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Yu and Elfkin

May 17, 2009

    1. Are the Resinsoul Yu and the BBB Elfkin the same?
      (i'm sorry if this is posted some where else)
    2. No, actually. From what I can see they have distinctly different bodies and faces. I've been waiting to see owner photos of Yu but there haven't been any posted yet. The Resinsoul tinies are brand new molds and their bodies are more slender and have a waist joint as opposed to a chest joint.
    3. Thanks.
      I thought they were different. But a friend was telling me they were the exact same!
    4. Yeah I think they are different. I compared my elfkin to his face and he looks more innocent than elfkin also he has chubbier cheeks. I hope this helps :)
      Also your elfkin looks as if it can hold poses in its arms. Mine refuses to do anyposes and he flops his head >;[ would you help me with this :)
    5. Myles: That's what I was thinking I had Ari (my elfkin) up against the screen yesterday trying to figure it out.
      Ari can hold her head really well! It's actually quite nice. Her legs are a different story. She was previously loved, so she's been resturng a time or two. What I find helps tho when I am having an issue with her head is find something to learn her ear on or back of her head on. (A wall, her sisters clothing, a branch) And that seems to help. But like i said it's her legs I have issues with.

      Thanks for the help!
    6. You could try wiring her legs :) I did it today and it works like a dream HE CAN STAND!! :D
    7. I've tried, but that was when she first arrived. hmmm i should try again. LOL