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Your true reason for having a doll?

Aug 16, 2008

    1. Mods please delete if you feel it needs to be

      Aside from their charming and attracting looks that makes you want them so badly to the point losing $$$! is okay :sweat, what is really your true reason for getting a doll?

      Recently, I brought Brendon to school and my classmates were so fascinated about him. I was able to convince 3 of my friends to get their own too and what I noticed about their interest in these dolls is quite different from each other. The first one wanted a doll because of their striking looks and their wide variety of customizations, the other one is an aspiring designer (she actually sews her own designs and competes them in school conventions) and she really likes these dolls as a perfect model for her projects, and the last one wanted a doll as an art model for her photography.

      Me? I basically want a doll to have somebody with me. Not that I'm an unloved person, I believe I'm blessed with loving parents and supportive friends. My first intention for adopting these wonderful dolls is I want to make them as an outlet for my creativity. I love drawing. I like creating characters and clothing them with fancy outfits, but I can only make them real through my sketches. These dolls help you achieve that because you have all the power to make them unique in the world. But when I began living with them and spending time with them, I noticed they bring this kind of positive energy around the house. When I'm alone or tired throughout the day when I see them I feel comforted and cared and loved for some reason.

      EDIT: When I was flaming with fever about two weeks ago, my parents went away that time and so I lie Brendon beside me on my bed to have somebody with. I kissed him and hugged him and told him how bad I was feeling and wow he felt so human! By the time my parents got home, I got out of bed and start helping my mom prepare dinner. I felt so healthy and full of energy considering I only spend 2hours of rest without taking medication. I was planning to tell my parents to take me to the hospital but lol I didn't have to cause my doll is already my doctor. ^^

      So yeah, there are many reasons for one to own a doll, but what is really the true reason? It might be for art, or for your work, or projects, or an outlet... you tell.. maybe after finally living with them you notice that there is something more meaningful they can help you with and you realize that that is actually the true reason why you need them. :)
    2. My reason for buying a my boy is a little similar to yours. I was captured buy their beauty and how customizable they were and realized how they would be the perfect models for drawing and such, then when he arrived I realized he was a great companion to. See I'm a bit of a loner I guess even though I do have 5 wonderful best friends that a wouldn't trade for the world, but I guess you could say i'm very jaded for my age and I no longer care to be around people a lot, but sometimes I do enjoy a little company. My boy is like a little person but without the little things about people that bug me, such as talking , and because he is my doll his personality worked along with mine. Also because I have a tiny 15cm boy I can easily take him anywhere with me so even if I want to be alone i'm not actually alone, get it?
    3. Yeah, before I was a loner too and I really struggled a lot before I was able to learn to cope up with people. But I do believe there are times normal people want to be alone and set aside friends or family for a while.

      There are times I don't feel I have the mood to talk or listen to someone and just wanted to relax and have a little company with me. It feels good to be at peace once in a while and having somebody with you at your quiet time helps fulfill the mood. ^__^
    4. Heh, I completely agree with what you and Organicwaffles said. ^^;

      Throughout my early school years, my family moved a lot, so I never made any friends as a kid. I have two older sisters, and we're all very close. I'm a very social person in the sense that I know how to interact with people and come off as very friendly. However, I do just as well alone and without friends (I generally prefer being away from friends, actually) because my sisters are my best friends.
      But this year, my last sister is heading off to college, leaving me pretty much all alone in my house (both of my parents work). I have a dog, but I feel more like a babysitter than a friend (even though she is my buddy!), and I have three cats...but they're always upstairs because of the dog :(
      I got into the BJD hobby because the beauty of all of the dolls made me fall head-over-heels, but I'm not getting one because he's beautiful. I'm more or less getting my boy for companionship ^_^ It'll be nice to have him and my dog to babble to while I do my homework.
    5. They're pretty and they make my heart hurt (honestly) BECAUSE they're so pretty.
      I'm still a kid at heart and I've always liked dolls, and they reflect some things inside me.
      And I get lonely, a lot. And you can't always trust friends, because you never know when they're going to stop being your friend, or when you'll just happen to lose touch.
    6. I liked them because they were so beautiful, but I wanted one because I'm into photography and I'm a writer. I thought they would make great models to photograph because I'm shy around people and I couldn't imagine asking someone to model for me, when I'm a bit insecure about how my photos look. I also wanted to portray my own characters and dress them how they are supposed to be dressed etc.

      One day I'll do photostories with my dolls, but at the moment I'm without my dSLR, so I can't.
    7. Honestly? The real reason why I first wanted to adopt my first doll was to help me cope with a long friendship I'd had that had ended very painfully for me. We had spoken constantly for years, and we Rped alot as well. I was graduating and moving out of my house, so things were already changing as it was for me, and then, atop of that, one of my closest friends had suddenly drifted from me without any reason as to why. It seriously hurt me badly. So when I saw these dolls, and was stricken with how much DOD's Homme Kirill reminded me of one my characters I had created, I thought how much I would love to have him home with me. That even though the lingering feelings of our friendship still stung, that I would always have Nazomi at least with me, and that he would live on with me. It still kind of hurts to think about when I get right down to it.
    8. Other than because they are cute and unique, I got my boy because I am missing most of my emotional support structure when I'm away at school hundreds of miles away from my best friends and parents and the likes. I have a roomie and a few friends I made up here, but it's not the same as someone who's known you for years and years. My health fluctuates like mad so my boy would sit besides the bed and tells me everything is going to be okay and there are people out there that love me. He is a guardian spirit and physical reminder of better times. :)
    9. I am older and I have been married most of my life. Marriage is about sharing, but also about compromise. I think I became interested in bjds to have something all my own. I am the only one who makes choices for my dolls.
    10. My crew are mostly my photography models... but they're also my silent little companions. I work from home, so I spend a lot of time on my own. Having these guys around, while not exactly a replacement for human company, makes it seem a little less like I'm by myself. :)
    11. lol i know what you mean, when i draw i have a tendency to talk to my self and now I talk to Zephyr, I think it's starting to worry my mom 'cause I talk to him more than i talk to real people :sweat
    12. It really is just as simple as this: I enjoy small, beautiful things that I've contributed to in some manner. Dolls are pleasant little representations of the characters I've made, and it brings me a thrill to see them and be able to move them around physically. Sure, all I do is bring different things together to make one image, but... eh. I'm happy with the simple things in life.
    13. [start personal story tiem]

      Growing up, I didn't have too many friends, mostly because everybody else was picking on me. Once I started Freshman year of High School, all of that went away. All of my old friends were at different schools because our district is stupid, so I was left with only the security blanket of my characters.

      Some of them have faded out, but one stayed, Kano. He's like my personal gaurdian angel, and to have him as a doll that I can hold and snuggle and talk to(no, I'm not insane.) is really comforting, now that I've graduated and don't see all of my friends all too often.
    14. I got my boy as a model for my drawing, and because his character is one I've had for years and I thought it'd be fun to have him in a physical form. Since he's got here he's also stemmed a love for photography, a reason to take up sewing (which I'm enjoying) and the inspiration to write his story.

      My reason for getting him was as a model and simply because I wanted him though.
    15. I work with children five days of the week.

      I want a little girl doll because I want to take care of someone relatively humanish. That and because I'm starting college soon. Almost all of my friends are seniors in high school now so I don't have anyone to hang out with. My mom and I haev different shifts in our jobs so it's basically me with my animals.

      It gets lonely though and sure cats are nature's psychiatrists but I really want someone to talk to. To take care of someone without having to have a child and give up my life and dreams. I'm making money now and my college will be taken care of as long as I keep my grades up.

      So I need a "friend". Dolls can be many things. Friends, guardians, children, parents, protectors, anything.
    16. I guess I'm not as weird as I thought because my answer is pretty much the same as most people's here! XD It's not that I'm lonely all the time or that I can't call up my friends but I like being around my friends a lot but they've usually got other things to do(mostly schoolwork) so it's nice to have something to do while I've got no one else to chillax with. I can sit and watch a movie at home and it's like I've got one of my characters with me! Or if I just want some simple companionship that doesn't blabber on about one thing or another I've got the nice, silent doll ha ha
    17. As much as I tell myself that it'd be for the art sake, and the sewing sake, it's mostly for the company. He's a physical manifestation of a character that has been plaguing my brain for longer than any character I've ever come up with, and it's so nice to actually have him sitting with me.
    18. I wanted to own something beautiful.
    19. Whelp, to be honest, I started becoming interested in them because I'd seen them from afar, but didn't know what they were or where I could get one. When a thread popped up about them I immediately went OMFG. So many people had these dolls, and I wanted one too. They were pretty and had eluded me for years, and then suddenly there was this thread with people talking about their dolls.

      I laid eyes on DoD's Camine and immediately thought. "OMG. O.M.G. I MUST HAVE THIS DOLL."

      I got into it just for the sake of getting into it at first, but at this point these dolls are like a creative outlet for me. I'm too forced in drawing, too lazy for music, and can't be arsed to sew half of the time (which is why Peter lacks more than one complete outfit). These dolls allow me to express myself with what I feel is minimal effort - it's like colouring in someone else's lineart. I'm just way too blocked as an artist right now to be able to do much more, and these dolls are just like 'mix 'n' match' for me. I buy pre-made things and figure out how I want to form the character in my head, and it's just a small step to be able to modify some things to better suit them. I'm not thinking to myself 'This is horrible, I suck, I can't believe I drew/sewed this, nothing's coming out right.' Even though my photography isn't great, I don't beat myself up over it as much because I'm really happy with what I'm photographing. And a bad photograph only took a couple minutes of my time, not a couple hours. So it's no big deal, I'll just delete it.

      EDIT - Apparently I'm not done yet. XD With photos I just think 'damn'. If the angle's bad or it's blurry, there isn't so much berating. I can be easy on myself. Of course, I'm still not confident enough in my photos to post any of them. . .But I still take them.

      I guess these dolls have turned out to be my way of self-medicating; my own personal 'therapy'. I actually feel a bit better about myself now. I'm learning to just. . .let it go. Stop being so anally retentive, because with this hobby SO MUCH is out of my control. As a result I've put a lot of emotional stock in them, and that's why I seriously flip out when people attack them.
    20. I just like them for the customizations aspect. Though I rarely do my own customizations, I just like being able to bring my character to life through them.