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Youth Dollmore Eve - White Butterfly limited

Dec 9, 2005

    1. @.@ wow. It's making my head spin how many limiteds Dollmore is making...
    2. It kills me they are larger dolls and not the smaller msd sized!!
    3. Wow. I think this is the only dollmore doll I've actually ever wanted to buy... o.o
    4. Wow, her outfit's gorgeous O.O
    5. *drools*

      erm NICEEEEEE

      this would make the prefect RIN i been looking for :D hmmm

      *takes the libra stand and stare at it*

      hmmm :D :D
    6. ..and she's sold out. T_____T
    7. I placed my order for her...I can't wait
      She is so beautiful
    8. I think when they put sold out that just means she isn't availible to ship immediatly. I noticed Notdoll does the same thing.
    9. Nope, what happens is that when I ordered mine they were only 2 left, and I bought one but I never got a confirmation number so I click again and by mistake place two orders, so they put the sold out sign. But I explain what happened so they only kept one order and canceled the other one so Its only one left, they told only about a week for shipping, the same thing happened with the Special Noir Asha - LE30 because I ordered both dolls together on the same order and they were only 2 left on each.
      So there is only one left of each dollnow.