Youth Dollmore Eve Noal Discussion

Nov 13, 2008

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      While I'm wasn't too fond of her at first sight, I rather like her face and would love to see her with a different faceup, wearing a different wig. Actually, honestly, I'm not at all too fond of the promo pictures, I think they could be better, but I also think that she has potential.

      So... discuss! :)
    2. She's quite sweet, but Dollmore really need to learn to take better promo pictures. Their shots never do their own dolls justice. I'm interested to see what she's like in owner pics.
    3. I totally agree about the promos. I find the shape of her face very pretty though and good looking or not, I can't help but feeling a bit smitten by her. ^_^ <3 I love DM!
    4. kawaii_mon: It seems that quite a few of the companies have problems with taking attractive promotional photos. She's just terribly sweet, I agree whole-heartedly.

      nineveh: I know exactly what you mean. When I first saw her, I closed the window because I didn't like the pictures. Then I paused and went back and gave her another look and I realized just how adorable she was. :aheartbea
    5. I just love that no matter what Dollmore marches to it's own drummer. They are NEVER boring! But yes, they take terrible promo pics.

      She is really interesting and I'm always fond of dolls with teeth. I think she could look really wicked too.
    6. I saw the first photo and went 'ugh, no' but I scrolled down and she's actually pretty cute. I love the last photo, it reminds me of a wedding fair advert.

      I too would like to see her with a different face up. Something a little darker and with softer lips.

      Arg, now I want to keep my third Thaasa body to get this head for it...must...fight...doll temptations...

      Edit: I didn't notice those three extra photos right at the bottom, they are totally adorable! She's so cute in a black wig too~
    7. lol many promo shots from so many different companies never seem to do the dolls justice.

      But even so, it's easy to see how sweet and adorable this girl is. I love the shape of her face and that precious little smile... I can't get enough of dolls with teeth! <3 I really want her!
    8. Oh my! She is really sweet. I love how smiley she is, and the little teeth are great! I've always wanted to get an Eve, maybe she's the one.
    9. i did the same thing, first look?......hmmmmm i dunno, but as i scrolled down she kinda won me over with her smile. i think that with a little work she would be utterly charming.
    10. I find the last three photos better! Those were adorable!
      But I love her delicate smile and very sweet face!

      I wanna see her with smaller eyes, it might look better.
    11. Ditto that!

      She is utterly charming :D I'm 're-defining' my doll collection and she would make a perfect addition. Didn't like the blond wig so much but was glad they put a few in with darker hair too. Nice one Dollmore!

    12. Awwwww, such a sweet little smile...she grows on's that smile. I have to agree, the promo pics are not the best! I'd love to get my hands on this one and change a few things. I think I'd like her on a less mature body...hmmmm, let me think! :roll: I hope they sell just her head...that would suit me fine....;)

      xen :)
    13. She reminds me of advertising art from the early 1900's. She would look so cute in a gibson girl outfit and wig! The little smile and her face shape are perfect!
    14. A little bump for this thread, has anyone ordered her??? :hollyberry
    15. She is also on my want list and I would love to see more pictures of her. She is very sweet and demure and different.
    16. I admit that I liked her from the moment Dollmore released her a year ago, but I had other doll plans. I kept going back to her and now I've ordered a Noal. Seeing how few posts are in this thread and that I've found onwer pictures of only one person, I guess she's not that popular. XD
    17. Wow congrats!

      I'm sure she will be gorgeous <3
    18. Yay, can't wait to see photos! Congrats! I think she's gorgeous too.
    19. Thanks. ^_^ I'll share pictures when she's home and I got her without a face-up so I'll be sure to put up some pictures of her blank face as well.
      Meanwhile I've noticed that Dollmore uses Noal regularly as a model for clothes, hats, and jewellery, so there are pictures of her in different angles and with different wigs too.