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Yukidolls Discussion

Jun 28, 2018

    1. Hello everyone!

      I open a discussion thread about Yuki dolls. I looks like no one open a discussion thread about them, but I can't believed I'm the only one liking or owning one of those beautiful dolls.

      Female Doll details:
      Size — 47 cm
      Mold «Katya» - european type (skintone normal or caramel)
      Mold «Emma» - european type (skintone normal or caramel)
      Mold «Zoe» - european type (skintone normal or caramel)
      Mold «Yuki» - asian type (skintone normal or caramel)
      Mold «Zhu» - asian type (skintone normal or caramel)
      Mold «Theo» - african type (skintone coffee)

      Eyes 8 mm
      Wig 6-7 inch (circumference of the head 17 сm)

      Male are 59cm hight, so they go in the large doll discussions.

      I own a Theo and I hope I'll have the found to take a Yuki or a Zhu later.

      Here my Yukidolls Theo:

      by Follow-the-Wind, on Flickr
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    2. I own a Katya for a couple of years so far and I'd like to get a Zhu in the future. These dolls are really well made, the resin is sturdy and super smooth and I really love their size <3.
      Your Theo is gorgeous, you did get a fullset didn't you?
      #2 EchoUndine, Jun 28, 2018
      Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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    3. I'd like to get a Zhu too!
      I got outfit from Yukidolls but face-up and wig are by me. ^_^
    4. Yes, I was talking about the outfit, I really love the hat ^-^! I'd like to get some boots from Yuliya as well, as it's quite difficult to find some in their size/right proportions <-<''.
      I'd love to get a Zhu to make a corean/traditional custom, but not in a girly way, more a middle way between the male and the female fashion during the Goryeo period ^^;.
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    5. These dolls are absolutely beautiful works of art. As such, I see they are ordered on an individual basis from the artist. Is there a ball-park figure available, as I do not wish to waste her time with a simple question. Are they $6,000.00 a piece? $3,000.00? $1,500.00? I know the figure will depend on many factors, but $6,000.00 is a far cry from $1,500.00, so it would be nice to just have an idea. Absolutely beautiful though!
    6. @stuartsmycat, female nude doll costs €834 (€850 for caramel or coffee skintone).
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    7. Thank you, @Follow-the-Wind. I'm searching for more information on the artist, but it's proving rather time-consuming with the language barrier, running everything through Google translate and such. Theo is stunning. All of Yuliya Yuzhakova's work is beautiful. Thank you for starting a discussion thread.
    8. @stuartsmycat : even though Yuliya doesn't accept layaway plans, you usually have to pay a half of the total amount when you place your order, then the rest along with the shipping cost once the doll is ready to be shipped.
      The easiest way to place your order is through email or messaging her on FB.

      As far as I know she's currently running a 20% discount on her boys.
    9. She's perfect!!!!!!!!! <3
    10. @MelleNano Thank you!

      New picture of my Theo. I've made a little of sewing for her,a two layered tank top:
      by Follow-the-Wind, on Flickr
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    11. Just thought I'd join this thread as I finally got my act together to send her an email.... I was mainly enquiring about price (which you've answered above, @Follow-the-Wind, thank you).... I don't know how I missed this thread in previous searches. I will need to do a bit of saving before I can put in an order, I have been lusting after Yuki for quite some time but all her dolls are lovely :)
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    12. I would like to join this thread. I am going to order a doll from Yuliya next month, they are so lovely made and the size is promising to be a fun. Can't decide which one, Yuki or Emma.
    13. Some information I became from Yuliya today as I asked for Yuki:
      The eyes size is 8 mm. Some 6 mm eyes can fit, too.
      Foot length: 65 mm.
      Foot width: 25 mm on the widest place.
    14. Amazed this thread isn't buzzing, these are such gorgeous dolls :)
    15. @nufa I've you finally choose Yuki or Emma?

      @vonbonbon I'm quite surprise by the few of Yukidolls on this forum. They are beautiful dolls, I wish I saw more or them.

      BTW, I took new pictures of my Theo today!
      by Follow-the-Wind, on Flickr

      I'm going to the LDoll this week-end, I hope to find new clothes for my Theo.
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    16. @Follow-the-Wind : I have choosen Yuki full doll and an Emma head additionally. I couldn't decide, so I will have both. :)
    17. @vonbonbon Thank you! I bought a friend for my Yukidolls at LDoll, a Mydolling Heeah :)

      @nufa Haha! That's a great solution! I'm curious to see what you will do of both your Yuki and Ema.

      BTW I opened a database for Yukidolls here!
    18. @Follow-the-Wind : I have just asked Juliya if it would be possible to buy the additional head and she said yes. :3nodding:
      Could you find some clothes for Theo at LDoll last weekend?
      Thank you for opening the database. :thumbup
    19. Just bumping this thread to ask if anyone knows how long Yuliya usually takes to reply to emails?
      I sent a message to ask about any preorders a while ago with no reply yet.
      I’m so desperate to have a Yukidoll!
      Loving the photos here