Your reasons for choosing your first doll? - pt.2

Dec 6, 2018

    1. My first doll was the Minifee Shushu. I got her secondhand and she just spoke to me. I saw her listing on facebook and my first reaction was just 'I WANT THAT ONE'. So i bought her, and she's always next to me on my desk ^^ There's something about her eyes and her face-up and everything that just caught me. Not even the sculpt per-se, but this specific doll, with these eyes and this face-up.
    2. My first doll was a Ringdoll Kid Rebecca. I purchased her on impulse because the doll dealer I was visiting happened to have her in stock. I loved her to bits, but I've moved on, and I ended up giving her to a friend.
    3. My first doll was a Doll Chateau Bella. I loved the body she came with and was okay with her face. I now have a Flower and Junior Mushiyi head on her body.
    4. My first was Angel of Dream Chen, first version. I chose him because he was MSD--I thought SD would be too big for my first doll, and YoSD might not be worth the money to me since I already had a lot of cheaper fashion dolls in that small size. I also had 1/4 scale furniture already from American Girl and other dolls, so he could use it. I liked Chen because he didn't look like a child, and his face was so beautiful to me! This was in 2008, and back then many dolls were very anime stylized, and I felt Chen looked more realistic. I also kind of limited myself because I didn't have any experience with international buying, and even though he only cost $175, it took me a long time to save up that much money, and I was terrified of buying from an unauthorized seller or losing my money, so I ordered him in stock at JunkySpot, knowing it would be easier to get my money back should anything go wrong. I did shop around and look at a lot of dolls first, but Chen called to me. After requesting owner pix, I just KNEW he was the one! It's been almost 11 years now and I still have him, even though he's very different from what I prefer now!
    5. my first doll was a pukifee luna and i loved her to bits! a friend is currently buying her from me on layway and i can't express enough how grateful i am that the doll is going to a safe and familiar home.
      My tastes in dolls have not changed.
      I am forever buying little YO-SD dolls!
    6. My first doll was a Pukifee Ante, and I got him because a friend of mine has one and I fell in love with the sculpt. Every time I saw her I was like, "Man, I need that doll, she is SO CUTE," so I made it work and brought one home.

      ... Over time, I found out "cute dolls" aren't my bag. Nor are small ones. Definitely not Fairyland, though I love plenty of other people's Fairyland collections.

      I count my first doll as my DZ Amelia who I've had home since August. Love him to bits, he's always by my bed, and he's never going anywhere. Picking his sculpt was a nightmare and I wasn't sure he was The One until I opened the box and was absolutely floored by how perfect he was. (Not to swoon..)
    7. My first doll was a Loong Soul Domimi and to be honest, chose him because he was the ugliest doll I've ever seen.
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    8. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this and it's the best, most unique reason for getting a doll I've seen yet.
    9. @staghaus, haha, thank you, I love this little freak from the bottom of my heart.

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    10. I have long wanted to buy a doll. My first doll was a Doll Leaves Maya. I had a dream about a school of magic for boys in another world. In this school I was a teacher and I had a favorite student. When I saw the promo photo of Maya, he looked like a boy from a dream. I ordered it the same day.
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    11. Aww, I love him. I don't think there are enough "unconventional" but still human looking dolls out there.
    12. I just ordered Francisca, from Morningstar Dolls, because I loved her chubby round body. She is shaped like my favorite pinup, Hilda! She wasn't anything on my wish list of dolls that I wanted, but I fell instantly in love when I saw her.
    13. My first (not really here yet) is Volks Tohya... Why? I was searching for fav mold for a really long time, because I wanted it to be perfect for me, since I can't afford a lot of dolls... I mean, for now I just have to do that one perfect.

      I think the mold has absolutely the best eye shape I've ever find also it's long, weird nose is charming for me. The same with lips, they're just so graceful when you see doll's profile.
    14. My first doll isn’t here yet, but I chose her (Luts Nana elf ver) because I’ve been planning on recreating one of my favorite video game characters and she was just perfect. She should be here next week though
    15. My first bjd sculpt (head) was Fang by MDR. I still haven't found a satisfactory body for her, but in the meanwhile, I've happily added an MDR Zuri to my small collection. So technically, she's my first complete doll.

      I picked Zuri because she looked "alive" to me even without a face-up. Most of the bjd's that catch my eye are absolutely beautiful in their respective face-ups. But, remove the paint, and the sculpt loses its soul. I felt confident in the purchase on a practical level because of the beauty and quality of my Fang head. If Zuri is even half as nice, I know I'll be thrilled with her!