Yukinojo wallet-on-a-chain: stupid question (be warned!)

Mar 22, 2006

    1. All right. I admit it. I'm middle-aged and uncool. WTF is up with Yukinojo's wallet? Somebody talk me through this slowly, I beg you.

      Step 1: clip the free end of the chain to one of his belt loops.

      Step 2: :?

      Surely the wallet doesn't just hang there, bouncing against his ankle when he walks? (Not that he actually walks, being a doll, but . . . you know.) There isn't enough room to fit it in any of his pants pockets without ripping the stitches. Is the idea to open the wallet--those are nifty pocket details on the inside, by the way--and snap it around his belt?

      If so, all I can say is that I had a wallet like that in the '90s, and it was dorky THEN. :roll:
    2. I was able to fit the wallet into the back pocket. ^^;

      And by this, I guess I am a Queen Dork, with many others. For I, as many do, wear a wallet and chain. ^^
    3. Yeah, you put it in the pocket, so the chain shows as dangling some. Apperantly it's a cool thing to do.
    4. Wallet chains are mainly for wallets worn in your back pocket, the practical purpose being it's harder for someone to steal it @[email protected]
    5. It was originally invented to keep pickpocketers away.... but dang it helps those of us who are forgetful and set our wallet down and walk off... XD
    6. And the dorks file in... :D
    7. Just so you don't feel alone, I couldn't get my Yukinojo's wallet in his back pocket either. o_O It's possible that on some of the jeans the seam allowance was slightly less than others. Or maybe our Yukinojos have bigger butts? XD
    8. ohhhh.... Nuthin' wrong with a nice, big round butt on a guy. X3
    9. u either
      1. put in the back pocket
      2. clip the wallet [oipen and clip it against a back pocket... i'll shalll post pictures once my doll is back!!!! :(]
    10. I too must have received a Yukinojo with an ample backside, because it is physically impossible to stuff that wallet into those tight back pockets >.> I have the plans to make him a smaller wallet...
    11. I put it in his back pocket. But I can only get it in when he isnt in is pants :oops: I think I used tweasers to get it in. It seems Yukinojos do have big butts, its kinda cute ^.^
    12. That baby's got back XD
    13. Oh, Cynthia,

      I'm so glad you asked this question. ^^
      I have boys and none of them have chains on their wallets. I wouldn't have know what to do with it either....
    14. At first when Yuki arrives his wallet cannot go in too with him WEARING the pants, but once you manage to fit it in the back pocket, then make him wear, it shud be okay.

      And the "fitting area" for the wallet should loosen and then you'll be able to fit them in easier. XD
    15. maybe i should bribe my hound to pose for me?? *stares believevably @ wallet...*

      ah well see if i can bribe a hound to go to work with me tomorrow :D
    16. Ahhhhhh, thank you all :daisy . . . for the fashion update as well as the stuffing-wallet-in-pocket-before-wearing advice! What was dorky 15 years ago isn't, now (well, except for me, I don't think I've become undorky in the meantime) . . .

      And mmmmmyeah, I like the idea of variable butt sizes on Yukinojos. There's a customization idea for us. :wiggle
    17. Hmmm... I have never done that before. I always thought it is something to be attached to the belt. :sweat
    18. Well, supposedly the wallet is SUPPOSED to go inthe front pocket. The Volks Store has it in there and I think MAYBE they stuffed the wallet in there first and then put the pants on. I think I will ask the next time I'm there. ;)
    19. Hi Ho Mercy...^^
      Guess the Volks people have been talking to a Neurologist. ^0^

      According to neurologists, you should never wear your wallet in your back pocket. When you sit on your wallet it shifts your spine ever so slightly to one side and over time can cause back problems. >.<

      *sigh, they find a cause for everything...*
    20. I just tried that wallet chain today and it did not fit on his back pocket. I suppose the trousers have a smaller pocket than others.