Zaoll Discussion Thread - Part four!

Oct 28, 2016

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    2. @Milo - Your Anna is so pretty! I love her look.:love
    3. So, I'm really late on the reply, but Dollmore did do a run of 'glamour Zaoll' dolls (muse, ramie, Luv, dreaming Luv) that I thought looked great as far as the hybridding goes.
    4. I totally forgot about the glamour girls!

      @Milo your girl's faceup is so sweet!
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    7. Oooh, she is so beautiful! )))
    8. Lots to do with my Zaolls recently! First off I finally found a kid (yo) that looks good with them (no giant head!!)I also took some picture of all three of my zaolls as a band! Here is the family photo

      The two mothers (yay my lesbians <3) are a Zaoll Muse and A Zaoll Luv. The baby is an AI doll Beebalm, the child is a Sugarbles Isaac, the two sisters are a Dollzone Annie and an Iplehouse Amy. I love this family to death and I hope you do too!!

      [​IMG]family_good by abhorant, on Flickr

      My Aria is such a good mom <3 motherandkids by abhorant, on Flickr

      Also this Halloween I did a band shoot at a friends House, I used all three of my Zaolls, my boyish girl Izzy ended up in a dress for the party XD. The pics came out great!! Here is one of my favorites! DSC_0205 by abhorant, on FlickrDSC_0196 by abhorant, on Flickr
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    9. Hey guys, I have a zaoll dreaming luv and I was wondering what size eyes fit them best? I know dollmore says 14mm eyes, but I want them to look more realistic. Has anyone tried 12mm eyes?
    10. Hello! I have the head of Dreaming Luve and some eyes for her. Sorry for poor mobile photoes, here two variants. First (on the top) - 11mm soft safrindoll eyes, second (bottom) - 13mm soft safrindoll eyes. I like 11mm eyes, they look more realistic.

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    11. What a lovely collection of girls, everyone.
      @meanae These are great, the light and autumn colours make her even more beautiful.
    12. Thank you very much! :)
    13. not at all!
    14. I really recommend soft silicone eyes or generally eyes with a VERY low dome for the dreaming head; Lyra is wearing some oval glass eyes from a german doll shop called Prodolls, and they're 10mm big (I'm always very hesistant with oval eyes, but these are awesome - they even fit my 'normal' Luv great :D Finally the same eye color for my twins, hehehe). I also noticed that 10mm acrylic eyes work great for the dreaming head too.
      (I have no idea where these eyes are from :/)
      [​IMG]IMG_6070 by Meanae

      Thank you! <3 I recently painted her new faceplate, which will replace her current one, because I think its a bit too textured for my doll collection, so - I think I'll post new pictures once I'm done with her new face-ups :)
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    15. @meanae Oh thanks very much for the photo! Those eyes look really pretty~ It's really surprising how much of a difference there is between the eyes use in their zaolls and what dollmore actually say on their site!
      But I will definitely keep those sizes in mind! I bought some 11mm from safrindoll, so I'll see how they fit. Although I'm pretty tempted to try the site you suggested too! Thanks again :)
    16. 11 mm fantasy eyeco eyes are really nice too
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    17. @Viivi:11mm silicone eyecos will fit nicely. My Nimue is wearing them.
    18. Thank you very much! :)
    19. Tahgira, very interesting character!