting, for faceups, and all the dolls coming into our house; either new dolls or friends' dolls visiting us. He recognizes doll packages (and goody packages) and often will hang around for a few minutes and ask me what is arriving (if it's a little package) or which doll is arriving, or ask about how my other dolls are. Last time he arrived with a package, he actually asked me how Erina was doing! :O (she'd arrived the week before.) He thinks they're really neat, so signing the pink slip always turns into a few-minutes of a conversation each time he comes by. At the actual post office, I have another "aquaintance", who is this adorable woman who always is so happy to see me since I usually go 1-2 times a week; and when I don't come for a while, she always pretends to get pissy and ask me where I've been. She too asks me what I'm shipping, about the dolls, who is going this time, who is coming. It's interesting to see their interest!

      Does anyone else have a bjd aquaintance with their postman?
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    2. I have a couple of weird ones. xD When I first ran to the door, kicking my sister out of the way, my postman handed me my package and asked what it was. When I went on a torrent of garbled explanations and showed her a picture, she said Ukyou was "So Hot", and remarked that he must be a travel sized love doll. xD

      When I first brought Terra to school, somebody said she looked like a mini "soul reaver", with a chin.

      Needless to say, I didn't really get that. o_o;
    3. My postman is the best postman in the world. XD He'll even ask about Magdalen, and he routinely teases me about my "presents". Of course, we had a close relationship even before I got into BJD's, which probably helped.

      Still. I love my postman. <3
    4. Ahahahaha ;___; at least isn't Ukyou isn't blow-up, right?
    5. My postman is awesome. He knows my parents very well, and if ever I have a package that is too big to fit in my mailbox, or needs to be signed for, he will sign for it himself and actually leave the item at my folks' house! If they're not home, he'll put it in one of the cars they keep unlocked! How awesome is that? :)
    6. I had an ex-postwoman who told me (when my DoD arrived) that I shouldn't buy items from out of the country when Americans made "perfectly good dolls" and that all I was doing was increasing the likelihood of having an "attack through the mail."

      Of course, she was also the one who took it upon herself to tell my neighbors that I was pagan after looking at the return addresses on my envelopes.


      Luckily, she's not my mailperson anymore. :D

      I miss my nice postman from my LAST place of residence who always wanted to see what Sanrio and weird pet rabbit stuff I was getting in the mail. He was lovely.

    7. ???

      Why would she tell your neighbors that you're a pagan b/c of your return address? Like, wtf business is it of hers? *_*

      Anyhow, to stay on topic, I don't have any cool stories, though my postal woman is super awesome, but super busy. She hands me my slips and laughs as I try to slip the package in before my dog runs out to lick her to death.

      I wish I had cool postal carrier stories.

      *feels left out*


      hehe :grin:
    8. my postman is a cranky old man that hates me i think. We live in a flag lot and he has to drive up a really long skinny driveway to give me the mail if its to big and he is usually really grumpy if he has to get out of his mailcar so i can sign for the package. He always delivers other peoples stuff to my house too and i have to mail them back out.

      there are some people at the post office i go to that are really friendly. i got there atleast once a week.
    9. Oh, yeah, I didn't put that very well. I got mail from a group I'm in, and she looked at the INCOMING return address--you know, from the group sending me mail--and reported it to everyone on our side of the apartment complex. *laugh*

      I never minded the last guy looking at my incoming packages. Sometimes when I get BJD packages now, I think, "Gosh, the last postman I had would have LOVED this doll."

    10. I miss my old postman... i'm scared about our new one though... I've moved and now i've gotten a post slip with no return address, a final notice indicated on the 7/7 which was the day me and my partner were both at home alllll day.

      .. And i'm scared of how the new one will be...
      I really miss how everytime i used to have a package he'd always use to smile and wave it around - and we'd often talk a little bit too... He was so kool...

      I thought of dropping something in to the mailbox for him as a present for being so kool but i realised he wasn't the only one on rounds :\ so someone else must have picked it up or thrown it off because there was no exact name or address for it. :oops: :cry: :|
    11. I'm sure my postman thinks we're crazy...

      The first time he tried to deliver Nell, we were all out except for my brother, who was asleep and didn't hear the doorbell ringing. So, later we called the post office, and asked them to keep the package for us so we could pick it up tomorrow -- and the lady who'd answered the phone told us (very snidely) that they ALWAYS did that with undelivered packages so there was no point in her making a note of it (a most damnable lie indeed!). And...she didn't. So the next morning, when we drove out to get the package, we found out that the postman had already left with it!

      We ended up hijacking the mail truck. :roll: Sort of.

      We followed it four or five blocks before rushing out and practically assaulting the poor postman. Then when we scuttled back to the car, me clutching the package with a big insane grin on my face...I don't even want to know what he thought was in the box.

      And since then, whenever he's delivered something, he's made a point of not looking me directly in the eye... :oops:

      As for postal office workers, we actually use two post offices (one stays open later than the other) and there's a lady at the second one who absolutely adores Nell -- she gushes over her whenever she sees her. :grin: It's too bad that post office is farther away, I really like her.
    12. I also miss my old post guy. He always remembered which box was mine in the condo complex and would comment about my packages. One time, I was walking home and passed by him driving out of the complex. He stopped and handed me my package and let me sign for it right there - it was a poshdolls wig, so we started talking about the dolls.
      Well, sort of, rofl. He saw where it was from and was all, "Oh I know what you're getting from out THERE", and no matter how much I told him about the dolls, I couldn't convince him that it wasn't opium :? I think he'd lived a bit of the high life himself, but he was an awesome postal dude.
    13. I have everything sent to my office box. The people who work at that place think it's amusing that I'm getting all this doll stuff mixed in with the daily hardware and software product shipments. ^^
    14. I have a few postmen, depending on what day it is. One guy is super nice. If he has a package to deliver when I'm not home, he'll actually return after finishing the rest of the houses on my hill and see if he can redeliver it. We talk a bit while I'm signing for things, and a couple of times it's been BJDs (he was curious as to why I kept getting things from japan, HK, and korea ^^; ). From what he knows, he thinks they're pretty cool.

      My other postman is an absolute loon. Either he doesn't bother to deliver the package (yeah, walking down five steps is too hard >_<) or he'll walk down, knock/ring the bell, turn around without waiting -one- second, and walk back. I have to sprint up three flights of stairs when trying to catch him, and I usually end up chasing him part-way down the hill.

      Yeah. They're day and night. :oops:
    15. Most all of my stuff goes to a PO box, but the people that own the post office it's situated at know me and my mother quite well. They've gotten... hm, 4 big doll packages for me, and numerous little things. Plus, I'm always sending out clothes from there. I think they find me amusing.

      I was a bit frantic on Thursday - the tracking site had marked my newsest addtion (shiwoo) as having arrived, so I skidaddled down to the PO before it closed, and although there wasn't a slip in our box, I went and asked at the counter anyway.... unfortunatly there were no packages for me. ;_; I was at work the next day, but my mum picked up the mail - and my big package. The PO guy asked if it was the thing I'd been so loopy about the day before... hehe.

      Some of your delivery people sound so nice! What great people. My mum gets regular packages of fabric, and the guy who delivers the Global Priorty bags now knows us a bitl, and has gotten permission to be the signee of them, lol. So he can just leave them for us even if we're not home. And he's nice, he like, hides them so no one nicks off with them (not that I think they would, but it's a nice thought! ^_^)
    16. Before I moved I was all buddy buddy with my mail lady~ she thought Doli was cute. XD
    17. LOL Oh GOD. I did that once to my old postman where I used to live ... I had a visual kei video I bought that cost me an arm and a leg and I *knew* it was supposed to arrive that day, I caught her at the end of the street and like snatched it from her. XD ahahah, oh god she thought I was the weirdest!
    18. If I wasn't very paranoid about my stuff being left outside when I'm not home due to all the construction in the neighborhood (my cyn coming home from denmark was just left at the edge of my garage and the box was almost crushed) I would totally look into letting him just be a signee for me. It's not HIM I'm worried about, it's all the weirdos on my street. x_x;
    19. I haven't had any issues with the postpeople lately but one crazy Filipino lady kept banging on our door and ringing the doorbell and hollering. X_x;;; We're not descendents of the Flash, damn it.

      Anyway, I'm getting some DoD stuff delivered to my house soon (Shinta's wig and some eyelashes and a choker that's Kadou's) but I don't think I'll have any issues o0
    20. I think it's safe to say the post officers hate me. I always know when it's a new delivery person; they call my mobile phone from the lobby to ask, 'what's your apartment number?'

      They know my apartment number, it's written on the parcel: 5A.

      What they really mean is, 'Where's the elevator?!' or 'You don't seriously mean I have to walk up five flights of stairs in this heat, do you?'

      I never give in.