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You're gifted $1000. What do you buy?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. Me, I'd be trying to get my hands on each iteration of the aileendoll dragons. And I'd splurge on expensive eyes for each one:thumbup
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    2. Ios Cho and Co in normal skin with b-type bodies. Together they come out to a little less than $1k. Any leftover would be spent on eyes and maybe custom wigs if there's enough.

      One can dream.... *°*
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    3. All other conditions (living space, etc.) being ideal... Ringdoll’s Meng He. He’s gorgeous.

      But, you know. Space, and I’m already overwhelmed with the fact I’m gonna have 3 SDs. *_*
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    4. Considering peakswoods ordering is closed, I'd probably get my Tan aragorn from Luts and a bunch of clothes for my crew. Unless I find a senior delf quintus in the marketplace with those funds. :P
    5. I would buy a Lucywen body and hunt for a head to go with it. Anything leftover would probably go to crafting stuff like fabric yarn and eye making stuff.
    6. A Dollzone 1/3 body for incoming Flower & Junior head. Wigs and eyes from Dolly Planet, a Koala Krash faceup, some shoes for my girls who haven't any. Ooops, think I spent everything ;)
    7. I’d pay off my MOC layaway for my Xagadoll Haze and buy her eyes, a wig, shoes, and clothes, cruise the mp and see if any dolls I’ve missed are being sold, and finally get what ever else my dolly crew needs.
    8. I would buy another volks doll. Maybe Charlotte, if she were available....
    9. Absolutely fabulous clothes for my two boys. From socks and briefs to great coats and jackets. That's what my heart would say, but my head says I should fix up the room I keep my dears in so next winter isn't so cold.
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    10. Delf JuHee, and probably one of the model Delf pairs they offer. The other few hundred would be clothes and eyes easily.
    11. *as a newbie just writes down places to buy*
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    12. I would probably get a Doll Chateau Bella - I've been wanting her for a while and then just spend the rest on doll clothes and furniture for all my dolls! To add to this, I will need a body to go with a head I'll be purchasing next month and I want a really nice one!
    13. @zen0one im a newbie too. I have a close friend who helped me out a lot. I don’t know if you have a doll or are looking for any, but usually places like resinsoul offer beautiful sculpts that don’t break the budget. Fairyland dolls seem very popular, although Luts tends to be similar in sculpt while being more afforable.
      What I would suggest to start, is go on dolkus.com. DO NOT BUY FROM THERE for I’ve heard that it’s not reliable. BUT, it lists various companies at said company’s prices. Just so you can get a feel for what style you might like.
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    14. @Boku_Of_Water THANK YOU! Everything in one spot! I do have a doll so I'm just looking to where people are getting clothes and wigs and accessories. But I'd be lying if I'm not already tempted to look at another doll already x) So this will be either good or bad for me.
    15. @zenOone I always suggest looking at BJDCollectasy - it's a website that lists practally every doll company (and there websites) out there. It also lists company websites where you can find any accessories you may need (clothes, eyes, wigs,'etc.). When you go to this website open "companies and other links" to find BJD heaven! Have fun!
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    16. MYOU Zimo (I just don't feel like I can justify adding a boy until I have the funds to do him justice! But I love that sly smile...) and clothes/furniture/Wigs for my whole crew. I love the different urethane eyes but since all my girls have such pretty ones now, it seems silly to get more. Also, shoes. I spent like 1/4 of my Christmas money on doll shoes and they're so beautiful and were so worth it.
    17. Oooof....There're several options...
      - Granado's Vigor body + Souldoll Tera Zenith Oscal head (If possible)...and I bet there wouldn't be much else left...*Facepalms*
      - Dollshe 28M Grant Phillipe
      - Iplehouse EID Falcon
      - And my holy grail... Fantasia doll Canary or Vivian (OR AT LEAST THEIR BODY) as long as it's B-type in tan TT_TT how much i regret not having purchased her when they were on sale...
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    18. oommmmmggggggggg thank you :D
    19. I would probably buy a body for one of my floating heads (probably my F60 Soony so the F60 Moe body) and loads of clothes for her and also some more clothes for my boy!