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your wishlist then vs. your collection now - how has it changed?

Aug 1, 2017

    1. recently i was cleaning out my old google drive files/gmail chat logs, and i stumbled across a veeery old bjd wishlist from 08-09 and just beginning to cultivate an interest in BJDs! i thought it was super interesting because back then i was 16 and without a source of income, so i was just building a list of dolls that i wanted at the time. when i look at my collection now, it's interesting to see how my tastes have changed!

      for example, the only doll that made it through is tristen, my cd yeonho. cassidy was originally supposed to be a cd lance, but now he is a md miho! and everyone else that i have now was definitely not on the wishlist back then!

      do you ever look back on the dolls you used to want? does your current collection match your old wishlist, or has it done a complete 180 degree turn around? i would love to hear some stories~
    2. I don't think I made a 180, but there are some things that are surpsing.
      I originally wanted a CP Delf Chiwoo in teh worst way. I was a Sophomore in highschool and I knew it was going ot be hard saving up for. Still, I tried--- failed ,but tried! Fast forward to 2008, I graduated highschool in 07 and had my grad money sititng there for nearly a year. I got a jjob to replace what I wanted to spend, and in February of 2008 ordered a CP Yder insted.

      3 years later, the Delf line was discontiued from luts and moved along to fairyland. Instead of sticking with the molds I prefered (The delf line-- I wanted so many of htem!) I stuck wiht Luts. So the aesthetic is some what different, but still very similar.
      I prefered chubby faced and wide eyed, but some how my crew is amix of diffrent looks {though aesthetically, all very similar~}

      I'd still love a delf chiwoo, just because I've always wanted one. But It's not something I'm really chasing after because it's not the same anymore.
      Name wise, I've changed! My first three dolls are Ren, Kouji, and Kai. Relatively obvious Japanese names.
      After them, I started going into... I guess my own style of names? Granted, it probably won't stop me from naming aChiwoo Kaji when given the chance
    3. My wishlist has definitely changed! There are some dolls I knew about before, but I tried to avoid the hobby for a long time, so when I came back to it recently, I had a lot of sculpts to discover and I was much older. I used to be in love with Fairyland and their sculpts but my tastes have changed away from that. I also used to like Volks BJD, including the Dollfie Dreams but my tastes shifted away from that too. I also remember I liked Bluefairy at one point. Not my taste anymore either.

      Right now, I find that the things I like are just bits and pieces from artists/companies. A head sculpt from artist x, a body from Y artist... Probably the only artist whose work I enjoy almost all of right now is Bimong. The heads are a little too big for the new bodies though, I think.
      Basically nothing from my old list matches my new one.

      I actually think I'm still in the process of finding out what my taste is. When I got back to the hobby last year, my first doll was a very cute BJD; but all of the ideas I had for her character matched a more mature sculpt. I've been slowly gravitating towards more and more mature sculpts (which also demands a bigger size range), but I've also looked back at that BJD and realized how nice it was to just appreciate her for her cuteness.
    4. My wishlist when I was young and first finding out about the hobby was mostly iplehouse sds (and two msds).

      Now, 8 years later when Ive finally been able to purchase dolls my collection doesn't contain a single iplehouse doll and probably never will!

      My collection is mostly Dollzone and Doll Chateau msds and my wishlist is pretty much the same, with the addition of some others like fairyland's fantasy dolls. :P
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    5. The only real difference is that so many new doll companies have come into existence so my wishlist has only expanded! Lol.

      The other difference is that I've been able to cross off my grail doll from my younger self's wishlist. :D
    6. It's definitely changed a lot. My list back then included dolls like Dollzone Brant, Annie, Soom Heliot, Beyla, Minifee Chloe and Pukipuki Sugar. (I think everyone at one point or another had fairyland on their list at one point). Resinsoul Mei, Bobobie Isabella and Resinsoul Bei were also on this list.

      The only ones from the initial list to make it home were Bei and Isabella. I got a Resinsoul Song as my first MSD, then I got an OT MSD hybrid girl, I got a Neo-Angelregion Ren on Dollzone body hybrid and no Fairyland has ever entered my home.

      I still want Mei, she's like my ultimate grail still just can't think of a character or even a name for her hence why she hasn't come home yet. Minifee's and Pukipuki's are gorgeous and uniquely designed. I'd still like to own one, one day if funds permit (Karsh is my dream Minifee now versus Chloe. I think she's a sweet sculpt and I can see why she's their most popular minifee but she's not my style)
    7. It did change, but I think is was because my priorities changed. Before I would place any dolls that I found pretty/cute and would get in love from company photos and the aesthetic they showed, I also would avoid tinies because I didn't think I would have use for them.

      Now I love tinies, specially withdoll my tinies list is 95% them XD I also care more to see blank sculpts than get attached to the aesthetic/face-up of the company photos. I focus in dolls that I find more than cute, the ones that really grip me and inspire me, to see if after a time I will still like them so much. I also focused in 1/4 for my main size and only want very specific 1/3 with non-human traits.
    8. When I first started the hobby seven years ago, I wanted Soom. All the awesome monthly fantasy sculpts! I just never actually bought one, even secondhand. I also had CP Lu Wen on the list. Fast forward to this year and I finally bought my first Soom (mini Puss & Boots). Took me seven years, but I got one, lol.
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    9. Hmm... I'd say it's amazing at how much I've stuck to it, in a way.
      When I was first eye balling bjd's my absolute favorites were all doll chateau or the dearmine sheep. That pretty much describes my collection except for my artist cast dolls! What changed was getting an appreciation for the artist cast dolls, otherwise I'm pretty sure younger me would approve of my collection :XD:
    10. This is an interesting question. My kneejerk reaction was "my tastes have totally changed since there's so much more on the market and I sold 3/4 of my old dolls," but when I think about it, the 3 dolls I have on my immediate radar right now tie back to my old wants.
      1. Fashion-size Saint - Didn't (still kinda doesn't) exist, but I always loooved Saint. I just didn't want a doll that big. (Still don't! Had a regular SD and he was too big.)
      2. A Resinsoul mini - I liked these when they first came out and just got one. Maybe a lot more modded than I had planned but still. Resinsoul is still the premier provider of cute big-nosed minis at a reasonable price.
      3. A Soulkid - I always liked Souldolls (and had a Soul-Sweet) but didn't like the look of the Soulkids as much as the bigger dolls. Now I do, newer Soulkids are lovely!

      I think my previous wishlist had a lot of angst about wanting SD-looking molds in MSD size and that is much less of a problem now. (2/3 of my sold dolls were compromising the size I liked or looking for small sculpts similar to big ones.) I also have a thing about big noses and there are so many more big-nosed dolls now.
      Some of my old wishlist dolls that I've lost all interest in are Leeke Edgar (SD head with a bigger-than-average nose) and Bluefairy Pocket Fairy Jimmy (I just don't enjoy tiny or child dolls as much).

      Dolls I used to covet (with a magic shrink-ray) but am pretty ambivalent to now are CP Delf Soony and Volks F16/Lucas/Chris/Irvin/Kaelin/School A/all those similar SD molds. I still think the original Soony is gorgeous, and Minifee Soony does exist now, but the Fairyland Soony sculpts just... lack some of Soony's je ne sais quois? Still very pretty, but I think the cheeks are thinner.
      For the Volks sculpt-family, the MSD equivalent sculpt just doesn't grab me the same way either and even the big ones feel less special - like I've seen that aesthetic pushed farther in more sculpts now. I've even seen particular dolls that I remember (with particular faceups/mods) up for sale and not felt a particular draw to them other than nostalgia.
    11. When I first was researching dolls as a young teen I really only wanted mature and pretty boys. Ringdoll Misha and Crobidoll Lance were the two I really wanted. I also loved Soom Breccia and Iplehouse Carina, but I kinda convinced myself that all of these SDs were just too expensive to ever save up for and too big to own. Semi-realism was also important to me and I HATED the idea of owning a tiny (I was really against anything that looked like a baby because it reminded me of the reborn/silicone baby communities which I find pretty off-putting) but now I'm totally open to anything. I definitely prefer that any dolls I pair or photograph together look good proportion and style-wise but other than that I'm just ~listening to my heart~ and getting whatever I end up liking. I currently have a realistic mature tiny Limhwa Mari and a Unoa Sist with a Souldoll Bonnie/Gana (Gana's a free event gift lol they'll share a body for a while) and a Sio2 Aoandon on the way.
    12. When I was new to the hobby, I was all about goth/scene dolls, so everything on my wishlist looked like something from Final Fantasy or Hot Topic or a mix of the two. Now, most of my crew is more casual, grunge, punk or hiphop. I also wanted a lot of MSD sized dolls from DollZone and AoD. Now I prefer more realistic SD sizes. And every one of my dolls had black or white hair for a long time! Now most have natural shades from blond to dark brown, but I do have one with purple/black.
    13. Well, my wishlist has gotten smaller LOL (this is because I GOT most of the dolls on it)
      The list of characters I wanted to shell got somewhat larger than what I had envisioned at first, but not changed otherwise. Dolls - the sculpts I wanted to get to shell some of the characters changed depending on availability & new dolls coming on the market. I've only made one total flip - where I had shelled one character w/a sculpt but decided I should make that doll another character (this because suddenly a doll that would shell my first character PERFECTLY appeared on the market).
    14. Hmm, my wishlist in the old days was pretty small, because there was a definite lack of what I really loved and wanted in dolls, particularly the men. Now though, Granado and DollClans are at the top of my dream list, because good gracious, that's what I've been wanting from the start!

      So, my wishlist has changed quite a bit because the doll companies have finally caught up to what I've wanted! XD
    15. It would kind of depend, for me, which list you looked at (red = miss; yellow = part right; green = mostly right):

      When I first discovered BJDs (grade school and middle school):
      - DOT Tender Shall (not my aesthetic at all anymore)

      - Unoa Lusis (I quickly realized I only liked this doll for her teeth)

      - DomaDoll Jado (Now I don't really enjoy fantasy dolls, but it does have an unconventional beauty, so eh)

      - DomaDoll Cookie (This doll doesn't match my aesthetic, but along with Anderl--who's mentioned later because this head was meant to shell a character--is probably the only doll I regreted not being able to buy, but I had no income and no money)

      - LatiDoll Cookie (Her face is a bit too conventionally cute for me now, and I know I'd hate the poseability)

      - PlanetDoll Mini Riz (I got the MSD version instead once I realized that fashion dolls had tired me of 1/6th scale)

      Right before I started purchasing BJDs (Late Middle and Highschool):
      "Eurydice" (Arial Underwood):
      She was supposed to be a 5th Motif Venitu (lol, like I would do a MtF mod on that), but then I decided a wanted more defined hips and larger lips. So total miss on the character now, although I still like the Venitu aesthetic (but not for her). Her body has been modded to have an extra arm joint, a bit like Doll Chateau, so the awkwardness of the 5th Motif body is preserved at least.

      "Orpheus" (Anu): She was supposed to have a muscular body (Nobility Doll Female), but I kind of switched the end role for her and Arial. Now she's a science nerd, so I kind of like that her body isn't muscular now. I had no idea what to use for a head (I only knew of Twigling with a distinctly African-featured doll), so when Amanda Beauty came out, I snatched the head. So 50/50 correct.

      "Kore" (Mneme Mori): She was supposed to be an OrDoll Anderl, and she's an Or-Doll Anderl. Originally I was planning a BlossomDoll body for her, but decided on SupiaDoll because they offered a small bust too (and a smaller body, because she's meant to be slight). Now I know the BlossomDoll wouldn't have worked because I dislike the legs and knees, so I stayed pretty on track with this one.

      "Hades" (Eldritch Aidoneus): This guy was supposed to be a Granado Mads on a Dollstown 18 body. Check and Check.

      "Charon" (Nivian Loreley): Nivian was supposed to be a girl, so miss, even though I didn't get very far trying to shell the character as a female (no sculpt ideas whatsoever, probably because the character is more interesting and contradictory to me if he'd been socialized as a guy). I only briefly considered shelling him as a LumeDoll Blaze (totally the wrong scale).

      "Prometheus" (Suri Stein)/"Athena" (Petra): This gal was supposed to have pretty masculine features, and an aquiline nose (so I'd need a boy sculpt). She was also supposed to be something which was a combination of my "Athena" (Petra) and Suri, but (if you're sensing a common theme) that character had too much going on in too many directions, so she split in two. I originally planned an AngelsDoll Massive body (stocky) with a Dollshe Saint head. I think the LLT Roderich (and for Petra, the UniverseDoll De'Ath head) match the masculine aesthetics of Saint, while adding more realism and detail that I like (Saint is a little bit less realistic than I like). The AngelsDoll massive was no longer available once I had the money to buy BJDs, so I went in favor of the Granado Female Nuevo body (and FantasiaDoll Muscular for Petra). So I was able to have my female muscle body (originally intended for Arial) and a super poseable stockier (in the BJD hobby) for Suri. I think I did a pretty good job with this one.

      "Hermes" (Holi'sse Meriwether): This was really my only flat, underdeveloped character (I tend to cram too much, not make my characters seem one-dimensional). I intended this guy to be a Dollshe Hound, back when the character was a fairy, not an angel-like creature. He's much more interesting now, and with his shell of a Dollclans Vezeto/Dollzone 71cm boy body. I would have hated the Dollshe Pure Body--very unrealistic proportions.

      I didn't fully develop my Dollshe Arsene/Dollstown 17 Boy hybrid's (Secernere) character until college--the character was originally merged with Eurydice and Orpheus (I was trying to do too much with one character), so they're not included on the list. I never planned to shell Dolos, so I didn't include him here, along with my Impldoll Nicolas, who originally existed as a character, was discarded, and then I needed him again once I had a younger main character (Secernere) again--he's sort of a parental figure.
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    16. My collection now is pretty similar to how my wishlist was when I started, but the main difference was that I started leaning more towards mature sculpts (20-30ish looking in age vs. high school age). I also weeded out most of the non-fantasy dolls from my "must have" list. One thing that hasn't changed is that I still like dark eyeliner/eyeshadow in faceups for my dolls, even the boys :whee:
    17. I've stuck with my preference for mature tinies and other dolls in scale with them, but exactly what I like has changed. I originally wanted a bunch of anthros, and except for Fairyland's Pukisha, I've lost interest in them.
    18. I eventually ended up with most of the dolls that were on my list "back in the day" in my collection... and I still like them. I have added more recent sculpts, and sculpts with different styles to the crew, but my heart is still with the Old School look of the classic Delfs and Volks sculpts I've loved from the start.
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    19. Luts 13s(Diez) has been on my wishlist and i missed it in last summer event...I'm still struggling because I saw others' pictures which are 13s, Diez should be the same sculpture but some others said it's a little bit different from the original ones in 2013 event. I was considering and missed the time. I'm still thinking about it now....
    20. Whoo boy. My original wishlist, from when I was an over-zealous newbie, was every single doll I liked from every BJD company that existed in 2010. Every. Single. Doll. My list was somewhere akin to 200 dolls, and a lot of the companies that exist today weren't even around back then.

      Now my collection and wishlist are capped at 14 max. I only add dolls to my wishlist if there's a character I want them to fulfill. My wishlist is currently at 6 dolls and I think that's plenty for me.
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