Zaoll Pharaoh Luv Limited Edition

Jan 18, 2011

    1. OMG WHERE!
      I want a mummy luv!

      *goes back to lurking*
    2. Wow! I always knew the gals would look amazing in tan! Great to see it realized finally! XD
    3. Ooh my, the tan Luv is making me consider changing my doll plans. Terribly pretty. <3
    4. So pretty! I like the Egyptian styled clothing as well. :D
    5. Wow! She is awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of her in the forums! I don't regret my normal skin Luv though, the tan one wouldn't work for her character. Still...would love to know someone that had one of these so we could take pictures with both girls.
    6. I agree! I would love to see her in pics with the other girls. It's great to see another version of Zaoll available (even if only as an LE for now).
    7. Link to Zaoll Pharaoh Luv on Dollmore here

      Thought I'd set up a thread for anyone who wants to chat about this new Luv, I think she looks amazing in the tan skintone, it really seems to show her features, I really can't afford her at all but at the same time really want her, she'd be a good twin for my existing Zaoll Luv! In some of the pictures she really does look like a human, especially the profile pictures lower down the page.
    8. She's fantastic, though her price is enough to make me want to cry. Is her matte/pebbled skin texture standard for Dollmore dolls? I love the way it looks. I also love those foot-long eyelashes.
    9. Holy crap, she's GORGEOUS! Waaay out of my price range though, haha. The tan skin. So pretty .A.
    10. Wow, what a beauty. If only money grew on trees :XD:
    11. If you'd asked me what I thought dollmore would come out with next, a tan Luv would never have crossed my mind. But isn't she just perfect!

      She looks less pretty I think and more just stunningly beautiful, liked she's lived for thousands of years. Those macro shots of her profile... /speechless
    12. Any idea on why she's so much more expensive than the other tan dolls they have? Do you think it's the tan skin, or the outfit? Just curious. I think she's freaking gorgeous.
    13. She is so stunning but completely out of my price range (I'm not even supposed to be considering any new dolls this year...!) If I won the lottery though... What a complete beauty, I'm so pleased for whoever gets her and I hope they spam the Gallery because she's beautiful.
    14. A week after I ordered my Luv...thanks, Dollmore:lol:

      She's a limited edition, tan, and comes in a full still seems a little pricey though.
    15. I suppose this would be one not to have a gender swap... Tan resin, does it sand well? Prolly not.
    16. WOW. This is the first Zaoll that I've ever seen that I actually like! She's gorgeous in tan! Fingers crossed for a standard tan edition!! This is also the first Egyptian costume that I've seen on a doll that looks even remotely authentic, very nice Dollmore! (But I never expect less from you! :D )
    17. @Savaille Yeah, that's what I figured, combination of everything. Can't wait to see owner pics though.
    18. Probably is pricey because, well... it's a zaoll.
      Dollmore has been raising the prices of zaoll articles recently. They were selling separate zaoll heads in the Q&A for $80 just some months ago... now the heads are costing $130 in the optional parts menu.
    19. Huh. Interesting. Thanks for the info.