Youth Dollmore Adam - Kara Klum

Nov 1, 2007

    1. Dollmore Adam: Kara Klum

      *browses the Dollmore website*

      *stares at Kara Klum for the first time*


      *glances back on my future doll plans*

      *wince >.<''''*

      I think my wish list is in trouble again after looking at him for the first time. There's a certain degree of sternness about Kara that makes him so....tempting. @[email protected]'
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    2. I agree with the tempting sternness. I can't wait to see more pictures.
    3. I adore this version of Adam more than any others. I like the promo picture wig. Does anyone have a picture of the default body blushing for the Youth Adam dolls from Dollmore? TIA!
    4. I'm saving for him already!!! lool
    5. Me too! and I thought I needed a Pado ahhhg! I really like this one so much.
    6. yeah, same here... *changing wishlist again*
      I'm in love with Kara Klum T^T
    7. Me too! :love

      I'll patiently wait for owner pictures. ^^
    8. I've got Pado hehe
    9. I really have no need for him, but I'm just in love with his face and his default wig...he's gorgeous!!

      I think I'll consider him for later on, definitely.
    10. Damn. *puts Kara on wishlist*
    11. *finally succumbs to the temptation and addies Kara to my wish list :whee:*

      I can't help it. Kara's stern appeal is way too hot to resist. :love
    12. Oh I agree, he's very stern and broody. Kinda reminds me of Abadon, but that's just me...^^

      Agh! My wishlist is already too long V.V
    13. Wih! I talked to my mom and she agreed about giving me Kara Klum as my first BJD :3

      I hope I don't change my mind again O_O *this is the fourth time I change the head mold for my character...*
    14. Same here, i'm seeing similarities between him and abadon @[email protected]
    15. *sqeak*

      I wish I'd seen this a few months ago xwx;;; This boy very well may be replacing my Dion's character.


    16. I think so too ^^ Kinda like a cross between a Dion and Abadon even to me <3
    17. Yeah I agree too. ^^
    18. OMG! O.O yeah time to revise wishlist again XD
    19. I really like him too..but only his head,not the whole model/ His body is too simple for me and i'd like to see it more detalized..Does anybody know is it possible to order his head ONLY with make-up? Please, heeelp!!!!^:)))
    20. Ask them. I think it is possible. BTW, there is a new body for young dollmore's dolls. Do you see it?