Zasa's feedback therad

Apr 8, 2012

    1. Please, say here what you think about me as a buyer/seller! :)
    2. Zasa bought a Delf girl body from me. She was a wonderful buyer! She kept in contact through the process, was very friendly with her messages & she let me know once the body got there. She even left me feedback right away. A wonderful addition to our community! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure!
    3. zasa commission me for a mod restoration and face up on her DoT Sha, and was very comprehensive about the whole process, funny to deal with and very honest. I would work for her again without thinking twice!

      Positive feedback!
    4. Sold some SD clothes to her and Zasa was a wonderful buyer, with good communication. Thanks :)
    5. Zasa bought from me a supia body and everything worked fine! :)
      Kind and perfect comunication, payment as combined
      Thanks ♥
    6. Positive feedback for Zasa!
      I bought a supia female body for a nice price and arrived it just as her description, very well packed and with a cute message! :3

    7. I bought a Supia Lina head from Zasa and have to say she is a great seller. Very approachable, answered everything I asked her and was always very kind during the entire transaction. She sent me the head soon as I payed and it came well packaged with a nice letter. I recommend her and I'd definatly buy from her if she has something of my interest! :aheartbea

      Positive feedback!! :)