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Your very favourite doll... belongs to someone else.

Jul 23, 2010

    1. This morning a scenario popped in mind, and I wonder if this ever happened to someone.

      Say, you have a couple of dolls. There must be one or two that are your absolute favourite among them, right? One you love most of all, play with most, gets the best clothes and accessories, and sometimes, just sometimes, you feel somewhat guilty for not giving your other dolls the attention that this specific doll gets.

      But what would happen if your very, very favourite doll, the one specific doll (not sculpt!) that you love so much, belongs to someone else? No matter how hard you try, you just can't like your own dolls as much as you like that other doll.

      I wonder if this ever happened to someone. And if it didn't - how do you think it would be like? Can you imagine it happening?

      I'm very curious!
    2. This has not happened to me. Honestly, I think it would be hard to love someone else's more doll more. It's like with kids or parents or little brothers, XD, in the vast majority of cases we love our own more even if we objectively know they're not as pretty or if we think they're annoying etc. There's so many pretty dolls with interesting stories and personalities on here, but they just...aren't my dolls and as such there will always be something missing.
    3. Ditto what SilverLining says.

      I did see 2 dolls I fell in love with that belonged firstly to friends and one to a Mod here. I would never dream of having a doll like that. Years later 2 of those 3 went up for sale. Yeah, I was the lucky one. But if not, I still would have loved those dolls, just not in my care.

      But to not like my own dolls? Gee why did I spend all that money on them if I didn't like them? @.@
    4. There are some dolls in this community that I find absolutely amazing, but I wouldn't want to own them over my own dolls. I worked hard to make my dolls my own.
      This is just an issue of jaleousy, which is something someone should just get over. If you don't like your dolls, find one you like better and let you creativity out. Make it your own.
    5. I was planning on buying a doll that was in the marketplace, and had told the lady I was interested. I ended up using the picture of her as my roleplaying character in an rp that my Leeke Mabel that is on the way is in. That doll became Ainja for me. But, someone bought her from under me and I don't think I could replicate the doll, nor would I feel right doing so as it would be copying someone's doll. But, I loved that doll. I can only hope that she goes back onto the market again. ~insert crying face here~
    6. It has! I've seen a couple that belong to others and I just wantLust over them beyond reason. I managed to get my hands on the same sculpt as one of them (it was very limited) and it just... wasn't the same. So I've learned better than to try and get the same doll knowing Results May Vary. I just enjoy photos of the dolls instead now. :)
    7. Sevin is my favorite atm but I wouldn't be heartbroken if she belonged to someone else. =X Her style..is...not that great. I try! But..she'd probably look better in someone elses hands.

      I fell for a specific doll once I saw Pen-Pen's Riley at a meet though. I discarded Sevin in whatever set-up the meets were thereafter and spent time with Riley. I even left Roku and Sevin in their bag while playing with Riley at one of them! I never sit with my dolls on my lap but Riley..got to sit with me. I even tried kidnapping her as a joke as I was leaving one of the meets and had her out in plain sight. I failed. My cure was to buy my own Luts Lishe but I didn't copy Riley even if I have Riley's eyes in her head atm. I would have loved to make an exact replica of Riley but that'd feel wrong and I couldn't think of bringing myself to doing it.
    8. No, that's never happened. One of the reasons that I grow so attached to my dolls is because of the time I put into them. I might admire someone else's doll, but it's not my doll, so there would be no basis for that kind of sentimental attachment. If it were a sculpt I really liked that's available, I might consider buying one, but only if I feel it works for a character -- and that's the other thing...I buy my dolls to be characters (that's the main point of the hobby for me), so someone else's doll isn't going to look like my characters and therefore could not be more loved by me than my own dolls.
    9. Some of the people in the hobby have dolls that I am very much fond of, and if I were given the opportunity to own them I would (but I wouldn't have a doll of that sculpt otherwise). But then one must remember - why do you like them? Because the owner takes beautiful pictures? Because of how the doll is posed, or how it looks with another doll of theirs? Sure, the doll would be beautiful if it were in my possession, but it's like the story of the wild songbird taken captive - it just won't sing anymore.
    10. Heh, this DID happen to me at GoGaDoll a few years back! I wouldn't say the doll became my FAVOURITE doll ever, but I certainly fell madly in love with him the evening he got to sit at our table in the bar. SDink....will know exactly who I'm talking about. *coughgeorgecough* So, I came home and worked hard and saved hard and searched hard and brought my very own Alain home!!!
    11. The only reason I can think of for wanting someone else's doll instead of your own is that your dolls are not everything they could be. Either you bought dolls that weren't the ones you wanted most, you want beautiful dolls rather than a project yet are doing your own faceups and clothes and aren't good at it, etc...You see sculpts that you would have been happier buying, or a beautiful well put together doll with a gorgeous faceup and clothes and if your dolls aren't on the same level you'll probably covet that owner's doll.

      I think unless that other owner has a one of a kind or super limited sculpt, there's no reason to want their doll. You can make your own dolls just as good or better, you just have to know what you really want.
    12. The scenario you paint up, Wiske, seems very unlikely to me... To prefer someone else's doll to your own dolls. I agree with SilverLining that it would be like a parent preferring the kid across the street to their own children. Not impossible, but unlikely - and very sad should it happen!

      I love many dolls that aren't my own - my husband's, my doll friends', dolls I enjoy looking at here on DoA, but not in that deep and overwhelming way that makes my innards go wobbly when I look at my own girls. As a matter of fact, even though I've read about it, I can't quite understand the whole preferring one doll above others phenomenon at all. I love all my dolls best - Himeno because she is the very best Himeno, Yume because she's the most fabulous Yume and so on and so forth...
    13. i can relate to the picking favorites part of what you said, and i totally fall in love with other people's dolls but when it comes down to it, mine are my favorites :}
    14. I can relate to picking favorites out of my own. But I never thought of having favorites that belonged to somebody else. I could probably like another person's doll a lot, but definitly not as a favorite.
    15. There are certainly other dolls on the forum that I love to look at, and perhaps have even had a little daydream about owning...but they still can't surpass my own dolls. I know my dolls. How they move, what they feel like, all the little details of their faceups and where the little wear marks of time show on their resin...and that is why I love them. I know how they would "react" to things and what kind of clothes they would wear. Hehe. No one else's doll could feel as intimate as my own dolls. ^_^
    16. I hugely admire the work of several owner/artists on this forum. I bookmark photos of my favorite dolls here and sometimes gaze at them in wonder, but the experience is like looking at paintings in a museum. I might love them, but wouldn't want to take them home with me. The whole point of collecting these dolls is to have an interactive hobby that involves putting my own stamp and personality on the dolls I have. If I didn't want an interactive hobby, I would probably go back to collecting antique dolls.
    17. There are a number of dolls/doll characters owned by other people that I absolutely love looking at, but I never want to own them. The reason why I liked those other dolls in the first place is because their owners made them what they were. If I owned that doll, no matter how hard I try, I'll inevitably make it into something else, because I can't possibly replicate the owner's exact vision for the doll.

      My love for other people's dolls has very little do with the sculpt per se. Rather, the owner -- their photography, their costuming and face-ups, their imagination and vision as a whole -- is a big part of why I like the doll. Apart from the owner, the doll really doesn't have its own life and character. So I'd prefer that the owners keep the dolls and keep sharing their vision!
    18. There aren't other dolls that I like more than mine, just a couple sculpts I wish I had had the chance to get when they were available.
    19. Now this is what I thought for a long time before I became an owner, that I could only love this one girl's doll more than anything. Because I love the mold so much, I decided one of my favorite characters would be of the same mold. But when I went to go buy my very first doll, I changed my mind (based on the prices) and decided to get my kid delf bory Nika first.

      Even now that I do own a delf, and am on my way to buying that doll I wanted originaly, I don't think there's anyway I can ever like any doll, mine or otherwise, more than I love my little Nika. I bonded with him right away, within the first hour (of insanity since I was sick that day and thought I was delusional). And though I love my delf, and that other girl's boy, I still love Nika more, and by a wide margin.
    20. I'm another one who couldn't like somebody else's more than mine. I can feel fondness for and a desire to own the same sculpt, but it wouldn't be MY doll, and that's important to me. Just the same as pets and the like. I think if I bought a doll off a friend, I might have trouble ever fully seeing it as mine.