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Your reaction when you received your Dream or first Doll ?

Jun 24, 2017

    1. ~ Annyeong ! ~

      On June 20, I received my dream doll.... Oh my god.... What a pleasure ! If you are curious, this is the Diez from Luts. ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

      My reaction when I took and opened the packet was a little bit too.... strange.... because of the fact I was in my exams period..... When I'm saying "strange" it's like when you are not euphoric but rather passive. (・_・ヾ
      However, when I saw the head in my hands, a big smile appeared on my face. I was one of the happiest people in the world. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

      For my first doll - Wind from MYou Doll - it was really different because I was euphoric all along the opening (and still now). ٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

      I wonder what was your reaction when you received your dream or first doll, if it was like me or not ? 〈( ^.^)ノ
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    2. Well, if you were in the middle of exams, I'd say your 'strange' reaction makes a lot of sense. Exams are quite talented at crushing the life out of people! I hope you did well on them, and if they're still going for you, that you do well on the ones you have yet to take.

      I received my first doll just a couple days ago, and I was very excited!! In fact, I got so worked up about playing with him that I made myself all anxious. I love holding him but I'm nervous about moving something the wrong way.....
    3. I'd collected non-BJD dolls for about seventeen years before I finally splurged on my first ball-jointed doll, and I'd run into my fair share of dolls that weren't as nice IRL than they were in the promo pics. Thus when Johnny arrived in the mail, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was a crap shoot, and that my doll could be better or worse than the pictures online were. As it turned out I needn't have worried. Johnny was flawless, and my verbal reaction upon unwrapping him was "Oh, he's so pretty!" I was particularly pleased with his eyes; I was expecting them to be plain blue or dark brown, but they turned out to be these detailed gray eyes. In short, I was delighted with my dream doll. He isn't my only ball-jointed doll now but he'll always be special.
    4. Amir (AoD Chen 2007) was the first BJD I had ever seen, period. I opened him about 20 minutes before I had to go to work. I sat in the floor by the door, holding him and crying because he was just SO perfect! He was bald, blank and wearing only Bart Simpson boxers (which Amir would NEVER wear) and it was just love. I hated putting him back in his box to go to work, I wanted to take him with me. I still have him, 9 years later.
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    5. For me, when I got my first bjd, I was really happy and excited. Making weird noises, giggling and squealing all the way XD
    6. My dream doll had always been a Volks Williams, so when I actually got one and he was really home with me, I could not stop smiling. I'm not a smile by nature, but I was just so ecstatically happy I couldn't help it. I recently got another one, brand new this time, and according to a co-worker I was walking around "like a proud mom" just showing him off.:lol:
    7. My first reaction was a chain reaction :) When I first saw her, Delf Arwen, from Luts, I fell in love with dolls, especially those adorable lovely faces, and I had to order more. In the following months I used thousands of dollars on dolls:aeyepop: But I never regret it, not once, because I love my dolls so much, their like a family to me. Today my collection is mostly Fairyland feeple60 dolls, and Iplehouse big dolls.
    8. The main things I remember from when I got my first doll, apart from the excitement of course, were thinking just how beautiful she was, being afraid to touch her because I thought I'd break her somehow, and then being amazed by how lovely her resin felt because before then I'd never actually touched a BJD before. :)

      It's hard for me to believe that was 7 years ago now!
    9. Lots of excited screaming in both regards. Lots of smiles and hugs.
    10. My reactions when I got my first doll were pretty much as follows:

      1. OMG OMG OMG, he's finally here, I can't believe it! *O*
      2. ...Damn, he's heavy ò___ò
      3. Gah, I hope I won't break him while I open the package, please don't break, pleasepleaseplease D:
      4. Package opened, yay! Aaaaand... OMG, what's up with those eyes? D: He looks like he's staring right into my soul! D: And that frown... oh my, dude, you're not going to kill me in my sleep, are you? ò___ò (note: Souldoll Lester has... quite the grumpy expression. And I ordered him without a face up, too. Thes two things, combined with the rather unflattering lighting in my room at that time I opened the package, made him look VERY creepy at a first glance).
      5. *Takes a closer look* Alright, alright... you're less creepy than I thought at first. Actually, you look rather cute. Time to set you free from the rest of the package.
      6. ...Damn, the wig doesn't fit ;____;
      7. But the clothes do, yay! *_____*
      8. You know what? I actually like you. A LOT.
      9. But why the wig won't fiiiiiiiiiiiiit... ;______;
    11. In a word, awe. :D

      I've had other resin figures, so I wasn't thrown off by his weight, but he was substantially bigger than I expected. His resin was so smooth, too!

      I took my RS Winter out of the box with shaking hands, posed him, took a bunch of photos, and gently messed with him to see how far his mobility would go.
      I had a ball planning and researching what I was going to do with him, and did test runs of his blushing.
      I do wish I'd had a "biscuit" or another piece of similar resin to test techniques on - I ended up testing on another bare plastic figure, and of course the materials behaved differently on him than on his test pieces.

      And then I started sketching out props, clothes, and other goodies to make for him. Craft ALL the things!
    12. Thank you guys for all your testimonies !
      (I read all of them)
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    13. My reaction when I received my first doll.... I think I probably scared our mail lady. (or maybe amused her depending on how good her sense of humor is)
      She came to the door to have me sign for it and I get this huge grin of barely contained excitement as soon as I saw what she was carrying, quickly signed and more or less shove the 'clipboard' back at her, then literally snatch the box out of her hand and disappear back inside with a "Ah!! I can't believe it's here!"

      I then spent the rest of the afternoon getting Calli dressed in the wig and shirt I'd bought for her and the skirt I made her, taking pictures, and sitting around with her on my lap while I did stuff on the computer.
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    14. When I first got my first doll (DC Carol), I danced around like a total idiot and made myself some an ice-cream sundae to celebrate. I started dancing with both the sundae and the doll but I realized at that point that it'd be pretty stupid if I dropped something.
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    15. When I got my first doll (DOI Luke V2), I was simply awestruck. He was so much more beautiful than I could have hoped for, and I was just filled with a case of extreme excitement and wonder. Like, every Christmas morning as a kid ever all rolled together in a singular instant.

      That's how I know right away if I'm in love with a doll I just received. If I don't get that feeling of enchantment and wonder, then I know that bonding will probably never happen.
    16. I was in awe when I got my Realpuki Pupu. I couldn't believe how tiny and delicate she was! She was even more perfect than I had imagined, and she was my dream doll. I didn't want to put her down.
    17. WARNING: text-heavy post ahead ^_^;

      Adhara, my IMPLdoll Azalea, was my first BJD. As per the routine in my country, she got held up in customs so I had to fetch her there myself. Not only that, I wasn't alone in seeing her for the first time (the inspector had to open up her box in accordance to the rules). My joy in finally getting her was quite dampened by apprehension and a minor annoyance of the other people in the room ogling at her naked body. Poor Adhara, but it had to be done.

      My second doll is my grail, a Granado Michael. He's a hybrid, so his head and body arrived on separate dates. His head got held up again in customs, but I paid extra dough on a more expensive courier to get his body shipped directly to my house. Guórén and I had a rocky start:

      >> I had a bit of disappointment because his head was smaller than the other existing Granado references and it nearly threw the hybrid apart.
      >> It was apparent he got mishandled at some point in transit because he had a dirty fingerprint on one of his temples, and Granado's protective cushioning was slashed by what looked like a sharp knife. They were already there when my country's customs opened the box for me. Man, my heart nearly sank to the bottom of the sea. Thank heavens I was able to remove the dirty fingerprint with a vigorous rub of alcohol, and his resin was otherwise undamaged.

      Nonetheless, for both dolls, it was a happy ending. I'm bonding well with both of them, and I simply love them to pieces. I guess it's like giving birth in real life, you have to stress out so much before the real thing could finally be held in your arms.
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    18. first impression when I got my first doll (she was 2nd hand), WOW she's got really huge boobs.
      A Limhwa Leda sculpt. =)
    19. The first bjd doll I got was a Lati Doll Red from a friend. I opened the box and realized minutes later, I had been holding my breath. I had no idea they were so heavy (40+ cm tall) and moved so wonderfully. There is something just enchanting about the solidity of resin BJDs. And how they change personalities when you change the wig and eyes, not just the face up. I am constantly re-enchanted by my dolls every time I can get them out of their storage boxes.
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    20. When I got my first doll, an Obitsu back when I was 14, I wasn't even supposed to have her. I was supposed to get her Christmas morning instead. Then her package came and I had to carry it inside about two weeks before Christmas and basically stare at it under our tree for about an hour. My parents had mercy on me and I opened her up. It didn't feel real. That I was actually going to enter this hobby. That I'd have BJD's of some kind. Not just that... But I was (and still am) a huge fan of Angelic Layer. That anime got me into BJD's and opening up my first doll felt like I had an Angel as silly as it sounds. That I was going to make her into whatever I could because there would be no limits. I still have her years later, she was the first and not the least. I know Obitsu's technically aren't 'BJD's but she was still mine and still is mine. She's just part of the collection now versus being the only one. It was just her and me for awhile there.

      When I got my first resin doll, I thought I knew what to expect. I opened up the box and got him out of his sleeping bag. He was just gorgeous. I actually remember trying not to cry because this felt so different from my first doll. Avalon was so different from my Obitsu's. He was huge compared to them, he was strung and not clicked together. He was freezing cold at that since it was the dead of winter... And he was mine. It was so surreal. I never thought I'd get to own a resin doll but there he was. He was real. He was mine.And he still is mine.

      To describe those experiences they felt surreal. And every time I get a new doll, I still feel that surreal feeling. Like: "Is this me? Really me?" I went from that 14 year old dreaming of all kinds of dolls to hopefully one day own to actually having a collection. Having dolls from different companies, with clothes I made all my self.

      It feels surreal still sometimes.
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