YuHao - Discussion Thread

Mar 8, 2011

    1. I like their partially jointed hands (looks like they're only for the male body, though). I wonder what other companies would the YuHao resin match?
    2. As of right now we do not know what other resins they will match. Once we have received our stock we will compare it with the other doll lines that we carry, and take pictures.
    3. Strangely interesting hands, yes. I'll keep am eye on these.
    4. This company got my attention with the option of putting in elf ears *__* and they're nicely priced, too! I'd like to see more pictures of Luo Ji :D
    5. I'd like a link to the company itself, not just the MoC site. Their stuff is awesome, but I can't buy anything. Kind of frustrating really.
    6. I have not been able to find a website besides MoC as well, but hopefully they should have their stock in soon so we can see more photos and information. :D
    7. Try this: http://yuhaobjd.taobao.com/. Same stock pictures, though.

      I am finding it hard to see past the faceups to see the potential of these dolls - I'd love to see owner pics. I'm liking what I can see of the body - it seems quite nicely sculpted for the price range. I wonder about resin matches?
    8. Ah ha, great find! At least you can see the female 1/3 body by itself on here. Much easier to see the hands as well. Thanks!
    9. There's more pictures there than I realised, because they actually use their own dolls to model their wigs (don't know why that surprises me so much).

      On reflection the problems are less poor faceups - they are bland, but fine - so much as poor definition pictures and the tendency a lot of Chinese companies have to style dolls with dark eyes with irises much too big for the eyewells, making them look like black pits. Not flattering. And oh my, that is a horror of a dress.

      But the more I look at her, the more I like her. Her face is sweet, mild and pretty, especially the expression of her mouth. I wish she had the hands the boys had, but the ear options are really cool and more than make up for it. She'd make a sweet big fairy sister for Sprite.

      I like her body, too. Other girl dolls in the price range tend to have the ginormous implants of doom thing going on, and it's nice to see more moderate breasts on an inexpensive body choice.

      Definitely intrigued by this one. If shipping from the US to Australia wasn't so ruinous, I'd be seriously tempted, just to see what she's like in the resin!
    10. This was posted by MoC today:

      We are unhappy with the quality of YuHao BJD's. We have decided that we will no longer offer these dolls, (we will still sell YuHao shoes; they know how to make shoes well). All of the YuHao dolls that we have in stock have been drastically reduced in price. Once they all have sold customers will not be able to get YuHao dolls through us, pre-orders will not be available.

      Flaws found on in-stock Luo Ji dolls:

      Rough sanding marks
      A couple of bubbles in the right cheek of the Luo Ji with make-up. They are not incredibly obvious, but they are visible.
      Customers who choose to purchase these dolls must understand that they are purchasing a damaged product, the dolls can not be returned for any reason!
    11. Oh wow. That's a shame about the quality issues. These dolls seemed to have a lot of potential.
    12. Wow. That really is a shame. I was actually really interested in the 1/3 boy body and those hands. Can't believe that the quality was so poor that MoC has decided not to carry them.
    13. Oh, wow, that's such a shame. I was so tempted to just go ahead and pick them up from taobao, too... If it wasn't for the criminal price of shipping from the US (not MoC's fault) I'd be tempted to go ahead and order, even with flaws - $105 for a big doll with a cute sculpt!
    14. *slinks in*

      Haha, I actually just decided to go for that deal myself. I opted to buy the Luo Qing without the faceup. So I guess we'll know about these guys in a few days! Sucks that their quality is apparently THAT bad though, they had potential... I'm a big lover of mods, however, so big cheap boy = perfect canvas for extreme mods! XD

      Be that as it may, I'm still excited to get my boy!
    15. I can't wait to see what you do with him. :)

      It makes me sad, though - it was nice to have another affordable entry point on the block.
    16. I've decided I'll probablly still order the girl this evening, tho not being able to get her fantasy parts is kinda bumming me out.
    17. I am a bit envious of you, AlmySidaKay. It's disappointing about the interchangeable parts, but if I lived in the US, I'd snap the girl up so fast. What's a bit of sanding if you can get such a pretty and intriguing girl so cheap? I can't wait to see owner pics.
    18. I know they aren't quite the same, but you could always get the interchangeable ears (I'm assuming that's what you meant by fantasy parts, lol) from another company. B&G dolls have long elven ears that come off (they don't sell them separately, but you could perhaps find them in the marketplace), and I believe Volks and Supia also come with swappable ears... not to mention Sooms MD parts, if you wanted to get something expensive.

      You could always make some yourself out of epoxy, if all else fails? ^ _^
    19. Ordered! Now to haunt the forums because someone had to have bought the bat and elf ears and might not eventually want them! I had to do layaway so it might be a few weeks before I can do photo spamming since she's not going to get here for a bit.